Spain: Brutal Machete Attack by two North Africans on Man in Broad Daylight (Video)

The victim suffered a partial amputation on one hand and was rushed to hospital in serious condition.

On Wednesday, two North African migrants badly attacked José, a 33-year-old Spanish man, with a machete in the middle of the street in Molina de Segura, Murcia, Spain. The migrants were waiting to pounce on the man as he got out of his car. The victim suffered a partial amputation on one hand and was rushed to hospital in serious condition.

According to the Spanish news outlet, El Español, police sources confirmed that “two North Africans [32 and 24] were waiting for a Spaniard to stab him”. When José got out of the car on Triunfo Street, the Moroccans rushed and stabbed him.

The migrants threw the victim against the asphalt, punched him repeatedly, and hit him with machetes in the back and in once in the hand. Meanwhile, a woman screamed for help.

Residents, passers-by, and people in a bar near the attack rushed to the victim’s aid, and one man even managed to snatch the machete from the attackers. Unfortunately, the victim had also suffered injuries to his back, arm, and legs by that point. However, the doctors managed to restore his hand in the hospital, and the victim’s condition was stable.

The National Police are investigating the incident to clarify the motive of the migrants’ attack. The three men involved in the incident knew each other and “had previously threatened” the victim.

Police suspect one of the migrants was jealous that the victim, José, has a romantic relationship with his ex-wife. El Español media reports, “Apparently, everything comes from personal issues because the Spanish citizen is the boyfriend of the ex-partner of one of the two Moroccan citizens who have attacked him.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Now everywhere is south africa thanks to ngos cant wait for this to come into my neighborhood. I raise pitbulls so at least there will be plentiful meat.

  • When will it be legal to defend one’s self or for others to attack in their defense. Ya don’t bring a knife to a gun fight! Pack for personal protection only!

  • If GUNS ever get CONFISCATED here in the USA, the same scenes will be going on here in the USA EVERYDAY and not just by people of Middle Eastern/ North African/ Islamic descent. On a cover photo of some famous American rap group’s around the early 90’s CD/cassette tape album they are holding machetes or at least one of them is holding a machete, if I recall correctly it’s NAUGHTY BY NATURE ( you down with OPP ). Also the MS 13 gang kills and dismembers their victims with machete.

    So this is definitely not only Islamic behavior.

  • This is a example of what’s called A CRIME OF PASSION, this one because of conflict over A WOMAN, if he had A GUN he would have used A GUN instead. GUNS are much harder to come by in Europe then in the USA. A SPANIARD and a MAN of ARAB descent ( both MACHO cultures ) IN CONFLICT OVER A WOMAN,A EX, what else do you realistically expect for that to turn into ? Of course someone’s eventually going to wind up DEAD because of that !


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