Smack Down: ‘Half Black Conservative’ Debunks White Privilege Lie in One Minute (Videos)

Smack Down: ‘Half Black Conservative’ Debunks White Privilege Lie in One Minute (Videos)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On February 1, 2021
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TikTok star and political commentator, Amala Ekpunobi, also known as the “half-black conservative” is causing a wave among Democrats. Ekpunobi’s videos challenge left-wing divisive talking points and the vilification of conservatives. RAIR Foundation USA has highlighted some of the fearless pundit’s must-see commentary below.

Ekpunobi’s recent video debunks the entire white privilege narrative in under a minute.

“Is there a white entertainment category on Netflix, HULU and Prime? Is there a white-owned restaurant category on UBER eats?Is there a white entertainment category on Netflix, HULU and Prime? Is there a white-owned restaurant category on UBER eats?

Ekpunobi’s dismantles the racism and sexism false charges lodged against Trump supporters,

Ekpunobi recently sat down with LifeZette to discuss the inaccurate narratives created by liberals to slander conservatives,

Follow Amala Ekpunobi’s work on Tik Tok or Instagram. It is vital we support individuals and organizations who are willing to take a stand for truth at the risk of being cancelled by the Democratic mob.

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Would love to follow you but have dumped Instagram . Please use a platform that doesn't sponsor censorship and I'll be 150% follower
She embodies the irrefutable evidence supporting her argument in that if she were the half white conservative they would have deplatformed her by now.
Amala is an inspiration, to be sure. She is absolutely right that sowing seeds of questions is a great approach. The interviewer from LifeZette is dead wrong. Conservatives who bash liberals do so with fact and truth. Any honest person an do what Amala did and queation the narative. They don't and that makes them dishonest and l think we can all agree that dishonest people are bad people. When l met my wife she was a liberal without a clue. In conversation, l patiently challenged her beliefs by asking "why do you think that?". Being unable to support her beliefs beyond "because that is what l was told," was enough to make her stop and think. This nonsense that people who hate what America stands for are good Americans really is nonsense and a huge stumbling block for conservatives. Stop doing that. The liberal mindset is and always has been anti-American. They were the Tories who supported the British, the party of slavery, the party that stood against civil rights for native Americans, women and blacks and still do.
This young lady is spot on and she is one of hopefully millions that will save this country. I am totally on board but I am a middle aged white guy who will get no "play" in many parts of the country. However, I have been one telling my family and friends that the future of this country will be blacks, latinos (and many other nationalities and races) coming here to experience and IMPROVE upon the American Dream. Family, Faith, Country, Honor, Duty, Respect.
the chopper
I think I'm in love. Is that racist?
First time hearing of her. Bravo!
Bill ColLARD
You are awesome. Thanks for speaking the truth. Help stop the brainwashing b the Democrats
She's adorable!
Moonbattery White Privilege Debunked in 45 Seconds - Moonbattery
[…] Via RAIR Foundation. […]
Excellent!!! Add Kim Klasic too!
Jack B. Nimble
“Logic is an enemy, and truth is a menace!l Joe Biden’s AmeriKa (Rod Serling)

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