Sneak Attack: Biden Team to Use Deceptive Tactic to Pass Amnesty, Global Warming & Single Payer Agenda

“Democrats intend to push through massive spending designed to enrich their cronies, dilute the vote through amnesty, and make Americans as dependent as possible on the government by using the budget reconciliation process…”

The radical left was unable to abolish the filibuster in time to pass the voter fraud legislation deceptively named “For the People” in time to impact the 2022 midterms, which would empower the Democrats to enjoy one party rule in America.

Knowing that they may not win in 2022 with the filibuster intact, Democrats have a renewed sense of urgency to push through massive spending bills designed to enrich their cronies, dilute the vote through amnesty, and make Americans as dependent as possible on the government by using the budget reconciliation process, which only needs a simple majority to pass.

This sneaky tactic was previously discussed at RAIR Foundation USA last month, when the installed puppet Joe Biden admitted that amnesty for illegal aliens would be included in the budget bill to “get around” the filibuster.

The democrat plot is to 1.) get a massive “infrastructure” bill passed with the help of RINOs. Once that passes, 2.) they plan on pushing through their socialist Wishlist without having to depend on Republicans using the budget reconciliation process.

Indivisible Project
Indivisible founder Leah Greenberg with Hillary Clinton

Leah Greenberg, who founded the Clinton-tied group Indivisible lays it out in an email to supporters:

For the last several months, Congress has been working towards the passage of two related pieces of legislation: a Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) and a bigger, party-line reconciliation package (building off Biden’s Build Back Better plan). The second package is very, very important, because it’s the vehicle where Democrats plan to put huge parts of their governing agenda — everything from crucial climate change provisions to a pathway to citizenship to paid leave and child care to Medicare expansion.

It is not as if they are hiding their tactics. As Indivisible explains:

The Biden team’s basic idea is: We’ll reach an agreement with Republicans on the things they can agree on (roads and bridges) and then we’ll pass everything else via reconciliation, which doesn’t require any Republican votes.

If the Biden team could use the budget reconciliation process to push through their voter fraud legislation, they would, but it is impossible because there is no “budget” rationale for their voter nationalization scheme. As Indivisible explains in their email, this is one of two big “problems” with using reconciliation to jam through radical proposals.

Screenshot from Indivisible Email

The second problem is that they fear they will not even get a simple majority to push through their radical agenda. “The fight is far from over. It’ll be important to continue pushing to ensure each of these are funded for success, rather than slashed by penny-pinching conservative Democrats,” Indivisible says in their email.

The left is relentless in their quest to promote their radical agenda. Americans must understand their tactics and loudly say “NO”. It is vital that Americans pressure all elected officials to halt this scheme immediately!

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on the Leftist Plot to Remake America:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • Pressure on demonrat officials doesn’t work because Dems cheat at elections. They do not need voter support, that is why they constantly thumb their noses at them


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