Spain: VOX Wins Big in Catalan Elections Despite Leftist and Islamic War To Stop Them (Video)

Vox Party remains one of the few conservative parties across the world who is willing to defend their national sovereignty and identity from all enemies, foreign and domestic, at any cost.

Following the aftermath of the elections held in Catalonia on February 14, 2021, the political landscape in the northeastern region of Spain is dramatically changed. The conservative Vox Party significantly over-performed election expectations as it became the fourth most powerful political force in the region, and seized the hegemony of the right.

Despite coordinated efforts of obstruction orchestrated by powerful left-wing elites, anti-constitutional separatists, illegals not invested in Spanish culture or history, and more violent left-wing groups, the Vox Party won its first seats in the Catalan parliament.

In their debut in Catalonia regional elections, Vox gained 11 parliamentary seats, formed their own parliamentary group and managed to gain the leadership of the right. The Vox Party now has more seats than the two most well-established conservative parties combined, Ciudadanos and Partido Popular (PP).

Separatist Movement and Islam

Vox’s rise has been fueled by its uncompromising stance against Catalan left-wing separatists after they declared independence from Spain in 2017. Vox vowed to enact constitutional reforms preventing the territorial disintegration of Spain.

For years, mainstream politicians looked the other way while the monster of left-wing separatism grew. They remained silent while separatist leaders plundered the public treasury in Catalonia in order to ensure votes for their own parties. They turned a blind eye while the separatists flooded the region with dangerous jihadi migrants and seized control of the educational systems.

Thanks to the uncontrolled Islamic immigration to the region, it not only has the highest Muslim population in Spain, but also the largest concentration of radical Muslims in Europe. For more than a decade, the American government has considered Catalonia “a prime base of operations” for Islamic terrorists.

As reported by Gatestone, “the Muslim population of Catalonia is higher — as a percentage of the total population — than the Muslim population of Austria (6.9%), Britain (6.3%), Germany (6.1%), Italy (4.8%) and Switzerland (6.1%), according to estimates by the Pew Research Center.”

Mass Islamic immigration has been a key component of the Catalan independence movement for decades. The left-wing leadership bribed Muslim immigrants into voting for Catalan independence with mega-mosques and free healthcare, among other things.

Meanwhile, many of the Muslim voters have only supported the separatist movement as a means to establish Sharia in Catalonia. The Islamic leaders are not just supporting a Catalonia that is independent not from Spain but from the West as a whole. Abdelwahab Houzi, a preacher in the Catalan city of Lleida revealed how Islam could conquer the region when he declared:

Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, once they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties because we do not believe in left and right. This will make us win local councils and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented.

The Vox party and their leader Santiago Abascal, by contrast, has called for the complete abolition of Spain’s regional autonomy system and the outlawing of separatist parties. Furthermore, Vox called for the arrest of Catalan’s “corrupt” president, the dissolution of their autonomous police force (Mossos d’Esquadra) and an immediate end to all illegal migration.

Vox Party’s Mission

Vox is Spain’s only true conservative political party which defends traditional Spanish values from the threats posed by mass migration, multiculturalism and globalism. Vox is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. Vox’s mission statement says:

“Vox is the common-sense party, which gives voice to what millions of Spaniards think in their homes; the only party that fights against suffocating political correctness. Vox does not tell Spaniards how they should think, speak or feel. We tell the media and the parties to stop imposing their beliefs on society.

Our project is summed up in the defense of Spain, of the family and of life; in reducing the size of the state, guaranteeing equality between Spaniards and expelling the government from your private life…. Our discourse stems from our convictions, regardless of whether they are more or less popular. In short, Vox is the party of a living Spain, free and brave.

Violent Attacks Against Vox

Since it first achieved representation at the national level in 2019, Vox has secured seats in 11 different regional parliaments. As the popularity of the Vox party soars, the attacks from left-wing groups and illegals continue to increase in severity and frequency.

Politicians and media on both the left and the right have sought to undermine Vox and have fueled hatred by branding the party, among other terms, as xenophobic, Islamophobic, far-right, fascist, racist, sexist, and homophobic.

During the recent Catalonia election season, Vox Party leaders and their supporters battled censorship from tech giants and efforts from the Spanish socialist government to interfere in the regional elections. Just recently, Twitter temporarily suspended the official Vox Party account in the crucial days leading up to the election. In addition, Vox Party Leader Santiago Abascal, Vox Secretary General, Javier Ortega Smith and the Catalan Vox Deputy, Ignacio Garriga were all violently assaulted by the left, predominantly separatist youths, while campaigning in the region.

Separatist leaders in Catalan who have taken over the educational system brainwash migrants and children that they are being oppressed by the Spanish state. Various left-wing propaganda within the educational system explains why youths are now the main agitators and perpetrators of violence against Vox Party members. Vox Leader Santiago Abascal has repeatedly blamed the “government mafia and its media” for fomenting the violent attacks and acts of intimidation against his party.

Abascal was the target of obstructionists wherever he traveled during their election campaign in Catalan. During a February 7th visit to Salt where Muslim migrants comprise nearly half the population, left-wing separatists and jihadis blitzed Abascal. Dozens of assailants threw objects and tried to physically harm Abascal and those around him. The radicals also intimidated and attacked Vox supporters who attended the event.

Similar violence and throwing of dangerous objects ensued the following day, during a visit from Javier Ortega Smith in Valls, Tarragona. The city of Tarragona is infamous for their imported Salafi jihad terrorist problem.

The incidents in Salt and Valls came days after Vox leaders Ortega Smith and Ignacio Garriga  had stones, eggs, firecrackers and other objects thrown at them. This attack took place during a party rally in they city of Barcelona, which has long been dubbed a “Salafist city”. Salafism openly calls for replacing Western democracy with an Islamic government based on Sharia law. 

Vox Leader

Days before Vox’s groundbreaking election, Abascal slammed the latest violent, politically motivated attacks towards his party and its supporters in a powerful speech. The leader condemned “the Government of Spain and the Government of Catalonia” for inciting and condoning violence against his party.

According to Abascal, Spain’s Ministry of the Interior is responsible for allowing the violence against the Vox Party. The Vox leader blamed the government agencies “political orders” which instructed the autonomous Mossos d’Esquadra to allow dangerous radical groups to demonstrate against Vox across various municipalities.

Abascal warned that the terrorists throwing “throwing rocks” today would use guns to “shoot at us” if they could. Despite the threats that his Vox party faces, Abascal vowed to Catalans, “we are here all day every day….we are here to stay, Not to quit.”

Watch the following segment of a speech given by Santiago Abascal which has been exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA,



Across the free world, left-wing ruling governments, parties, corporations, and media have financially and politically supported violent left-wing groups from shutting down any conservative opposition to their radical agendas. Vox Party remains one of the few conservative party’s across the world who is willing to defend their national sovereignty and identity from all enemies, foreign and domestic, at any cost.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation:

Let’s respect the rules, no matter how arbitrary they seem.

Please stay two meters away from the platform so I can remove the mask and speak.

A bunch of violent brats, friends of terrorists, are not enough to prevent us from speaking publicly in the street.

I have already seen this in my region: I have already seen how they came to rescue the people in distress.

Those terrorists were cousins of those who today, in front of the officers, were throwing rocks at us, but if they could they would shoot at us.

Because we know them, we know how they think.

We know they are sick with hatred. And we know that that’s the main problem Catalonia has.

A problem of freedom. Because in this region many people voted for us.

Because in this region, and precisely in Gerona 18,000 people chose the VOX ballot for the Congress of Deputies last November.

There are 18,000 Spanish people, 18,000 thousand men and women, 18,000 Catalans who have no freedom in Gerona today.

We witnessed it while we were walking along the streets of this city.

There were the insults of those few totalitarians, and there was the shy, fearful approach of people who every day have no freedom.

But who thanked us for coming, anyway.

I am here only for this day. But my colleagues are here all day every day.

And we are here to say, that we are here to stay. Not to quit.

We are here to say that we are very aware that those who were throwing rocks at us are 30 meters away from us right now, with the connivance of the Department of Interior of Catalonia.

And they are trying to intimidate us, trying to prevent us from exercising our political rights.

We know what they would do if they had the chance.

Gagging us would not be sufficient.

They would use violence, regardless of the consequences.

They would if law enforcement were not here, and I thank them for their services.

And they are obeying orders logically, because I am sure that if it were up to them, these people who came here to commit electoral crime would be kept 100 meters away from us.

But they are not allowed to do that.

Because the Department of Interior of Catalonia won’t allow this.

They can’t, because it is the Government of Catalonia that incited violence towards the Catalans who vote for VOX.

They explicitly said it in writing, so the Electoral Council had to intervene.

It was the Government of Spain itself, through the Vice-Presidency of the Government, who incited violence against VOX.

Encouraging harassment, intimidation against all the political actions we have been engaged in, we who represent almost four million Spanish people.

Many more than those there, for sure. That is: the Government of Spain and the Government of Catalonia are the inciters of and the accomplices to this violence.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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