Spain: Military-Aged 'Invaders' Riot, Attack Police with 'Knives and Paving Stones'

More than 20 police and civil guard agents were injured from the attacks by over 200 rioting migrants.

In Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa bordering Morocco, more than 20 police and civil guard agents were injured from the attacks by over 200 rioting migrants. These riots resulted in the evacuation of staff members at the Centre for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) – the facility housing these rioting migrants. The rioters attacked the law enforcement officials with paving stones, knives, trash cans, fire extinguishers, and other objects. Thirty-three of these migrants were arrested.

Migrants at the facility made attempts to escape by jumping over the fences surrounding the CETI facility. One doctor had to be evacuated from the center by the State Security Forces after experiencing a nervous breakdown from the violent attacks.

The riots occurred after a second day of migrant demonstrations in which residents of the center demanded to leave after several illegals tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus. The migrants want to be are transferred to Spain’s mainland due to the confirmed cases.

The CETI center houses 1,375 people despite the facility only being built to accommodate 782. Spain has been overwhelmed by increasing onslaught of migrant invaders who are brought to Europe by human traffickers. The situation has only been exacerbated by the onset of Coronavirus which has pushed the migrant reception systems to a dangerous breaking point.

Watch the following video:

Spain’s VOX Party, the “Make Spain Great Again Party,” who defends traditional Spanish values, borders, and has a Trump-like message, posted footage of the riot on Twitter and denounced “the migratory invasion”:

Vox’s party’ leader Santiago Abascal slammed the Spain’s left-wing leadership and called for the immediate deportations of the illegal “invaders”:

Melilla has seen many violent attacks and incidents over the last several years. As reported previously by RAIR, each year thousands of dangerous migrants, try to scale Melilla’s border fence and invade Spain’s shores in the hopes they won’t be returned and will get asylum. Just recently, migrants infected with coronavirus stormed the border fence and the coast.

Many Illegal migrants that violently break into Spain have been shown to be extremely dangerous and often sickly people with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws. Spain’s only hope is the law and order policies of the Spanish VOX Party.

Transcript: many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations:

What began this morning as the second day of protest in the CETI [migrant center] of Melilla,
asking for transfer to the peninsula [mainland], has ended in a pitched battle

The demonstration began around ten in the morning, and, like yesterday, dozens of people
banged on the door of the center yelling, “Out!”

“Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!”

Later, around midday, the situation exploded into disturbances inside the center.

The demonstrators used rocks, trash cans, and a fire extinguisher against the police officers.

“Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!”

The workers of the center were trapped and had to take refuge in an office until they
had the opportunity to leave.

Meanwhile, the anti-riot police, protected against rocks by shields, the Civil Guards,
National Police, and local police entered to put down the protest.

According to government information, the number of injured officers
at this time is among civil security and national police.

On the other side, the number of detained is 26 residents of CETI who were, little by little,
taken to vans beginning at one in the afternoon.

Also needed was the presence of 061 [ambulance service], who took a young Egyptian
to the Comarcal hospital. When the situation was more under control this cleanup service
was called to pick up the remains [unintelligible]

[unintelligible] … banners

Over several hours one could see officers of different agencies entering and leaving the center,
since there were people who had the intention of continuing to protest.

CETI is a temporary reception center with a capacity of 782 people.

Principally for asylum-seekers, it passed its capacity years ago, and since the decree
of confinement for the Corona virus pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of residents.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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