'Enemies of the State': Ukraine Puts PM Orbán and PM Milanović on Kill List

It is an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary, Croatia, and thus against NATO and the EU. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Croatian President Zoran Milanovic now find themselves on a state enemy list.

Would you happen to know the website Myrotvorets Center? No? Well, it was created by Ukrainian government officials in 2015, just a year after the Maidan protest leaders took power in Kyiv. The site’s purpose was to publish the names and personal details of thousands of people considered “enemies of Ukraine.” This site (whose name literally means “Peacekeeper”) is allegedly managed by the Ukrainian Security Service and the Ukrainian Interior Ministry officialsIt is thus a kind of death list for politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, and other public figures who have been “cleared for shooting” by Ukrainian patriots.

Now the names of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Croatia’s President Zoran Milanovic have been added. A step can be seen as an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary and Croatia and subsequently against NATO and the European Union. After all, this can undoubtedly be seen as an incitement to murder high-ranking government or state politicians – and that by official Ukrainian government representatives. But so far, there has been no criticism from EU or NATO representatives, nor any consequences from these state alliances.

“Accomplices of Russian War Criminals”

For example, Viktor Orban is described on the site as an “accomplice of Russian war criminals.” They claim that the Hungarian leader is “an accomplice in the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens” for his “participation in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine” as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist.” They also claim that he “collaborated with the Russian aggressor.” Orban’s specific “crimes” include his refusal to allow weapons destined for Ukraine to be shipped through his country’s territory and his refusal to deny Russian gas supplies. The prime minister’s willingness to pay for Russian gas in rubles is also mentioned. The website also recalled Orban’s April 4 statement on the forces Hungary faces to remain independent, ranging from the local opposition to “the bureaucrats in Brussels, money, and institutions of the Soros empire, international media, and the Ukrainian  President.” 

Croatia’s President Zoran Milanovic is listed as an “accomplice of Russian invaders” for his alleged “humanitarian aggression against Ukraine,” “distribution of Kremlin propaganda,” and so-called “support and justification of Russian aggression against Ukraine.” The site recalls Milanovic’s comments on February 2, 2022, that Russia must be “a factor” in the “equation” of pan-European stability and his opposition to Ukraine joining NATO. The Croatian President recently announced at an event in Vukovar that he would veto the invitation of Sweden and Finland to the NATO summit and implement a patriotic policy for his country.

List releases personal information – reports of death threats

In 2015, the website began publishing personal data of Russian military personnel involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. The Interior Ministry adviser at the time, Anton Gerashchenko, publicly called on the “Islamic State” to “proceed” with the Russian troops according to Sharia law. In 2016, Myrotvorets obtained detailed personal information on about 5,000 Ukrainian, Russian and Western journalists who had worked in Donbass. The leaked records included detailed personal information such as phone numbers and addresses, and many of the journalists reported threats against their lives.

Orban is not the first Hungarian to be included on the Myrotvorets list. In 2018, the website listed over 300 ethnic Hungarian residents from Zakarpattia who had “illegally” acquired Hungarian citizenship (Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship, but much of the country’s political and business elite nonetheless hold two or more citizenships). In October 2018, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto criticized the site and the Ukrainian government, claiming authorities in Kyiv were using the site as part of a “hate campaign” in a desperate attempt to boost then-President Petro Poroshenko’s plummeting approval ratings.

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Vlad Tepes

"Objects in history may be closer than they appear" – Eeyore for Vlad


  • “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Croatian President Zoran Milanovic now find themselves on a state enemy list.”

    That is of course not the real enemy list.
    Since the real enemy list is this: All EU leaders, except Orban, Klaus Schwab and his terrorist gang; Zelenskyy, Macron, Marin, Trudeau, Ardern, von der Leyen, Gates, Soros, Biden, Fauci, etc, etc.

  • No doubt, the demented Devil worshiping Deep State believes with their
    rusty dust buket weapons, the Ukrainians can march on Moscow and Bukerest.
    I’d rather have the Russians invade the U.S. than the present clique of criminals
    Satan’s 1% Power Eliet is letting in now.

  • “Putin’s alleged $700M superyacht seized in Italy
    Zelenskyy pushes for harsher sanctions as the war in Ukraine persists”

    Good news, a good reason for Putin to get rid of these EU and WEF/Schwab drilled terrorists: Zelenskyy, Draghi, Macron, Marin, Ardern, von der Leyen, etc, etc.

    Hint for Putin: Target those Evil’s nests in Brussels and Luxembourg first. No other targets needed after that, well spare some missiles for WHO, Soros and Gates.
    And after that there will be peace when the Devils are gone.

  • Wow! Sounds like in this particular regard–especially paying Putin in rubles and consequently signaling approval of the invasion and the creep’s monstrous slaughter of civilians and obliteration of cities–Orban has trlly lost it. If true, I’ll never look at him with any respect again. Thanks for this.

  • Anything and anyone connected to the Soros and the Dr No with his hairless cat with dreams of world dominion should be taken seriously. A kill list must be rejected and those responsible sanctioned. A civilized society cannot interface with this satanic horror. This includes all nations of Europe and NATO.
    Soros has shown his effectiveness with Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and now Los Angeles. His hatred of our Constitution is legendary. Christian dogma of Love, Peace, forgivness, mercy, and kindness has no place in his wishes for world dominion by the godless elites.
    Pray for goodness and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Mirotvorets is an independent entity, not of the state. They are free to express their own views.

  • NATO MEMBERS can still be Russian lovers or act against the interest of other members. Turkey is one. So Ukraine has every right to name its enemies. Ukranians are not puppets. I am an American and I consider the current US regime my enemy. Thats my right.


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