Survivors of Communism Warn Canadians Not to Comply, Take Back Your Freedoms (Exclusive)

“In Poland, we knew our enemy – we knew that communism means lack of freedom, where people have to do what they are told to do. In Canada, they pretend to be your friends.”

During protests held on June 4, 2022, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, for freedom and against the totalitarian measures being implemented using Covid as the excuse, three Polish survivors of communism shared their experiences and fears for Canada in an exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview. 

The three refugees, Bozena, Theresa, and Bozena (“Bozena2”),  who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain, warn that Canada is rapidly descending into the same authoritarian rule they escaped. However, In some ways, the women explain that Canada is already worse. In Poland, the government never pretended to be other than communist, so it was easier to resist the measures because the people knew they were oppressed.

Escaping Communism, Seeking Freedom

Bozena, whom RAIR previously interviewed, explains why she came for the protest today. By virtue of having been born in a communist country, “I was always protesting,” she says. Under communism, you’re suppressed by the government and politicians, you can’t travel or speak your mind, and everything you do is censored. Therefore you have to be a fighter. She’s seen both democratic countries and communist countries and feels qualified to tell Canadians, “Wake up!” If we don’t fight now, things will end badly. 

Bozena was arrested twice, at age 15 and 17, because she helped her father, an activist with Solidarity (the anti-communist protest movement in Poland), with things like distributing flyers. As a result, she’s experienced police brutality: her ribs were broken for her efforts. She was therefore horrified at the brutality of the police crackdown on Freedom Convoy protesters after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. Police arrested Bozena in Gatineau, Quebec (across the Ottawa River from Ottawa, Ontario, and part of the National Capital Region) for not wearing a mask and has amassed $3000 in tickets for not doing so. She also has a $6255 ticket for not revealing her “private medical status” after returning from Poland.  

For Bozena, attending the Freedom rallies is her way of communicating with people. She carries with her copies of the Canadian Bill of Rights. Bozena is not alone among Canadians in thinking that the Bill of Rights is a better document than the much-touted Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (Unfortunately, the Bill of Rights, enacted by Parliament in 1960 under the Conservative government of John Diefenbaker, is an ordinary federal statute, not a constitutional statute, and resides outside the Constitution. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which replaced the British North America Act and came into effect in 1982, is part of Canada’s Constitution Act and the supreme law of the land.)

Since Bozena knows what communism is and many Canadians don’t, she has made it her mission to share her knowledge and experience. Attending rallies is her way of fighting. She promotes Zoom meetings with Stand For Thee, led by the “three mooseketeers” Amanda, Rebecca, and Jane, who show people how to take on the enforcers of oppressive government mandates. 

See the following video from Stand4thee that explains how Canadians can successfully sue and who to sue over their loss of rights.

Canada Moves Toward Communism

RAIR asked the women, as people who have lived behind the Iron Curtain, what have they noticed in terms of the changes in Canada that are becoming more and more similar to communism.

Theresa is the first to answer, wearing a white scarf adorned with red maple leaves. We are not allowed to speak the truth, and we are not allowed to travel freely, she first explains. If you disagree with a policeman or an authority figure, you are always on the wrong side. People in authority abuse their positions. But they are supposed to be there to serve us, not to jail or hurt us for no good reason. 

Theresa agrees with RAIR that we are becoming much less democratic and much more like a communist country. She remembers coming to Canada at the time of Solidarity. She had her two children at that time and hoped that they would come for freedom, as she did.  Theresa is “very, very disappointed” that they believe what this government is telling them and have no clue about what’s really going on. The oldest of her six grandchildren is 23, and, unfortunately, he also doesn’t understand. 

When Theresa told her daughter, “Listen, I’m telling you the truth because I went through it; I know what is happening here,” her daughter replied, “You do not believe the government because you grew up in a communist country.” But Theresa sees the similarities between this government and the communist Polish government she left. Now that Canada is her country, she is very disappointed with what is happening here. 

RAIR asks the other Bozena (“Bozena2”) what changes have recently occurred in Canada that make her think Canada is moving toward communism. What is happening in Canada is unacceptable, she says. We don’t have the right to work, we are forced to take unneeded vaccinations, and there is too much coercion toward humanity. She believes that Klaus Schwab (chairman of the World Economic Forum) is telling Trudeau what to do. She thinks things are even worse here than they were in Poland under communism because although they couldn’t travel, they were able to express their opinions to a certain extent. 

As Bozena2 struggles to share her thoughts in English, her friend Bozena jumps in. Bozena thinks Poles in the 1970s and 1980s were freer than those of the decades immediately after the war and Canadians now, because, despite the restrictions, “they didn’t give a s*** what the government told them.” As communism became unacceptable to them, they became “street smart.” 

Theresa interrupts to say that she had a different experience. She and her two little children waited for four years to come to Canada. Her husband was already there, but the Polish government held her back because he had left without permission. Although she already had a Canadian visa, it kept saying “No” to her applications for a passport. After four years, they finally let her go. “That was our freedom at that time,” she says. But the worst for Theresa here, right now, is “that injection.” This is my body, and I should be free to decide what to put in it, exclaims Theresa. If I disagree with what they want to inject into my body, it is my right to choose. If someone wants to have it, it’s their choice. 

Waking People Up

Following up on what she had said earlier, RAIR asks Bozena whether she thought the Polish people felt freer to reject communism because they knew their government was communist and called it communist, while in Canada, most people don’t realize that what is happening is communism, so they support their government. Bozena replies that her very first impression when she came to Canada was that Canadians think politicians, doctors, policemen, and lawyers are gods. Whereas in Poland, all of those people were just equals to her. We have to change this way of thinking, she says. Because politicians, lawyers, judges, and others (in positions of power) are here to serve us. They are public servants.

The Polish people, Bozena says, have always been fighters because they’ve always been suppressed. She thinks Canadians are, in a sense, spoiled because they have never really suffered. But since there was never a war here, she can’t blame them. She thinks the policy of multiculturalism keeps people from questioning the changes they see. But many of them are starting to wake up, a process that was greatly helped by the truckers. Many people saw with their own eyes the disconnect between what the press was saying and what was actually happening on Parliament Hill. “It was beautiful!” Bozena had never experienced so much unconditional love as during the “three weeks of truckers.”  

Bozena was involved with activities during the Freedom Convoy event. She found accommodations for 77 people, and she and her associates collected almost $4000 that they gave to truckers in St. Valentine’s envelopes. Bozena’s excitement at recalling the events is palpable. “That was beautiful!” she reiterates. She then states her agreement with Theresa about forced injections, calling her body her temple. 

In Canada right now, Bozena says, the government is giving people free this and free that. But there is no f***ing free thing in this life, she asserts. You have to pay a price one way or another. Please wake up, people, she urges. She says she pays almost $130 monthly for the “free” healthcare system. But what they are doing is like those parasites, slowly taking away our freedom, starting with Pierre Elliott Trudeau and continuing with his son. 

Ten years ago, Bozena says, she was telling Canadians to wake up because something was happening in this country. Then in 2016, when Trudeau started signing things over to Chinese international corporations, it was so obvious. But people here believe their government to the point that they will fight for it and die for it. 

Theresa says she hopes someone will listen and understand where the three of them are coming from. “Peace, love, and unity,” says Bozena. “Thank you, and God bless all.”

Know Thine Enemy

In an addendum to the interview, with Theresa alone, she discusses the inability of Canadians to resist a communist government, in contrast to the Polish people during the Solidarity movement. 

It is very important, Theresa says, that in Poland, we knew our enemy. We knew that communism means a lack of freedom, where people have to do what they are told to do. However, in Canada, they pretend to be your friends. They inject such a terrible thing into your body in the name of your freedom. This is worse than communism because at least we knew that the government was our enemy. RAIR points out that the Polish communists were honest about being communist, whereas they pretend to be democratic in Canada. 

Theresa says that Poland didn’t have communism before the second world war. She happened to have older parents. Her mother was born in 1917, toward the end of the first world war. So she knew what freedom was, having experienced it between the wars, and shared it firsthand with her daughter. So even though Theresa was born in the fifties and grew up under communism, she knew exactly what freedom was and always wanted it. That’s why she chose Canada as her second country, as a free country. And she is very disappointed to see what is happening, that her children who grew up here do not understand. “They have no clue what’s going on,” she says. 

Theresa returns to the theme of forced injections. Many of her friends have had issues, such as strokes and heart problems, after having the vaccine. No one told them about potential side effects. “Safe and effective,” interjects RAIR. Theresa mentions the Easter celebration at her church. All parishioners who got vaccinated got sick after Easter, but those who, like herself, were not vaccinated did not. She expresses the hope that “someone will learn something from it.”

And we can only hope that those of us who grew up in Canada and the US and take our freedom for granted will learn something from people, such as these three Polish women, who know a thing or two about communism by virtue of having experienced it. And that we fight to take back the freedoms being stolen from us in broad daylight, right under our noses, under the guise of health and safety. 

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


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