Soldier to Dissident: Twenty-Year Military Hero Jeff Evely Banned From Canada's Capital (Exclusive Interview)

That’s just how things roll in Trudeau’s post-trucker convoy Canada, where political dissent makes you a persona non grata.

A twenty-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Jeff Evely, gave an exclusive interview to RAIR Foundation USA on his politically motivated arrest and banishment from Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa. Evely is just one of the latest military heroes to be persecuted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration for defending veterans and protecting the country’s National War Memorial.

From soldier to dissident

Evely served in the military for 20 years, from 2001 until 2021, as an aerospace telecommunications and information systems technician. In 2009. he was deployed in Afghanistan and then Iraq in 2019. Evely also served in the US for four years while employed with NORAD. In September 2021, he was medically retired from the military. 

After years of serving his country, Evely is legally forbidden by Trudeau’s government from entering the City of Ottawa. Due to his banishment, he was interviewed in Gatineau, Quebec, across the Ottawa River from Canada’s capital. 

Evely is now a member of Veterans for Freedom, an organization that advocates for non-violent, peaceful civic action to end all mandates and restore freedoms and human rights in Canada. He attended the trucker convoy in Ottawa during late January and much of February 2022. With the blessing of the Ottawa Police Service (or so they thought), veterans were protecting the War Memorial in downtown Ottawa, not far from the Parliament buildings. [Early during the trucker convoy, there was a minor incident, which the authorities tried to make into a huge issue, in which an overly exuberant and possibly inebriated young woman had danced on the steps of the War Memorial. As a result, authorities put fencing around it. The veterans took umbrage and removed the fencing. Police expressed security concerns and accepted the veterans’ offer to guard it 24/7.] 

The veterans took shifts, and as Evely was going for his 04:00 sentry duty, he was arrested for “mischief and obstruction.” His release conditions that he signed were that he not return to a quadrant of downtown Ottawa that included the Parliament buildings and the war memorial. “How does it make sense,” you might ask, “that a veteran going for sentry duty at the War Memorial that the police agreed the veterans could guard would be arrested?” But, unfortunately, it makes as much sense as many things do in Canada these days. 

Despite the conditions, Evely did return to Ottawa for the Rolling Thunder event on the weekend of April 30-May 1.  The veterans returned to Ottawa on motorcycles and intended to show their respect to fallen comrades by circling the War Memorial on motorcycles. This display was to follow a remembrance ceremony at that monument. However, when police, for no reason whatsoever, blocked vehicular access to the War Memorial (after previously having agreed to a route the veterans would take), the veterans thundered up Elgin St. following the ceremony. Evely was the Sergeant Major on Parade for the event and spoke at the ceremony. He was therefore arrested for breaching his bail conditions, fined $5000, and banned from the entire greater Ottawa area. 

False flags to consolidate power and silence political opponents

During the interview, Evely talks of the needless violence police used to arrest non-resisting, non-violent protesters, including veterans. Replying to RAIR Foundation USA’s question about the reason for such excessive force, Evely says that he believes police were trying to create a false flag situation with the trucker convoy (making it seem like the truckers were violent). He mentions the Gulf of Tonkin operation and Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag as examples of false flag operations. 

“It’s the kind of thing that governments do when they want to frame up a population for usually a crime against the state and then go after any political dissidents,” he says. 

Evely thinks the Canadian government used January 6, 2020, events in Washington DC as a false flag to label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. However, they are not considered a terrorist organization in the US, and no one has provided any evidence that they have committed a terrorist act. Evely explains that while they are accused of “white supremacy,” the global leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, is a black Cuban. A false flag against an organization like the Proud Boys prevents potential dissidents from organizing under a fraternity like that.

Evely discusses the January 6 demonstration as a false flag, where primary instigator Ray Epps was probably an FBI asset. People arrested as a result of the demonstration on the Capitol are finally going to trial after being held in prison on nothing more than trespass charges. Evely says the FBI has been up to no good, especially regarding the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, where 14 of the 18 plotters were federal assets associated with the FBI. 

Evely talks about the attempt by the Left to consolidate power. In the US, the Democrats want DC statehood to get two more Democratic seats and tip the balance in the Senate, so their filibuster will essentially be nullified. 

“So again, that’s a consolidation of power on the Left side of the aisle, and it’s gone increasingly socialistic, increasingly communist, especially with postmodernist undertones of the modern movement,” Jeff explains. 

Trucker Convoy: Reclaiming the freedoms that Canadians fought and died for

Evely has very happy memories of the trucker convoy. “I would say that what I saw on the ground there was probably the best thing I ever saw on Canadian soil. I’ve never seen such an outpouring of love and acceptance. There were so many different people there from all walks of life. There were northerners there all dressed up in their fur get-up and stuff like that. It was really cool, and I never felt so proud of my service as I did during those weeks that I was there. I wore my medals around and spent most of my time at the War Memorial. And I had an awful lot of people just thanking me for my service, and it never seemed so genuine to me.”

Later in the interview, Evely spends some time describing the various medals and patches that decorate his jacket.   

Evely is concerned that the authorities are going to try to make another attempt at a false flag, either on June 30, when veteran James Topp arrives at the War Memorial after his 4300-km trek across Canada (Vancouver to Ottawa) to protest vaccine mandates, or on July 1st, Canada Day. He describes how the state media tried to stigmatize the very peaceful trucker protest movement. Academia has been working hard to redefine “right-wing extremism” to mean any non-violent action like online dialogue they don’t like. This definition has seeped into all our institutions in an area like Ottawa that is “extremely cosmopolitan,” as Everly describes the city where he lived for seven years. “And now we have kind of a radicalized police force that thinks they’re on a mission to suppress violent extremism when in fact, there’s really none to be had.”

In 2016, Evely participated in the Nijmegan Marches in the city of that name in the Netherlands. [The Nijmegan Marches are 4-day events held in July where tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries go on 30-, 40-, or 50-km marches intended to promote sport and exercise.] While there, he went to the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery. “The Greatest Generation is still lying over there,” he says. “Those great titans of the enlightenment over there, those 19-year-old boys, they’re rolling in their graves right now with what our leadership is doing with their legacy.”  

US system of government: more robust at protecting freedom?

Asked what he would say to RAIR’s primarily American, conservative audience, Evely admits it was a bit of a culture shock for a Nova Scotian boy to move to Tyndall Air Force Base (near Panama City) in Florida’s panhandle. But during his four years there, he came to appreciate the perspectives of his new community and their system of government, with its balance of powers, the recall power, and elections every two years, allowing for swifter course correction. He thanks Americans for their service to the globe and “spilling more of their own blood for people they never met in lands they had no personal interest in than any other nation in the history of the world.”   

Let us hope – and act – for freedom

In Trudeau’s Canada, people like Jeff Evely, who love their country and have honorably served it, are enemies of the state, barred from entering their capital city. To disagree with Trudeau puts you into the enemy camp. It is very likely that the arrival of James Topp in Ottawa on June 30 and Canada Day will draw large crowds of protesters. Canadians have much to be angry about with their government, but we must continue to be persistently peaceful and not fall for any false flag operations. We must carry on the legacy of the truckers’ Freedom Convoy. 

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


  • When Bill Blair showed up before the cameras on January 7, 2020, to declare the Proud Boys as a terror group, I knew there and then something was very wrong. There hadn’t been enough time to properly investigate the group. And Bill Blair was very nervous.

    Either he is incompetent or he was directed by a higher-up (Trudeau). I agree Justin Trudeau used that event to put tight control on the population and any type of dissidence that might occur.

    And Justin Trudeau always appoints people he can easily manipulate. RCMP Lucki would be a fine example of such.

  • Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).

  • Good story for sure. But…. this story is connected to a Madeline Weld PhD.
    Would this be the same Madeline Weld PhD who helped set up Population Institute Canada? Who are for reduction in the world’s population? If so, is she not working in agreement with the WEF? Please clear this up.


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