SPAIN: Military-Aged Migrants infected with Coronavirus Storm Border Fence and Coasts (Watch)

The coronavirus pandemic has not been an impediment for the mafia, human traffickers, NGO’s and migrants to continue their illegal activities in the Mediterranean.

As Spain is reporting increasing numbers of confirmed Chinese Coronavirus cases, regional and local governments are implementing new increased restrictions. Illegal migrants, many infected with the virus, continue their assault on the country’s borders and coasts.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, 300 potentially dangerous migrants of sub-Saharan origin stormed Spain’s border fence in Melilla. As the migrants jumped from the fences, they attacked the law enforcement officials. One officer suffered an injury to his head by a ‘sharp object’ carried by one of these Sub-Saharan Africans. Several of the other border guards suffered concussions resulting from the migrants landing on their heads while trying to contain the avalanche of jumpers. Despite the best efforts of these civil guards to fend off these dangerous migrants, around fifty-five managed to enter the city.

One of the illegals fighting to enter Spain died during the assault at the border. The government delegation reported that the migrant died due to natural causes. According to Spanish news reports, the migrant fell into the bed of a stream from a height of about four meters. Despite Red Cross workers and Civil Guard agents preforming cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the illegal, they were unsuccessful in their effort to to revive him.

Watch the following short news clip on the incident:

Earlier this year in April, RAIR Foundation USA reported on another 260 dangerous migrants of sub-Saharan origin who stormed the fence, and, as on this occasion, only 50 reached their goal.

Meanwhile, the arrival of illegals to Spain in boats has skyrocketed in the past several months. Numerous boats are arriving to the coasts of Almería, Murcia, Granada, and even the Canary Islands. In one particular day in July, more than 200 illegal migrants arrived by boat. Police and civil guards are “totally overwhelmed”, and are unable to preform their typical day-to-day duties in Almería as the officers are consumed with securing the coast and intercepting the boats carrying illegals.

The coronavirus pandemic has not been an impediment for the mafia, human traffickers, NGO’s and migrants to continue their illegal activities in the Mediterranean. According to Spanish news site, Altavoz des Sucesos, there have been numerous reports of the illegals arriving infected with the coronavirus, which have already triggered outbreaks in Extremadura, Malaga, and Albacete. The migrants are confined for a short period by the government and then released into the public.

Spain’s VOX Party, the “Make Spain Great Again Party,” who defends traditional Spanish values, borders, and has a Trump-like message, showed several dozen illegal Algerians released onto the streets of Almería shouting “Freedom!” VOX’s Deputy Leader, Rocío De Meer, slammed left-wing Politicians promoting this illegal invasion and abandoning their duty to their citizens.

VOX Deputy, Carlos Fernández-Roca Suárez, reported that over 260 boats have been intercepted this year to the province of Almería this year alone. Suárez shows a video of the Red Cross transferring the illegal to a bus station where they are being released into the general public.

Also fed up with the illegal invasion and Pedro Sánchez Socialist Government’s lack of response is the Spanish Maritime Rescue workers who are mobilizing for a strike.  In the midst of another huge wave of illegal immigrants, those who are fighting to protect Spain and rescue the illegal migrants from the Mediterranean simply cannot take it anymore. 

Each year thousands of dangerous migrants, try to scale Melilla’s border fence and invade Spain’s shores in the hopes they won’t be returned and will get asylum. Many Illegal migrant that violently break into Spain have been shown to be extremely dangerous and often sickly people with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws. Spain’s only hope is the law and order policies of the Spanish VOX Party.

Video Transcript:

A massive jump-crossing at the fence at Melilla. Some 300 persons have tried to cross into Spain
in one of the largest attempts in the past months, although only some 30 succeeded. One man died.

The event occurred in the early morning of Thursday. The sub-Saharans were intercepted by 
security forces.

According to the government office in the autonomous border city with Morocco, at least eight 
immigrants were injured with bruises and cuts during the crossing.

Three civil guards also suffered light injuries. Last April, there was a similar attempt 
to jump the fence by another 260 immigrants, and like this occasion, only some 50 succeeded 
in entering.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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