Soldier, Frontline Responder & PCC Politician Sean Taylor: 'COVID-19 is the Catalyst Waking This Planet Up' (Video)

“Look down south…we got the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show. When he’s not falling over smelling children or shitting his own pants, you think he’s running the free world?”

On July 1, Canada Day, the former People’s Party of Canada candidate for South Okanagan West Kootenay, Sean Taylor, delivered a powerful speech at Strathcona Park in Ottawa. For the past 25 years, Taylor has been a firefighter, paramedic, registered nurse, and soldier.

Taylor believes that Justin Trudeau is a Globalist who has repeatedly shown his hand:

He told us -upfront and out loud- what they want to achieve. Total economic control, marked depreciation of living standards, removal of national sovereignty and a radical erosion of individual liberties. That’s the endgame here people, they said so.

The PCC Candidate has continually warned Canadians to guard against the weaponized media:

Canada is at a critical junction in its history. We live in an era of an unprecedented amount of disinformation. Through financial incentives and political correctness our domestic media has been weaponized against Canadians.

If you don’t believe me; I have one question for you: Is your observed reality congruent with what you are seeing on the news? I have been an ER nurse for the last 16 years, and I can tell you, what you are seeing on the news and what I am seeing at work are two completely different things. You are being misled.

Watch Taylor’s powerful speech exclusively filmed by RAIR Foundation USA:

Speech Transcript

How’s it going, Canada? Can you hear me in the back? They kicked me out of the army for being a heterosexual, and I don’t get to yell at people anymore. And I really miss it. Holy smokes! 

I’d say happy birthday. It feels more like an intervention. You know, we’ve been traveling along, and our talk evolves every stop we make, and we meet people. And it’s funny. I’ve been on this on this journey for a little bit. And I’m caught a little surprised. And I think a lot of us we’ve been in this fight for a few years now. And we’re having kind of a readjustment. We see the threads getting closer, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. You know, I’ve had a weird journey. I’m an emerged nurse and was educated in the Rockefeller healthcare system. I’ve been an atheist my whole life. I’m a science guy. I got involved in politics. And now I believe in God, and I bought a farm getting ready. That’s not something that I saw it coming.

When I talk to people, we come to the same conclusions. It’s getting more obvious all the time. I gotta say, Justin Trudeau is the greatest leader this country has ever had. He is revealing the game like no one else in history. Plus, we got the added bonus that he’s the dumbest person in any room that he inhabits. And his globalist buddies don’t like him either; it’s fun to watch. But that’s the thing -this is getting more obvious. 

Look down south…we got the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show. When he’s not falling over smelling children or shitting his own pants, you think he’s running the free world? The game has been revealed. And as we move forward, more people are going to see this. We need to be there for them. They’re going to come to the hard realizations that we have. I have to tell you, I’ve been a paramedic, a firefighter, and emerge nurse for 16 years, and I carried a gun in the military for 19. I can’t go to a restaurant, I can’t leave my country, I can’t swim at my local swimming pool – I’ve never been so free. I’m starting to see what I am. And what this is. And as we all come to the same conclusions. 

I don’t know about you guys. I’m certain, like COVID-19, It’s been, it’s been a bad go. I look at it as a blessing today. COVID-19 is the catalyst that is waking this planet up. And as we come to the same conclusions, we need to get ready for what’s happening. 

I’m done. I’m not protesting. I’m done trying to convince everyone. Reality will do that. Justin Trudeau will do that. That’s his job. Our job is to get ready. And if, you know, we do this tour, and yeah, if someone today is inspired to put a year’s worth of food in their basement, mission accomplished, right? We need to be ready because when the others wake up and come to us, we need to be able to show them patience and an understanding and love that they seem incapable of right now. That’s the Canadian way.  They tell us we have no poor Canadian identity. I don’t agree with them.

I gotta tell you guys; this is the greatest time to be alive ever. And we’ve been gifted with the highest purpose. Can you think of a higher purpose than being in this fight? Because there isn’t one. To quote a cheesy movie line, what we do today echoes in eternity. Our conduct matters. I think more than anything, and as this progresses and as this moves forward. How I can’t tell you which way this cookie is gonna crumble. I’m expecting Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Right. 

They printed so much money that we’ve got some darkness coming that we’re not going to walk away from. But with the amount of disinformation out there, it s really hard to navigate. Hell, I can’t even tell you with confidence what shape the earth is. 

But it doesn’t matter if you choose to stand in the truth in the light; you’ll find your way. And light wins were inevitable! What isn’t is the amount of suffering we have to go through to the other side. Right. And that’s where coming to the conclusion that we have a moral obligation to pass this along to people whether they want to hear it or not. 

Right. And, yeah, man, what a time. What a time. Anyways, I love ya. Thank you for having us here. It’s great to see you all here. God bless and good luck in the coming wars!

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Quite the opposite. By November they’ll be raging plagues, and
    deplorables will be grounded in their abodes.
    Wails of agony and dolor will waft over the air from the imprisioned
    citizens just waiting to be genocided from the 1% stylized genocide.


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