Suicidal Sweden: Girl (9) Stabbed by 'Allahu Akbar' Screaming Iranian Who Committed 51 Previous Crimes 

Iranian Milad Salari is now on the docket for a total of 52 crimes since he made his criminal debut at the age of 15. 

On Thursday afternoon, a nine-year-old girl out with her grandmother and grandfather was stabbed in the stomach and throat by a Muslim migrant screaming Allahu Akbar in central Gothenburg. The suspect, Milad Salari, is a 35-year-old Muslim born in Iran and has committed 52 crimes in Sweden since 2002.

Shortly after 12:30, the police were called to Brunnsparken, where a child from the Netherlands who was visiting her grandparents had been stabbed. Police report that the girl has been taken to the hospital, describing her situation as critical.

According to reports from the scene, the child is bleeding from the stomach, says Thomas Fuxborg, press spokesperson at the police in the West region.

Passing-by youths are said to have brought the perpetrator to the ground, and guards and security guards intervened. Then there was also an off-duty police officer who intervened, says Fuxborg.

I saw the perpetrator get caught. He first lay on the ground for quite some time. Then they picked him up, put bags on his hands, put him in the police car, and drove away, says Firas Moussa, who works in the house next to the bloody tram stop where the arrest occurred.

Police report that the attack is still unclear, and the police see no connection between the perpetrator and the victim. The grandmother was also slightly injured when she tried to protect the girl.

The man was convicted last winter of a crime and escaped prison as they thought they saw a “tangible improvement” in his life.

According to information from freelance journalist Joakim Lamotte, the perpetrator screamed “Allahu akbar” during the attack.

First criminal beginnings

In September 1994, Milad’s mother sent in an application for Swedish citizenship for her son. The request was accepted just over four years later, at the end of October 1998.

In May 2002, Milad Salari had just turned 15 and became a criminal. He then commits the first crime for which he is convicted – theft. The court is content to let the social services “provide the necessary care”.

Not even a year they were passed before Milad was arrested again in February 2003. This time for yet another theft and attempted embezzlement of supplies. The penalty will now be a little more severe; 50 hours of youth service and “necessary care” with social services.

After that, the teenager’s criminal career escalates. Damage, narcotic crimes, illegal driving, attempted theft, more and more narcotic crimes, and many calls to social services. He is known for a total of 24 crimes before the age of 18.


In May 2006, at 19, Milad Salari was sentenced to prison for the first time. With a buddy and armed with a dummy pistol, he robbed Vodafone’s Nordstan showroom in Gothenburg.

The salesman recounts the horror when Milad grabs him and drags him to a room inside the store. He thinks he’s going to be killed. But instead, the penalty for this brutal theft is one and a half years in prison.

In 2011, Milad was sentenced to a year in prison for another robbery and, in the same case, to another month in prison for unlawful threats.

In 2013, Milad was arrested by Copenhagen police for trespassing. He is locked up for six days before being sent back to Sweden. He never appeared at the trial, where he was sentenced to pay a fine of 3,000 Danish crowns.

In 2014 and 2015, Milad was convicted of other drug-related robberies and offenses. Each time, the court considers it more appropriate that Milad be sentenced to probation rather than prison.

Rob a gold store

Lucia Day 2015, Milad Salari commits his worst crime, despite having the appointed overseer to prevent it. Armed with an “automatic weapon-like object,” he robs Jarl Sandin Ur & Guld on Kungsgatan in Gothenburg.

Under threat, customers and staff are forced into the workshop, and Milad steals watches worth over two million crowns.

A hunter who witnessed the theft runs after the attacker. He immediately realized that the gun was not real but a so-called soft plastic airgun.

I had already planned to take him to the store, but there were too many people there, explains the hunter in interrogation.

The portly thief can’t bear to run away from the hunter and gives up. After a bit of persuasion, the hunter manages to persuade the first police patrol alerted, who doubt the authenticity of the weapon, to arrest the robber.

“I’m a hunter myself, and I own a weapon, and I saw right away that it wasn’t a real weapon,” he said.

Ongoing crime

Milad Salari is sentenced to three years in prison for, among other things, aggravated theft. However, in January 2018, he will be released on parole.

Although he was convicted of new crimes, assault, and theft during the probationary period, the triple robber does not have to serve the rest of the prison sentence. Instead, the court settles for probation twice in a row.

In 2019, the Iranian serial criminal committed seven more crimes, including theft, grand theft, and drunk driving; in 2020, he was sentenced again for robbery, and in 2021, for another shoplifting against Naturkompaniet.

‘Appalling improvement’

After committing 51 crimes, Milad Salari stood trial again last year after stealing a laptop from inside the Elgiganten in central Gothenburg.

Despite the fact that Milad was convicted of similar shoplifting as recently as the previous year and lived with his older brother, who is also convicted of a crime, the court finds that a “ significant improvement has occurred in his personal and social situation.”

Therefore, the 36-year-old again avoids prison and is instead sentenced to probation.

Milad Salari is now on the docket for a total of 52 crimes since he made his criminal debut at the age of 15. He is now suspected of yesterday’s brutal murder attempt on a nine-year-old girl from the Netherlands.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Satan’s Children killed the Prime Minister in 1986, stole the country from the Swedes and started
    mass-importing criminal terrorists from the Third World to wipe out the Swedes and take over!

    35 years later – SUCCESS!

    Welcome to the Islamic Caliphate Swedistan!

  • A prototypical case of the everyday anti-German in-jurisprudence: “Common guys, what is such a ridiculous little rape by a such a noble invader against a capital hate crime by a German on Twitter!”

    “Possibly he was triggered by alcohol,” said the defense attorney before the Osnabrück District Court on Friday.

    A 30-year-old Syrian is alleged to have raped a girl unknown to him in a courtyard in Osnabrück city center in July 2022 – under the influence of alcohol.

    “It was the first time I drank alcohol,” the defendant said.

    The district court sentenced the Syrian refugee this week “only” to a suspended sentence. Reasoning that it was in the defendant’s favor, the court said, was that the 30-year-old, who fled to Germany from Syria in 2015, had an apartment and would soon have a job. “After all, you are on a good path to becoming a normal fellow citizen here,” the judge said.

    Also in the defendant’s favor, he said, was the fact that he had been disinhibited by alcohol and had no significant criminal record. The defendant had never been conspicuous for a sexual assault. The intensity of the rape was also “at the lower edge” from a purely legal point of view.

    The defendant thus avoids a prison sentence that he would have had to serve. The 30-year-old can therefore spend the next few years in freedom, provided he does not reoffend in a similar way.

    The defendant was also convicted of supplying narcotics to minors for allegedly handing the 15-year-old a baggie containing cannabis.

    From now on, the Syrian is not allowed to approach his victim more than 50 meters and has to pay a pain and suffering fine of 3000 euros.

  • People like this are deserving of the death penalty, nothing less, not a five star Swedish prison. If the judge does not like this then he and his supporters should pay for a life-long incarceration.

  • So, if the little girl dies, what does he get? A year in prison? More visits from a social worker? Bedtime stories?
    When are people going to wake up to the fact that Islam s NOT a peaceful religion.

  • He committed 52 other crimes before this one and was still a free person. That says a lot about the idiotic Swedes and their experiment at assimilating Muslims. They just don’t get the lesson. They’d prefer to have their little girls and boys murdered by these animals rather than deport or jail them. I don’t understand that mentality.

  • They should have chopped off his head right then and there where they caught him, then kept his body above ground for weeks and not buried him within 24 hours. Then every single person connected to him should have been rounded up and forced out of the country immediately.

  • He just needs one more chance, that all, just one more and he will get it together.
    C’mon man!

  • Urine von der Leyen, Merkel, Marin and Ardern are waiting for Milad Salari to be their lover. And of course Turd-Trudeau, if Schwab’s ass is not around.

  • Is there no one in Sweden capable of understanding that some people voluntarily step off the path of civil society and leave their humanity behind. A creature that stabs a nine-year-old child with a knife is no longer a human being and cannot be treated as a social science project. He is beyond the pale and is only qualified for separation from society or elimination. As for those, who along the way determined that this animal should be given repeated hand-slaps and extreme leniency, each official he came in contact with should be interviewed, questioned and required to defend their decision-making capabilities and properly reprimanded. These individuals are failing your families and nation. There is little doubt that each contributed greatly to the development and creation of this monster who as yet has not made his ultimate mark on Swedish society . . . should he again be shown leniency. Good luck Sweden, you most likely have hundreds/thousands more lurking in the underbrush of your culture.


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