Spain: Moroccan Wielding Machete Shouted 'Death to Christians' and 'Allah is Great' After Killing 1, Injuring Priest and Others

At the time of the terrorist attacks, Muslim Yassine Kanjaa wore a black djellaba and demanded parishioners follow the “Islamic religion.”

On Wednesday, a Moroccan migrant dressed in black Islamic garb carried out two terrorist attacks aimed at Christians in Algeciras, Spain. The Muslim terrorist, identified as 25-year-old Yasine Kanjaa, killed one and injured four. After the attacks Police found him “praying” and shouting “death to Christians” and “Allah is great.”

The machete-wielding migrant slaughtered to death a church worker. At another Church, he seriously injured a priest. Kanjaa had an expulsion file open, but had no police record. He was in the crosshairs of the security forces for his “religious radicalization.” However, the state claims that Kanjaa deportation could not take place due to lack of documentation.

San Isidro Church Priest Attack

The Muslim terrorist first targeted churchgoers at the San Isidro church in southwestern Spain. According to sources of the investigation, Kanjaa entered the Church just after 6:30 p.m. and “began to argue with the parishioners, demanding they follow theslamic religion.” 

He subsequently left the Church but returned less than an hour later, around 7:20 p.m., with “a machete and attacked 74-year-old Salesian vicar Antonio Rodríguez in his neck (“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” – Qur’an 47:4), causing serious injuries.” Thankfully, emergency medical services were able to stabilize the Priest and save his life

The National Court is already investigating the matter as “terrorism” of an Islamic nature, even though the Interior has not yet described the attacker as a jihadist.

La Palma Church Slaughter

The rampage continued to La Palma church, just 200 meters from the first attack. The terrorist hunted down and killed Diego Valencia, the beloved local sacristan.

Just after the Eucharist was finishing, the Islamic terrorist stormed the Chuch and began smashing religious images, crucifixes, and candles with his hands and machete, even climbing the altar of the Church. The sacristan tried to stop him and asked the Muslim to leave the Church, but he refused and rebuked him. 

Kanjaa threatened two women, and once again, Mr. Valencia pleaded with him to leave. However, the jihadi refused to leave so Valencia ran out on the street to recruit help. Sadly, the Islamic terrorist a chased the church worker into the Plaza Alta, in the heart of the city, where he was stabbed and beat him to death.

The Morroccon fled and tried to hide in another nearby building, where members of the Local Police captured him. When police found the Islamic terrorist was “praying” in Arabic repeatedly shouting ‘Allah is great’ and “death to Christians

The terrorist is in the offices of the National Police in Algeciras, a city of 122,000 inhabitants.

The Algeciras City Council has decreed a day of official mourning for the death of David Valencia, much loved and well-known within the Christian community. 

Open borders Spain

Spanish citizens are under constant threat by Islamic migrants who illegally enter their country. Yet, despite the dangers and instability that illegals pose to Spaniards, especially Christians, the country’s left-wing government led by Pedro Sánchez has been unwilling to close its borders, properly vet illegals or deport potential terrorists. Therefore, it should come as no surprise Muslim migrants have launch another “successful” jihad attack in Spain.

So far in 2023, and without counting the terrorist arrested Wednesday in Algeciras, Spain’s Security Forces have arrested 4 people in Spain and one abroad in two in anti-jihad operations.



Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • 250 gr moving at 850 fps would fix the problem.
    Stop letting these sub-primates into your your countries. The cannot be civilized, much less house-broken.

  • Spain deserves what they get for beingvso stupid. When the savsges do take over, and they will, they will kill all the lgbtxyz types, all the atheists, and most of the lefties. Overnight, school shootings will stop, crime rstes will plummet, and radical feminists will become kitchen slaves.
    Sounds kind good to me.

  • The spaniards deserve this. They elected a WEF infiltrated puppet and a marxist Lopez.

    They deserve even worse, until they understand who is behind these planned attacks and why.


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