Invasion of Spain: Migrants Smuggled in Garbage Trucks, Toxic Ashes, Boats, Semi-Trailers (Video)

The coronavirus pandemic has not been an impediment for the mafia, human traffickers, NGO’s and migrants to continue their illegal activities in the Mediterranean.

Armies of illegal migrants continue to storm the border finding more and more creative ways to be smuggled into the Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa. The Spanish police released recordings on Monday showing two unsuccessful entry attempts by migrants. The authorities found migrants buried in a garbage truck under loads of old glass. Another illegal migrant even went so far as to hide in a sack of poisonous ash from an incinerator.

In the most recent operation in Melilla, 41 migrants were located and intercepted prior to illegal entry. They were found in boats, containers, and semi-trailers. Four of them were hidden on rafts full of broken bottles for recycling. This year alone, Civil Guard officers arrested 1,781 people in the port’s security zone while attempting to enter Spain undetected.

Watch the following video released by Spanish Police,

There is no negative consequence for migrants trying to make their way to Spain. Once they break into the country, they are handed food, clothing, money and given shelter. Under Spain’s Socialist-led government, all asylum applications must be considered. Those denied asylum are rarely deported and instead make their way to the other 26 European Union states.

Many of the Illegal migrants  violently break into Spain and have been shown to be extremely dangerous people with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws.

As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, Melilla has seen many violent attacks and incidents over the last several years. As reported previously by RAIR, each year thousands of dangerous migrants try to scale Melilla’s border fence and invade Spain’s shores in the hopes they won’t be returned and will get asylum. Just recently, migrants infected with coronavirus stormed the border fence and the coast.

The arrival of illegals to Spain in boats has skyrocketed over the past year. Numerous boats are also arriving to the coasts of Almería, Murcia, Granada, and the Canary Islands. In the month of November alone, 8,157 migrants illegally arrived on the Canary Islands. Police and civil guards are “totally overwhelmed”, and are unable to perform their typical day-to-day duties in Almería as the officers are consumed with securing the coast and intercepting the boats carrying illegals.

The coronavirus pandemic has not been an impediment for the mafia, human traffickers, NGO’s and migrants to continue their illegal activities in the Mediterranean. According to Spanish news site, Altavoz des Sucesos, there have been numerous reports of the illegals arriving infected with the coronavirus, which have already triggered outbreaks in Extremadura, Malaga, and Albacete. The migrants have regularly escaped quarantine or are confined for a short period by the government and then released into the Spanish public.

Spain’s migrant holding centers are overrun with illegals trying to make their way to the mainland. The country is overwhelmed by the increasing onslaught of migrant invaders who are brought to Europe by human traffickers. The situation has only been exacerbated by the onset of Coronavirus which has pushed the migrant reception systems to a dangerous breaking point.

Left-wing NGO’s demand that the Spanish government decongest the centers by speeding up migrant transfers to Spain’s mainland and not back to their country of origin where they are legal citizens.

The left-wing government led by Pedro Sánchez, which financially contributes taxpayer money to NGOs, was recently caught flying migrants to the mainland and distributing them throughout the country without informing local officials.

The only hope to stop Spain’s “migratory invasion” is the conservative VOX Party. They are the “Make Spain Great Again Party,” who defends traditional Spanish values, borders, and has a Trump-like “Spain First” message. Despite the attacks by the radical left and the media that the Vox Party faces, they continue to address the threats of Islam and illegal migration to Spain. Read more about the VOX Party and the violence caused by the migration crisis below:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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