STASI ALERT: German Mayor Releases Video Training Children to Inform on Coronavirus Mask Skeptics

Questioning the government and their arbitrary and unscientific coronavirus measures is no longer accepted in Chancellor Angela’s Merkel’s Germany.

German Mayor Erik Lierenfeld released a video PSA (public service announcement) instructing children to snitch on those who dare to question the science behind wearing masks. The school children were told to call police if they encounter anyone who denies the effectiveness of masks.

The Mayor of Dormagen warned there will be “crazy” people who try and convince people that masks are not necessary but Germans must stand “united” against them.

Questioning the government and their arbitrary and unscientific coronavirus measures is no longer accepted in Chancellor Angela’s Merkel’s Germany. One must must listen to the state, and any questioning of policy is considered criminal.

This is not the first time in the country’s history they used children to persecute and destroy dissenters. The East German ministry for State Security, Stasi, recruited school-age informers to destroy anyone who threatened their power and control. Stasi used child spies to betray their family, friends and acquaintances which led to “thought criminals” being imprisoned, tortured or even murdered. 

In normal left-wing fashion, when parents criticized Mayor Lierenfeld’s he deployed a typical leftist deflection strategy dubbed the “Luke O’Brien Tactic“: Claiming to receive death threats after being called out for ridiculous actions.

Watch Mayor Erik Lierenfeld’s dangerous “public service announcement”:

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Hello, dear students. This is your mayor, Erik Lierenfeld, with an important message: 
Wearing a mask is clever!

By doing that you protect yourselves and others.

Since there are people you will meet that will say you won’t have to wear it, that’s complete 
nonsense, so please keep an eye out for people like that, call the police at 1 1 0, call the public 
order office, 2 5 7 5 5 5, and the public order office will also be on the streets.

Don’t let these corona liars and other crazies tell you stories. Please take care of yourselves, 
stay healthy and remain solidly united.

Read the following RAIR articles on Coronavirus tyranny in Germany:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Mayors Grandfather was a agent of the gestapo during Hitlers take over. He trained young school kids to turn there parents in who were enemies of the state. He grandson learned from his grandfather how to train the kids. In old Germany newspapers was the story.

  • He’s a worthless piece of human flesh that God ever strung a gut in. To use children is vile like the Nazi’s. God will deal with you accordingly.

  • This is an awesome vital information that every true peace loving human must know. That their rights have been destroyed by those they trust their lives into.


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