Stop Hiding the September 11 Terrorists' Motivation: ISLAM

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!” – Last words from the cockpit of hijacked Flight 93.

The Muslim terrorists who carried out the September 11, 2001, attacks were forthright in explaining and reiterating, at length, that both their inspirations and their aspirations were, first and foremost, done in the name of Allah and for the cause of Islam and Islamic law worldwide. 

While many Western Muslims and their prominent left-wing sympathizers have pretended that Islam had nothing to do with the 9-11, the Muslim terrorists’ own words suggest otherwise.

Furthermore, despite mainstream claims that Osama bin Laden and those involved in the 9-11 attacks had little understanding of their own religion, they all attended mosques religiously and were educated highly versed in Islam. In addition, the terrorists quoted chapters and verses of Islamic scripture, and many made martyrdom videos also quoting their Islamic motivations and aspirations.

Below are the statements by the Islamic terrorists who planned and carried out the September 11, 2001, attacks that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Americans. While the west refuses to name our enemy, the terrorists clearly credit their motivation, actions, and success to their religion.

September 11th Attacks – Islamic Motives Revealed

9-11 Terrorists “Martyrdom Videos”

Ahmed al-Haznawi

After the attacks, a video of 9-11 terrorist Ahmed al-Haznawi revealed his commitment to carrying out an Islamic suicide operation. Al-Haznawiwas was on Flight 93, which crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

The videotape titled “The Wills of the New York and Washington Battle Martyrs” was aired on Al Jazeera on April 16, 2002. The video shows for the first time that the hijackers knew they were on a suicide mission.

Al-Haznawi is shown dressed in fatigues with an image of the World Trade Center in flames in the background. “Lord, I regard myself as a martyr for you, so accept me as such,” he is heard to say.

“The time of humiliation and enslavement is over, and the time has come to kill the Americans on their own turf.”

We killed them outside their land, praise be to Allah. Today, we kill them in the midst of their own home.

O Allah, revive an entire nation by our deaths. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr.

To the Garden of Eden, our first house. We shall meet in the eternal Paradise with the prophets, honest people, martyrs, and righteous people. They are the best of companions. Praise be to Allah. Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.”

Abdulaziz al-Omari 

In the autumn of 2001, after the September 11 attacks, al Jazeera television also broadcasted a video made by Abdulaziz Omari. The terrorist was one of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11, which flew into the north tower of the World Trade Center. He also made a farewell suicide video. In it, he stated:

I am writing this with my full conscience and I am writing this in expectation of the end, which is near. . . Allah praise everybody who trained and helped me, namely the leader Sheikh Osama bin Laden. May Allah bless him. May Allah accept our deeds

The Islamic terrorist warned, “We will get you. We will humiliate you. We will never stop following you,”

An image of the gutted Pentagon was superimposed behind Alomari’s shoulder as he spoke — an indication al Qaeda had made the video after the attacks.

Saeed al-Ghamdi

Saeed al-Ghamidi was one of four hijackers of United Airlines Flight 93 as part of the September 11 attacks.

In March 2001, al-Ghamdi was filmed in a farewell video that was later aired on al-Jazeera. Al-Ghamdi referred to America as “the enemy” and is seen studying maps and flight manuals. The tape was broadcast on Al Jeezera a day after the second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Saeed al-Ghamidi read his will and declared it was a Muslim duty to fight the “American enemy.”

“America is the enemy that every Muslim should fight. There is no way the Arab nation can be saved except through jihad”

He vowed that the Mujahidin would stage attacks against US interests.

The tape also included a brief audio speech by Osama bin Ladin paying tribute to “the martyr Said al-Ghamidi.”

Osama bin Laden

Al Jazeera also aired a brief clip of Bin Laden squatting beside his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, as al-Zawahri praised the actions of the 19 Muslim suicide bombers who carried through the attacks on America.

“When you talk about the invasion of New York and Washington, you talk about the men who changed the face of history and went against the traitors,” bin Laden said on the tape. “These great men have consolidated faith in the hearts of believers and undermined the plans of the crusaders and their agents in the region.”

“Those 19 brothers who went out and worked and sacrificed their lives for Allah, Allah granted this conquest that we enjoy today,” he said.

The film showed bin Laden meeting with some of the others involved in planning the attacks.

Still photographs of the four teams of hijackers were shown in the video, against a background of Koranic chanting. All of the terrorists were wearing turbans and full Islamic beards, in contrast to their clean-shaven looks on the day of the attacks. They could be seen in the video reviewing flight manuals in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden after 9/11 brags about his Islamic motives

On December 13, 2001, Osama bin Laden recorded a video in which he and a sheikh extol the 9/11 attacks. Bin Laden wants everyone to utter the first of the five pillars of Islam, a confession of faith that is the first step in accepting the “true religion,” the one for which he is fighting.

I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no Allah but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.

Osama bin Laden also bragged in the video recording about the 9/11 attacks and how many people came to Islam because of them:

Some of them said that in Holland, at one of the centers, the number of people who accepted Islam during the days that followed the operations were more than the people who accepted Islam in the last eleven years. I heard someone on Islamic radio who owns a school in America say: “We don’t have time to keep up with the demands of those who are asking about Islamic books to learn about Islam.” This event made people think (about true Islam) which benefited Islam greatly.

The Pentagon released a portion of the video of Osama bin Laden talking about the Islamic terrorist attacks. See full transcript here.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 9/11 mastermind

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others accused in the 9-11 attacks called U.S. allegations “badges of honor” and declared themselves “terrorists to the bone” in a written statement for public release:

With regards to these nine accusations that you are putting us on trial for; to us, they are not accusations. To us they are badges of honor, which we carry with pride. Many thanks to Allah, for his kind gesture, and choosing us to perform the act of Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and Muslims. Therefore, killing you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding back to your attacks, are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion. These actions are our offerings to Allah.

These actions are our offerings to Allah. In Allah’s book, he ordered us to fight you everywhere we find you… Our religion is a religion of fear and terror to the enemies of Allah: the Jews, Christians, and pagans. With Allah’s willing, we are terrorists to the bone.

Written religious Instruction to the hijackers

Investigators recovered three copies of the same letter belonging to suspected terrorists aboard three of the four airplanes hijacked during the September 11 Islamic attacks. Below are some of the written instructions to the hijackers:

Be cheerful, for you have only moments between you and your eternity, after which a happy and satisfying life begins…

Remember: it is a raid for the sake of Allah. Recite the prayer.  As you take the seat, recite the prayer. Mention Allah a lot.  When the hijacking begins, “Shout Allah is great because this shout strikes terrors in the hearts of the infidels

And the moment of death should be accompanied by the basic statement of belief recited by all Muslims at the call to prayer.  Seconds before the target, your last words should be, ‘there is no Allah but Allah. Mohammed is his messenger!.”

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s Number Two, Praises Islamic Attackers

Those 19 brothers who left us made efforts and offered their lives for the cause of Allah. Allah has favored them with this conquest, which we are enjoying now”

Last words from the cockpit of Flight 93

The cockpit recording captured the terrorists in the cockpit of flight 93. At one point, a hijacker was heard to say: “In the name of Allah, most merciful, most compassionate.” 

At 10:03 am the plane dived amid crashing sounds. The last sound heard as the plane neared the ground was the voice of a hijacker: “Allahu akbar.” “Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar.”

Prior to 9/11 Attacks Osama bin Laden States His Religious Terrorist Goals

August 1996 Declaration of War On Americans:

On or about August 23, 1996, Osama bin Laden signed and issued a Declaration of jihad (holy war) from Afghanistan entitled, “Message from Usama bin Laden to his Muslim Brothers in the Whole World and Especially in the Arabian Peninsula.’ Bin Laden declared jihad against Americans and praised those willing to die for their religion and the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. It reads, in part:

Allah told his Prophet: “He will not let the deeds of those who are killed for His cause come to nothing; He will guide them and put them in a good state; He will admit them into the Garden He has already made known to them.”

And the Prophet said: “There are one hundred levels in Heaven that Allah has prepared for the holy warriors who have died for Him, between two levels as between the earth and the sky.”

And the al-Jami al-Sahih notes that the Prophet said: “The best martyrs are those who stay in the battle line and do not turn their faces away until they are killed. They will achieve the highest level of Heaven, and their Lord will look kindly upon them. When your Lord looks kindly upon a slave in the world, He will not hold him to account.”

And he said: “The martyr has a guarantee from Allah: He forgives him at the first drop of his blood and shows him his seat in Heaven. He decorates him with the jewels of faith, protects him from the torment of the grave, keeps him safe on the day of judgment, places a crown of dignity on his head with the finest rubies in the world, marries him to seventy-two of the pure virgins of paradise and intercedes on behalf of seventy of his relatives,” as related by Ahmad al-Tirmidhi in an authoritative hadith.

Osama Bin Laden declares jihad in 1997 CNN interview

On March 2, 1997, CNN’s Peter Arnett interviewed bin Laden, who says the goal of jihad is to exalt Allah’s word (the Quran) to the heights, in other words, until the message of his Holy Book goes around the world.

For [subordination to the Jews and occupation of Arabia] and other acts of aggression and injustice, we have declared jihad against the US, because in our religion it is our duty to make jihad so that Allah’s word is the one exalted to the heights and so that we drive the Americans away from all Muslim countries.

Below is an excerpt from the CNN interview:

February 1998 – Fatwa Against American Citizens

On February 23, 1998, Osama bin Laden and his close associate, Ayman al Zawahiri, endorsed a fatwa under the banner of the “International Islamic Front for Jihad on the Jews and Crusaders.” This fatwa, published in the newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi, stated that Muslims should kill Americans, including civilians, anywhere in the world where they can be found.

The declaration begins with bin Laden quoting passages in the Quran, the sayings of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad, and opining on Islamic history.

Muslims, he wrote, should abandon their petty local fights and unite to drive the Americans out of Saudi Arabia: “destroying, fighting and killing the enemy until, by the Grace of Allah, it is completely defeated.”

May 7, 1998, Fatwa against American and its followers

On or about May 7, 1998, Osama bin Laden associate Mohammed Aftef sent Khaled al Fawwaz a letter discussing the endorsement by bin Laden of a fatwa issued by the “Ulema Union of Afghanistan” which termed the U.S. Army the “enemies of Islam” and declared jihad (holy war) against the U.S. and its followers. The fatwa was subsequently published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

May 1998 – ABC Interview Bin Laden Explains His Mission his Islamic Mission

In May 1998, ABC reporter Jonathan Miller interviewed bin Laden, who explained that he is a servant of Allah and that his primary mission is to spread by fighting the religion of light.

I am one of the servants of Allah. We do our duty of fighting for the sake of the religion of Allah. It is also our duty to send a call to all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam. Our primary mission is nothing but the furthering of this religion.

May 28, 1998, Bin Laden Endorses the Nuclear Bomb of Islam

On or about May 29, 1998, Osama bin Laden issued a statement entitled “The Nuclear Bomb of Islam,” under the banner of the “International Islamic Front for Fighting the Jews and Crusaders,” in which he stated that “it is the duty of Muslims to prepare as much force as possible to terrorize the enemies of Allah.”

Bin Laden wrote a letter to America professing his motivations for 9/11

Osama bin Laden wanted to speak directly to the American people. In his 2002 letter, he explicitly stated that al-Qaeda’s Islamic motives for their attacks and called American’s to Islam.

The letter which promised endless Islamic war is one of the hundreds of documents collected in the May 2, 2011 raid on his compound in Pakistan:  

The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam. We call you to be a people of manners, principles, honor, and purity; to reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, and trading with interest.

Whitewashing Islam

Leaders across the West continue to go to great lengths to label the Muslim terrorist as an “extremist” and explain the attack perverted their religion. Furthermore, the left and Muslim supremacists living in western countries do not allow any healthy discussion or reasonable concerns about Islam or sharia. Instead, they act as attorneys to defend jihadis and the Islamic ideology that motivates attacks like 9-11.

Despite their defense of Islam, Islamic terrorists worldwide all have one thing in common: They credit their motivation and success to religion.

As reported by the Religion of Peace,

Islam isn’t hijacked by extremists – it is what inspires them.  This distinguishes Islamic terrorism from criminal activity, and it is part of what makes Islam so very, very different from other religions. 

Many people prefer to bury their heads in the sand or look for ways to re-cast Islamic terror to fit their own political agenda.  However, Muslims behind the violence are quite explicit about the religious certainty that compels their actions.

The teachings and early history of Islam that explain the violence are discussed elsewhere on this site.  Here is shown that, as far as Islamic terrorists are concerned, their acts are done explicitly in the name of Allah and for the cause of Islam and Islamic law… across the globe.

The driving impulse of Osama bin Laden and the terrorists was religious in nature and not the act of an “extremist.” Their behavior and actions are part of his belief system, which allowed them to slaughter unbelievers en masse.

America has still not learned anything since the 9-11 Islamic terror attacks twenty years ago. How can we ever defeat our enemy if we continue to pretend that terrorists were not motivated by Islamic doctrine and faith?

Do Not be Silenced

As the Muslim hijackers steered American Airlines Flight 11 toward New York, ring leader Mohamed Atta told the passengers,

“Nobody move. Everything will be OK…If you try to make any moves, you’ll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet”

As this writer explained in a speech at the European Union on January 30, 2019,

The one thing history has shown us over and over again is that if you choose to stay silent, it will never be ok. The only hijacked plane that did not hit its target on 9/11 was one where the passengers did not stay silent and instead overthrew the terrorists. 

That is why the evil of today, the people that our trying to destroy our countries and change our civilizations’ as we know it, are doing everything in their power to silence us.

If we want to truly honor the 2,977 innocent people killed and the more than 6,000 others injured on September 11, 2001, have the strength and fortitude to name the terrorists’ motivation, Islam. Do not “stay quiet,” be the voice of those who lost their lives to a fascist ideology that will go to any length necessary to impose their Islamic dictates upon free people all across the world. 

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Until the truth is told we will have in illegitimate government.
    How does a building fall in a demolition style, turning into dust? not by a jet
    And then there is building 7 which was already wired for demolition

    How about Kennedy. Those files are still locked up.

    Who runs the show here?

  • I hope people have been watching the pictures of the 9/11 attack and how rabid Muslim terrorists murdered thousands of Americans that day. Those terrorist were from the same Taliban that the stinking pile of human waste and illegitimate president senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden today praises as being “business like and professional” all the while they are going house to house and murdering more people in Afghanistan. This traitorous pathetic bag of waste must go and now along with his partner-in-crime Commie-la Harris.

  • Excellent article! Truly disturbing are the number of young people who have been brainwashed into downplaying the impact on the victims and believing that the 9-11 attacks are the fault of the US. Talk about victim blaming at its worst. And now we also see a Huff-Post article criticizing the twin tower memorial.

  • Excellent article! Truly disturbing are the number of young people who have been brainwashed into downplaying the impact on the victims and believing that the 9-11 attacks are the fault of the US. Talk about victim blaming at its worst. And now we also see a Huff-Post
    article criticizing the twin tower memorial.

  • Right, they weren’t perverting Islam, they were carrying out its commands. They were not extremist Muslims. They were literalist Muslims. Muslims who took their holy books literally, and there are billions more just like them. Islam is the Borg ( they even worship a large black cube), an totalitarian ideology that cannot be moderated or modernized. Whose members cannot leave on pain of death. Islam’s goal is the same as Hitler’s or international Communism, to rule the world. Make no mistake, the Jihadis and their enablers aim to enslave the planet under the Sharia and drag humanity back 1400 years. Every time we take a step back, Islam takes a step forward. When we take two steps back, they take two steps forward. The only way to stop Islam is to quit backing up. Quit rationalizing this intolerant, violent, insane, inhuman death cult. Quit appeasing people who want to destroy us. And above all, quit importing this backwards culture into our country. Islam means submit. Submit to the will of Allah as articulated by an illiterate 7th century caravan robber and mass killer. In the end, we either submit or we resist and push back. There is no third choice. Problem is, I think it’s probably too late. We’ve already submitted to Islam in so many ways small and large. And once you start submitting to Islam there is no backing out….you have to go all the way. If you don’t feel like our way of life based on freedom and individual liberty is worth defending and fighting for, then get your face in the dirt, your butt in the air and prepare to receive Allah.

  • As in any case of foul play an investigation has to begin by following the money. In the 911 case it was Larry Silverstein who owned the WTC who pocketed a handsome insurance settlement of billions of $. Then look at the steps that the federal government takes immediately. It was the Patriot Act which allows said government to arrest and confine without due process any citizen for any reason. The next step of the government was to throw its full military force on the country of Iraq in retaliation for the attack. The “so-called attackers” were not from Iraq but were either Saudi or Egyptian muslims we were told. An important fact that has escaped the thoughts of most people is the fact that a large military exercise was in progress that day which caused confusion for the air traffic controllers and the NORAD officials. Are we to believe that the 19 terrorists knew of the exercise and decided it was a good time to do the deed? Many persons with backgrounds in engineering, aviation, explosives, metallurgy and such have yet to be heard on mass media stating their findings from investigations. Why was potus away from DC during the attack? Why was Larry Silverstein and his son and daughter absent for their daily meeting in WTC that day? There are many unanswered questions to this “red flag” operation that we the people may never get an answer to.

  • Let me do this just once because I don’t have time to get into a debate with every so-called “truther.” Like the article says the hijackers were motivated by fundamental Islam. The controlled demolition theory is the most ridiculous conspiracy theories around. The buildings were brought down by the incredible heat generated by large quantities of burning jet falling down 100s of feet of elevator shafts created a blast furnace effect to the point that it is likely the was greater than the surface temperature of the sun. The fuel became plasma. WTC 7 fell because large quantities of burning material from the towers fell on its roof as evidenced by the video taken that day. The very flammable materials used both in the construction of the towers and present in the offices exacerbated the problem. Ever hear of a bellows? You don’t have to be a metallurgist or mining engineer (which I was back inthe 80s) to know that you can cause a fire to burn hotter by giving it a blast of oxygen. In this case that was caused by gravity.

    That is not to say that there were not conspiracies involving US officials, starting with Bush, concerning 9/11. On 9/11 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia committed an act of was against the United States. While I do not believe Bush knew about 9/11 in advance he, and subsequent administrations have been accomplices after the fact by covering up Saudi involvement.


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