Sweden at War: Children are threatened and attacked by violent migrants – “Don’t play gangster – I f*ck you”

Sweden at War: Children are threatened and attacked by violent migrants – “Don’t play gangster – I f*ck you”

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On March 24, 2020
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“I swear on my mother that I f*** you! Don’t play gangster with me, damn it!”

In a snapchat video shared by on-line media outlet, Samhällsnytt, a man who is said to be an immigrant can be heard threatening a group of youth warning them that Swedes should not “play gangster” with him after repeatedly threatening that he will “f**k” the terrified youth. 

Watch the exclusively translated video by RAIR Foundation USA;

As previously reported by RAIR, these menacing acts of intimidation and humiliation are part of what author and journalist Ingrid Carlqvist calls the “dominance culture” carried out by Islamic migrants against indigenous Swedes. 

In recent years, Sweden has experienced a large influx of migrants combined with an increase in crime committed by, and against, youth yet the politicians still refuse to close the borders to “asylum seekers.”

Unfortunately, for Swedes who are living with this type of violence and thuggery on a daily basis, reporting truthfully about increasingly brazen migrant crime is one of those areas where the mainstream media is absent and the government will prosecute you.

Video Source: Samhällsnytt and video translation by: Kronans Martell (Ullis News)

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Where is the translated video?
The video suddenly appeared, never mind. May be a 3speak glitch.

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