Socialist Italy: Citizens Stand in Endless Lines For Food (Video)

Are those pictures from Venezuela? No, the video of mega lines in front of a food distributor in Italy. The Italian left-wing Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s reforms, which the media have celebrated, do not seem to benefit the people.

The media likes to describe 74 year-old Mario Draghi as a “blessing” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung), “modernizer” or “Super Mario” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). However, others have strongly criticized the social and economic policies of the socialist Prime Minister, who has been in office since February 2021. 

A recent video posted to Twitter shows incredible scenes from Italy. Many people stand in almost endless lines to receive the most vital food at a food distributor. Twitter user Radio Genova, who shared a video, commented: “The food queue in Italy’s economic capital, Milan. Mario Draghi and the EU destroyed Italy.”

PM Draghi leads a divided government and recently convinced his coalition partner Matteo Salvini (Lega) to approve the reforms of the Italian economic stimulus program approved by Brussels. This includes a series of innovations in areas such as pensions, reducing bureaucracy, the judiciary, and competition law.

Economists praise the program – Draghi hopes for a lasting change and works on the art of the possible because he cannot govern without the populist parties of his governing coalition from the far right to the far left.

Salvini’s Lega party, in particular, which has repeatedly been criticized for participating in Draghi’s coalition, could come under pressure from their voters because of the pictures from Milan ahead of the next parliamentary elections on May 28, 2023.


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Almost no migrants in the lines for food.
    Of course, von der Leyen and Draghi makes sure that the new Islam-EU citizens don’t have to beg for food.

    • Am Ende werden die Menschen den Herrschern zu Füßen liegen und sagen:
      “Macht uns zu euren Sklaven, aber füttert uns”
      Die Sklaven werden ihre Knechtschaft lieben.

  • Looks like a welfare line to me. Tell me its not. If its government distributed food then what’s the problem? Are these people all gender studies majors or BLM activists preparing to make Italy more diverse?

  • The women in line with babies and small children were all (nearly all?) muslim, based on their head coverings. Wake up, Europe! Normal people need to have babies, too!

    • you need glasses guy or did you post here by mistake? willing to give you a break on your comment as i can see no muslims in this video with kids and head coverings..looks like the average citizens to looks like a food commodities line to me..those needing supplemental foods as they are underpaid or receive little in retirement. saw mostly older folks and unemployed needing help. this is the result of the economic situation from the covid lock downs..going on here in america too..and dont forget all the food processing plants now being set on fire or hit by air such food center was just hit in milan..

  • I’ve seen food lines like that in 1980 Poland, during the time of the Moscow Olympics. Only places where food was available were at restaurants accepting only dollars. Solidarnosc started that Summer.

  • “Eric L
    June 11, 2022 at 3:03 am
    The women in line with babies and small children were all (nearly all?) muslim, based on their head coverings. Wake up, Europe! Normal people need to have babies, too!”

    Eric L: Where are the nearly all muslims there in that queue?
    I recommend you go see some optician!

  • “Draghi hofft auf eine nachhaltige Veränderung”
    Luxus-Leben bis zum Untergang: Die sagenhaften Privilegien Politiker…
    Der Grund der großen Leidenschaft der Politiker ist die Möglichkeit einer
    neuen, lukrativen Karriere: Wer als Parlamentarier oder Beamter den
    Sprung in den Kreis der Erlauchten schafft, hat finanziell ausgesorgt.
    Die europäischen Steuerzahler ermöglichen den Politikern ein Leben
    voller Privilegien, Annehmlichkeiten – und ohne jede Kontrolle.


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