Spain's VOX Party: 'Islamism is Incompatible with Western Culture, Generates Violence' (Video)

Vox is Spain’s only conservative party and one of the few in the world willing to defend its national sovereignty and identity from foreign and domestic enemies at any cost.

Following the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Algeciras, Spain, by a Moroccan illegal migrant, who targetted Christians and murdered the sacristan of a local church, Spanish politician Ignacio Garriga declared, “Islamism is incompatible with Western culture. The VOX party’s secretary general said, “it generates violence, social exclusion, and the degradation of our neighborhoods.” The leader slammed Spain’s left-wing government’s open border “multicultural policies” that continue to have grave consequences in the lives of its citizens.

Transcript of VOX party’s secretary general Ignacio Garriga speech:

I don’t want to begin the press conference without sending the most heartfelt condolences to the family of the sacristan [sexton] and our support to the families of the victims of the Islamist attack that was carried out in Algeciras.

Unfortunately, it is another test of what VOX has been denouncing for years, and in the face of which, the other political groups and the media look the other way. It is nothing other than more evidence that multicultural policies have consequences in the lives of ordinary people, the Spanish people. Direct consequences are already seen in a manner more than sufficient and abundantly in many other countries in the European Union, which, unfortunately, already, and due to the fault of some and the silence of others, is now a reality in our land, in our nation.

Unfortunately, thanks to our current political leaders, the great legacy they will leave to Spaniards will be more Islamism in our streets and more illegal immigration. This is the great legacy of the current generation of politicians that they will leave to Spaniards at large, and in the face of which VOX, will not take one step back in denouncing it and using all measures necessary to end this threat, not just for Spain, but for the life of Spaniards at large.

Islamism is incompatible with our Western culture. And it has to be repeated every day; that’s what it takes to sink into the head of some columnists, some journalists, and some politicians who deny the reality that Islamism is incompatible with the culture of the West.

And the terrorist, the attacker in Algeciras the other day, was an Islamist. An Islamist who killed in the name of his faith. And who, by the way, attacked various Christian sites.

As you see, we are not going to use any euphemisms, and we are going to use every letter, every period, and comma it takes to describe the raw reality. Islamism generates violence. Islamism today is the new, modern jihad.

And this has to be said with every letter of the reality. And there are many. There are many in Spain, and there are many in Europe at large. Because Islamism generates social exclusion and degrades our neighborhoods because, as you well know, it looks to shape these parallel societies on the margin of the law to impose their laws, their Islamic laws. And Spaniards at large suffer this reality because illegal immigration has been permitted for decades in our nation and because illegal immigration has been applauded for decades by each and every one of the nation’s governments, from the People’s Party or the Socialist Party. Still, both are accomplices in the dramatic situation our compatriots are suffering in the neighborhoods and cities throughout Spain.

And these days, many Spaniards are asking themselves why. If there was an order of expulsion in 2022 for the murderer, the terrorist who took the life of the Algeciras sexton, why was he still in our country? This is the great question that has to be asked of the President and the Minister of the Interior.

Why was he still among us? Perhaps the answer is that only 8% of those with an expulsion order have been removed from our national territory. So we must ask for responsibility, and without a doubt, that is what we will do. And in this dramatic situation, we have to observe how numerous politicians use euphemisms to describe this raw reality. And also, we have to see how these same politicians deny the reality which takes place in our neighborhoods and our cities.

And VOX, as it showed in Viva 22, and today we reaffirm this, and we will continue explaining throughout this year, which is the great question that has to be posed to the Spanish people. To ask the Spanish people: are we to expel those immigrants who enter our country illegally?

Let them ask the Spaniards at large; Let the Spaniards give the response to this question that politicians, the media, and theologians deny, silence, or look away from reality. And this dramatic situation that VOX has been denouncing for years, but in a particular way over these past few days, we have to read and listen to various media claiming that VOX is taking advantage of the attack and the death of a church sexton. That is to say, the same media that are using an attack, the death of a person, to point at VOX and say that VOX is taking advantage.

This same media that the following day hides the fact that in Gerona, another Islamist terrorist was arrested; the same ones who are silent over the terror cell broken up in Almeria. These are the same means they use to deny and whitewash reality.

And the reality is raw. In the last 20 years, 1,000 Islamist terrorists have been arrested in our country. This is the reality, and this is the situation that we have to face, and to which VOX will dedicate in body and soul from every institution, and without any doubt, when the Spanish people find it appropriate, from the nation’s government.

Editor’s Note:

The term “Islamism” is likely a legal requirement put on VOX instead of saying the more accurate word, “Islamic.”

Under Europe’s increasingly harsh restrictions on freedom of speech, and especially freedom to criticize religious dogma, which is a clear and existential threat doctrine to Western Civilization, one cannot state facts about Islam that casts it in a bad light.

Not by coincidence, this is also the Islamic definition of Slander. A definition adopted in the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights under Islam.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • I applaud this man for telling the truth about Islamism and Islamists. They hate us and will say an d anything if it leads to our destruction.

  • Prof. Jordan, alpha male with castrato
    voice, asks the all-important question:

    What would this broken world
    be without his wise counsel?

    Monumental Erections

    The Egyptians built the pyramids
    The Greeks the parthenon
    Prehistoric man built monoliths
    Of which Stonehenge is one

    But modern man’s only monument
    To his enduring might
    Is a glass-clad priapic phallus
    Six hundred feet in height

  • United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, wrote in the foreword of the book “Law in the Middle East,” Origin and Development of Islamic Law, (1955): “Islamic law offers the American lawyer a study in dramatic contrasts. Even casual acquaintance and superficial knowledge… reveal that its striking features relative to our law are not likenesses but inconsistencies, not similarities but contrarieties. In its source, its scope and its sanctions, the law of the Middle East is the antithesis of Western law.”


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