Staged Camp David Photos? Biden's Mic is Off & Time Discrepancy - White House Ignores Questions

These discrepancies must be addressed.

Two photos released by the White House featuring installed puppet Joe Biden in the Situation Room at Camp David show that his mic is off in the middle of his briefing, and the times displayed on the clocks is incorrect.

Moscow and London are shown as three hours apart, but there is only a two-hour time difference currently, as the United Kingdom put their clocks forward in March. Astute social media users also pointed out that it does not appear that Biden’s mic was turned on, despite the fact that he is supposedly speaking to his national security team.

In the first image released from the White House on August 14th, the times are 4:03 pm and 7:03 pm:

Photo from August 14, 2021

In the second image released from the White House on August 14th, the times are 4:29 pm and 7:29 pm:

Photo from August 15

See a photo from the White House from September 10, 2017, when President Trump was receiving a briefing in the Situation Room at Camp David, showing that the Mic was on:

But in the Biden photos, the mic appears to be off, as the “Mic On” monitors are dark.

There is plenty of speculation on why there is a discrepancy, but it IS a discrepancy and it deserves to be addressed. Some are speculating that the photos are from March, while others are saying that the clock is simply inaccurate.

How will the White House excuse away Biden’s mic’s being turned off?

Either way, the White House is not answering questions about the story, according to White House Correspondent for Breitbart News Charlie Spiering. “The clock question from Camp David photos is gaining momentum, Spiering tweeted. “Fox featured the question at 7 a.m.”

This author guesses that the White House will eventually blame the “far right” for pushing “conspiracy theories.”

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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