'Sudden and Unexpected': At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours

While Italians prepare for their fourth Covid “vaccine” injections, the count of sudden deaths continues to rise inexorably – 11 under 60 years old in just the last hours.

Now that beach season is upon us, a new heartbreaking phenomenon is taking place, healthy vacationers dropping dead from sudden and unexpected “medical emergencies.” Worldwide, beachgoers are collapsing while walking on the beach or swimming. Many of them suffer cardiac arrest and die. Blogger Tom Stahl reports, “At the beginning of July, in just 24 hours,  at least 11 vacationers dropped dead on Italian beaches.” How many more cases occurred that have not been reported in the news?

As of July 2022, almost 48.7 million people in Italy have received two doses of the controversial Covid “vaccines,” roughly 90.1 percent of the total population over 12 years of age. Additionally, three out of four Italians have also received the booster shot.

While Stahl makes it clear that he does not want to automatically attribute the sudden and unexpected deaths to the experimental gene injections, the amounts of incidents seem worrying.

Medical emergencies on Italian beaches

The coast of Fondi, Italy:

On July 4, 2022, on the coast of Fondi: a healthy 70-year-old man walking on the beach with his wife at around 5 pm dropped dead.

Beach of Grado, Italy

On July 4, 2022, on the beach of Grado, an 85-year-old woman died. The woman felt ill while she was walking on the beach. The lifeguards and emergency services intervened immediately, but despite their attempts to revive the woman, there was nothing they could do. The couple had been on vacation in Grado since last weekend.

Island of Palmaria, Italy

On July 4, 2022, an 85-year-old retired Marine died on a beach island of Palmaria from a sudden medical emergency while swimming in shallow water.

Alba Adriatica, Italy

On July 4, 2022, an 82-year-old Apulian tourist dropped dead on the beach. It happened in Alba Adriatica on the Marconi seafront, near the Hotel Lido: the man felt suddenly ill. Despite being immediately rescued, he died during transport to the Giulianova hospital.

Marche coast, Italy

On July 1, 2022, an 84-year-old Tuscan tourist on vacation on the Marche coast with his wife died while taking a short swim. Lifeguards discovered the man’s lifeless body.

Northern Rome

On July 1, 2022, a fifty-year-old Ecuadorian on the beach with his wife and two children fell ill in the water and died.

Ardesio, Italy

On July 4, 2022, a 68-year-old man collapsed on the Seria river, and rescue workers could not revive him.

Silvi Marina, Italy

On July 4, 2022, a 72-year-old from Ortucchio, on vacation with his family in Silvi Marina, felt ill while swimming. The man flagged the lifeguards down, who brought him back to sure. Sadly the man died while being transported to the hospital.

Campania, Italy

On July 2, 2022, a healthy 67-year-old woman dropped dead on the shores of Campania. Two other people were saved after suffering sudden medical emergencies. The same day on Patrizia beach, rescuers were able to save 20-year-old suffering from respiratory arrest.

On July 3, a man suffered healthy man suffered a medical emergency in the water. He was saved by a nurse who performed a cardiac massage with a defibrillator. He was transported to the hospital, where he was treated.

Adda River, Italy

On July 3, 2022, A 36-year-old man from Senegal suffered a sudden medical emergency while bathing on a beach along the Adda River. The man was transported to the hospital but unfortunately died.

Basilicata, Italy

On July 4, 2022, a man died on the beach of Terzo Cavone after a sudden medical emergency. The media reports that he died after a sudden medical emergency.

Cala Liberotto, Italy

On July 4, 2022, a 79-year-old vacationer died while swimming after a sudden medical emergency. Resuscitation operations continued for a long time, but sadly, the woman could not be saved.

Marzocca di Senigallia, Italy

An 87-year-old tourist had an unexpected medical emergency while at sea in Senigallia and died. It happened in the morning at the seafront in Marzocca di Senigallia (Ancona). The man was in the water about ten meters from the shore when he collapsed.

The death list continues to grow

Meanwhile, the list of “unexplained deaths” and “sudden deaths” continues inexorably. This phenomenon is so common it even has its own acronym: SADS, for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

While Italians prepare for their fourth Covid “vaccine” injections, the count of sudden deaths continues to rise inexorably – 11 under 60 years old in the last hours. The youngest victim was 22 years old; another was a 52-year-old doctor. All the deaths were “sudden and unexpected”:

Elected Italian officials, police, and medical workers should be demanding investigations into these deaths. Are the number of people dying not “significant” enough for them. Authorities’ inaction is a slap in the face to the victims’ families.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Whether 11 people die, or 11 million, the major media won’t cover it, Most people will be oblivious. This despite the fact that massive fraud committed by government intelligence agencies and MSM regarding Hunter’s laptop. People still listen to and believe these sources. Fools!

    If you lost your cell phone, laptop of tablet, how long could you get away with saying it wasn’t yours? The FBI could determine it was yours within two minutes. Yet, people still believe the lying scum media and government agencies.

    • Okay, not two minutes, and Hunter never denied losing his laptops or then being his, ex CIA officials and communist-allied news and social media sites denied it as well as ignorant, gullible and arrogant liberals. On another topic, if you’re interested in learning that God’s sentient beings don’t have free will but a limited will, click on my webpage.

    • It’s not named “Clot Shot” which you’re implying by saying “called”, that’s not a logical argument. But for evidence it causes clots click my webpage on vaccines, cults and tyranny below.

  • Well…..if they are vaccinated, at least they can still travel abroad, and if they get Covid at least Covid will not be so pronounced and they might get over Covid, which has all the same symptons as influenza. kek, kek.

  • Sad.. and seriousluy. I am sorry for all the Covid vaccinated people who were duped by the msm. They had no reason, (like thinkers) to doubt the gov’t , NIH, CDC and WHPO.

        • compassion for whom?, those who believe there is no reason nor folly in not affirming the acronymists – or those who would defend these, or those who know there are innumerable reasons to not trust them?? Also, is not being wise enough to see and express the truth simply and sanely, the height of compassion…

  • I’m surprised the older jabbed people have survived for this long since so many were taken out with the first distributions of the toxic shots. They are the lucky ones if they have survived this long albeit I’m sure some were topped-up more than once. I’d like to know what previous years have shown for sudden deaths of beachgoers prior to jabbing mania for all ages.

    • They’ve survived because not all Covid vaccines are the same. They’re being administered in batches, so some die immediately, some a little further along, while others develop mortal illnesses, usually provoking some underlying condition, so they “didn’t die of the vaccine, but of heart failure, stroke, cancer…”, etc. It’s only a matter of time. All this is designed to hide the truth and cover the tracks of those responsible.

    • This is where the elderly may have some advantage. Their immune systems are nowhere near as strong as the young ones in the first place. This means that they had less to gain from a vaccination – not that it was a vaccine, and not that it was healthy (unless you got the placebos). So, the elderly would not have had as strong a response to the gene therapy. Then you have the graphene – and that seems to be killing the young fit people first due to increased blood flow.

  • And what do they all have in common…….strokes and heart attacks caused by….climate change!

    • British Petrolium is the biggest advertiser for going green. Yet they are one of the biggest Petrolium manufacturer. How/what/when do we wake up? 🤔 🙄

    • Yup! That darn weather is a killer! Let’s ban weather! Stop the rain! Wind! Tornadoes! Hurricanes! That darn weather has been happening for thousands and thousands of years, but we have to put a stop to it! Wait…..they didn’t have cars even hundreds of years ago, or even during the 1930’s dust bowl, which lasted for several years! What stupid analysis would Al Gore have claimed then? That man is such an idiot, but the MSM acts like he is some kind of climate god!!!

    • Perhaps the 200 or so atheletes who dropped dead in their 20s the past year had the same issue. Sudden drop in temperature caused by global warming stressed their superb athleticaly built bodies causing them to die.
      Hmmm, I am 62. I watched football my entire life beginning in the 1960s. Atheletes do not drop dead on the pitch. Maybe one or two before 2020. Interesting, perhaps there is something to global warming after all.

    • Good try Rat. How do you explain the fact that all were not in the water? Some were walking.
      Now jog on troll.

      • it is a both/and, not either/or, reality – other medical professionals are indicating the cold shock produced effect – so reasonably both have happened…perhaps after being in the water the effect caught up afterwards….maybe and maybe not, but it is not an either/or medical position, it is simply both/and….a blessed day

    • Sure that’s it, the “coldness of the water.” Or maybe it was the hotness of the sand. Or maybe the combination of both. Or perhaps the cold ice cream they had before they went in the cold water. Let’s look at everything else other than the obvious.

  • PROUD PUREBLOOD DEPLORABLE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No strange shots for me……….
    It will be a new world soon enough with less people around….

  • and Trump and the rest of the “republicans” say nothing to question or investigate why there are deaths and injury. 10’s of thousands of deaths and 100’s of thousands injured.

    Sounds like COMPLICIT to me.

    • I saw some of Trump’s election campaign footage where he promoted the shots. He ran for election on it. He can hardly admit now that the shots are poison. If he had been of sound mind and judgment in the first place he would not have promoted any of it. But complicity still is a possibility.

      • Warp speed vaccine was geared / engineered toward original wuhan strain. Can’t compare that to what they’ve engineered now. This is after being double / triple vaxxed. Have to consider entire context not just drive by hit pieces.

      • The key with Warp Speed is that Trump had to roll out something. He made it optional, not mandatory, so people had a choice and could decide for themselves. Unfortunately the unelected medical officials had another agenda and misled Trump and the public and thereby violated the principles of informed consent, which under Nuremberg we have a right to. They should be indicted and tried for crimes against humanity.

        • Congress was smart enough to exempt themselves from taking the clotshot.

          I identify as a Congresscritter.

    • Why would they need to investigate. Republicans know the DNA altering shot is causing all the sudden deaths as do the people. Why state the obvious and only rile up the people further. When the economy crashes, the people will be riled up enough: just saying. This explanations makes sense to me.

    • Not complicit. Try a new word there bucky. CoConspirators.
      They ALL are in this and in it TOGETHER.

      here are some more words the people of the world need to start trying.
      Firing Squad

      • We have a solid winner here.

        I just can’t get my head around the police and military serving and protecting this regime — especially as this regime is doing it’s level best to kill them. Maybe if the police and military crossed sides and started supporting the republic, we could get to the trials and executions in record time.

        • Not likely with so many of them taking the clot shots themselves instead of standing steadfast for their own freedoms.

    • Hello…he isn’t exactly in charge right now. How can he call for investigations? Of course, if he does continue to promote the jabs when/if he runs, that will certainly affect how I see him. I’d want him to be honest.

    • First of all, Biden is actually the President at the moment – so, why not ask him? Oh, that’s right, he couldn’t tell the time in a room full of clocks! There have been a couple of people who have tried to look into the injuries – Ron Johnson and Rand Paul have been pretty good in this area. As you will know, there are many in the US Republican Party (mostly those designated as RINO) who are as complicit as the majority of the Democrat Party. This is why every western country has 2 main political parties which are always represented by the colours red and blue. This is an old Masonic term, called “the red and the blue”, which means two sides of the SAME coin. Also known as “controlled opposition.”

    • I recently went to an ER (few days ago) with chest pains. First thing the nurse ask me was if I had taken the DNA altering shot. I kid you not. Turned out I had other issues. My heart is fine. I did not take the shot. I work out most everyday and strained something. Perhaps I am getting old? Lol.

      • I had trouble breathing in january (athsma diagnosed). Doc also asked me when did I have the poison stab. I replied thank you for connecting the dots LOL but I’m not a vaxtard.

  • you can correlate this info with the number of emergency declarations of commercial aircraft. normally, world wide, you would expect to see fewer than one per day. now we are seeing three to four, and nobody, and i mean nobody, wants to talk about that.

  • The “authorities” are afraid to expose the truth. The bodies will have to rain down like hail… and even then… think of the panic that will result among the millions who took the shots and the boosters if the truth were told. It will be another wave of terror if they are awakened from their delusions.

    • I feel sorry for those who were coerced into the shot by economic blackmale. One either takes the DNA altering killer shot or lose one’s job. So very sad for those with small children. This is truely evil.
      In the USSA, the left wing idiots all scream ‘my body, my choice’ concerning abortions. But concerning killer shots, not so much.
      I guess my old fashioned thinking is unpopular

      • Yes, i agree.
        I have two young children, single parent. I ‘politely declined’ for myself and children. Haven’t been able to work for the last two years because of the mandates.
        All of my immediate family took it, several have serious adverse reactions – at least two have been to hospital, another sudden onset of Alzheimers/ Dementia (within 3-6 months of the first two jabs) all still had a booster – and simply refuse to believe it’s related to the gene based therapy.

    • They are busy manipulating the reporting databases in order to make the situation look a LOT less serious than it really is. Given that this was actually AN EXPERIMENT, there should have been an ethical oversight board and compulsory reporting required.

  • “Justin Trudeau’s new haircut draws comparison to Jim Carrey’s ‘Dumb and Dumber’ look
    Social media went wild after Justin Trudeau debuted his new look in Chelsea, Quebec”


  • Can you imagine how hard their deaths would have been had they not been triple-vaxxed? Neither can any gullible, triple-vaxxed liberal – which is to say, all liberals. Well, not out loud anyway.

    • Well, that’s par for the course, I’m sad to say. Our conventional “medicine” system doesn’t seem to know what causes almost every condition. Reason? They DON’T CARE, because to actually solve a problem is not part of the Big Pharma business model. True.

  • “Les élus italiens, la police et le personnel médical devraient exiger des enquêtes sur ces décès. Le nombre de personnes qui meurent n’est-il pas assez “significatif” pour eux. L’inaction des autorités est une gifle pour les familles des victimes.”

    Nin, c’est simplement un aveu que leur responsabilité est engagée !
    Ils ne veulent pas que cela se sache car ils sont au courant de la dangerosité des injections.

  • The New World Order’s agenda is a massive world population decline.
    The means they use is irrelevant. They can do it through tainted
    vaccines, anti-family polcies, promotion and encouragement of degeneracy,
    and even World War 3.
    Satan, the devil has complete domination of the world’s affairs. He
    introduced lies, and murder into the world eons ago. He can not be
    successfully opposed on a mere “human” level.
    The present state of humanity is like it was immeadiately before the Flood or
    the destruction of Sodom and Gormorra. A person can save themselves
    through repentance, but the American nation state is an unsalvagible

    • I heard that the main man you mention there, with the anagram of Santa, has actually left the premises and returned to Source. It is the MINIONS that are still attempting to carry on the ruse, and I’m not sure whether or not they even realize Santa has left?

  • We live in northern Italy and I know that the numbers of “injected” sheep, I mean people ARE NOT 48.7 million people or roughly 90.1 percent of the total population over 12 years of age, as you quote from a source in your article. More truthful 60% of adults (which is still unbelievable to me). A large majority of people and in addition mostly Italians in the south, do not trust government nor medical doctors and have not taken the “clot shot”. They probably did what the Spaniards did and got a fake “nazi pass”, I mean “green pass”.

    • I don’t know – my bestfriend here in the U.S., very gifted, graduated with honors, etc., got the clot shots and even at least one booster. It is amazing how they just fall into line for some reason.

    • It has been my opinion that the authorities have likely been fraudulently inflating the figures of the numbers who are jabbed – likely to try to show everyone that “everyone is doing it, so it must be okay.” I think the numbers who have actually taken it are much lower than they are stating. Also, it seems that many who DID go for it, only got shot one or maybe two, and if they were lucky enough, they MAY have received the saline shots. Not all jabs were the full thing – there were a few different formulae.

    • I also live in Northern Italy. Actually, the Venetian Republic (I’m an independentista and do not recognise the freemasonic mafia state of Italy that is occupying our territory.) I confirm what you are saying. I have also come to the conclusion about 30-40% of the population are not vaccinated and the figures quoted in the article are bogus. In fact, I messaged exactly that to the person who sent me the article

    • I wouldn’t wish a single one of these jabs on my worst enemy (well, if I had an enemy, that is, which I haven’t).

  • In Italy teenagers, young men and even children have been dying suddenly like flies for months. every day here we read news of twenty-year-olds who suddenly die while working, driving their car, swimming in the sea or in the pool, or while sleeping. the situation is dramatic and no political or judicial authority wants to open an investigation, despite the numerous complaints. Autospies are not carried out, even the deaths of very young healthy people are attributed to “natural causes”. Mafia-style silence has infected all institutions. in march 2022 there was a peak of sudden deaths of young people suggesting a link with the completion of the vaccination cycle, given that in italy the indirect vaccination obligation (green pass) for the youngest started in september 2022. we need independent foreign journalists who bring the massacre of young people taking place in Italy to the attention of the whole world. thanks for your article

    • Good luck – the cover up is happening all over the world. They simply want us all dead – at least 90%. I’m not sure why they think that the others who they allow to live will be trustworthy?

  • RE “sudden adult death syndrome”

    What does the OBVIOUS sneaky SUDDEN criminal propagandization with their “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” trickery (just like their prior “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” fabrication), in conjunction with TONS of similar OBVIOUS evidence, mean really? What does it squarely point to — ONCE AGAIN? What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all that?

    Here’s the answer, here’s what that ULTIMATELY means…

    It means that a mafia network of manipulating PSYCHOPATHS are governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (and that Covid is a major planned crime against humanity), the evidence is OVERWHELMING and TOTALLY IRREFUTABLE — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon””…

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant and play victim like a little child?

    Only psychopaths can come up with such TOTALLY IMMORAL criminal fabrications AND implement such unethical atrocities to cover up the massive harm done by Covid “vaccines”!!!

    And psychopaths are typically NOT how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them. And therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is (see cited source above).

    But global rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as the article explains because there are TWO pink elephants in the room… and they’re MARRIED (see cited source above).

    If you are in the United States and your employer has mandated the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, you can register to receive a “Medical Exemption Certificate” for free at or

    • Very possibly – look up the Pfizer documentation that they were FORCED to release – and if you research the very first adverse effect on the list (first, because it starts with a number) then you will see how this might occur. This may be why Schwab said “you will own nothing and be happy”!

    • Indeed. And most of the members of those parties have very questionable amounts of connection to THEIR individual souls – THAT is a HUGE part of the problem.

    • Not true – it is the “booster” that contains many foreign micro-organisms that can come into play once the immune system has been reduced by around 75% by the first 2 jabs. This also damages the body’s ability to regenerate that immune system, and is the same reason the first 2 jabs were 8 weeks apart. This is all BY DESIGN. I do get what you were saying though – I laugh every time someone says that it would have been so much worse if they hadn’t…… How would they know? This reminds me of people who think you can give more than 100%!

    • Autopsies were banned right from the beginning. They first did them in China, Russia and Germany. Then they started doing them elsewhere. Some of what people are referring to as blood clots are not actually clots; they are “structures.”

  • Aren’t people already starting to understand that this vaccine causes deaths, that own immune system stops working, when a foreign vaccine enters a person it no longer protects them but destroys their own, try not to take that sting.

    • NONE of them have ever been as safe or effective as you have been led to believe. However, you are correct, this genetic manipulation device that is NOT a vaccine is the first of this new technology that is neither safe, nor effective. I suspect the prior season’s ‘flu’ jab may have been spiked also, because in the elderly of one country, there was an 80% correlation between ‘deaths from ‘covid” and receipt of the prior years’ flu jab.

  • My cousin took the vax so he could travel abroad, he got to travel but after a workout at the gym, he had chest pains and drove himself to the hospital. Diagnosed blood clot-induced heart attack. He was healthy, took no meds for anything, now on meds for the heart/clot issues…. age 62.. He works out, 80 to 90% vegan diet, no sugar, you know all the things that are supposed to make you healthy my cousin did. I have done the exact opposite of him, had a heart attack at 70, hospitalized with covid for 3 weeks at age 73. I s
    If you are a health nut and take the vax, non-vaxed, non-health nuts will outlive you…
    I did not and will not take their vax or any vax now that I’ve seen the light, nor will I go to any Doctor who requires me to wear a mask…
    Dr Malone, Dr Mercola & Dr Zelensky have a supplement regimen to rid you of the spike protein if you have taken the vax….

  • WHATEVER, COULD IT BE?? Give me a freaking break. If you take these “vaccines”, with stuff like this going on, you deserve what you get. No job, or travel, is worth dying over. People have plenty of avenues, for finding out what is going on. It doesn’t matter if legacy media is covering it, or not. You don’t have to look real hard to find people dropping dead, or being severely “vaccine” injured. Look on Rumble. You can watch videos for days, on the subject.

  • I’m not going to the beach in Italy! But I also won’t take any covid vaccines either, so I can’t travel there.


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