Sweden: Ethiopian Migrant (15) Brutally Rapes, Beats, and Strangles Little Girl (9) With Her Shoelaces, Child Left Brain-Damaged (Video)

The heartbroken family is furious at the government and school staff who hid the Migrant’s past sexual attacks on females, strangulation porn habits, and his actual age.

Nine-year-old Luna was raped and almost murdered last year in the multicultural district of Morö Backe in Skellefteå, Sweden. The little girl was beaten, strangled, tied to a tree, and sexually assaulted by a 15-year-old Ethiopian serial sexual offender posing as a 13-year-old. As a result, the permanently brain-damaged child must now travel in a wheelchair specially designed for her.

During her hospitalization, she was placed in a coma on a respirator for eleven days. Luna was alive but couldn’t move, talk, eat, or function in any conscious way.

Her Muslim Ethiopian rapist, Abushi Shamse Kamal, arrived in Sweden in 2017. At only 15, he was already known to authorities for several sexual assault cases dating back to 2019 and 2021. 

Shamse was granted a permanent residence permit in Sweden on June 30 – a week before the brutal act.

The Attack

On July 7, Luna put on her backpack and helmet, said goodbye to the staff at the school, and got on her bike to ride home to Morö Backe in Skellefteå. Then, the nine-year-old little girl came across the migrant.

Authorities do not know how the migrant teen got Luna to stop her bike or how he managed to drag her naked body through the rough terrain of the woods, where she was later found strangled by a shoelace — moments away from death. The migrant raped her, strangled her with her shoelaces, and repeatedly punched her.

No one knows precisely how long Luna lay injured on the ground, without clothes, with her own shoelace tied around her neck like a stranglehold. He then used her other shoelace to tie her hands around the tree so tightly that it damaged the bark. When she was discovered, she was lying on the ground and breathing with faint rasps. According to the doctors, she was close to death.


The lack of oxygen after the strangulation has left Luna with permanent brain damage, and she cannot speak and has difficulty moving her arms and legs. She is on medication for epilepsy, and her movements are spastic, not voluntary. She no longer has any language to express herself. Her family learned that Luna’s brain damage is irreversible.

Luna’s family has given an exclusive interview to the Swedish newspaper Expressen about their daily nightmare. The family reports that they believe Luna remembers everything that happened to her. “Sometimes she becomes inconsolable, sad, and upset,” they explained. So they do everything to calm her down and say: “We know. We know what happened to you; you don’t have to struggle to tell us”.

The girl was found alive, but the teenager’s efforts to strangle her had deprived her of oxygen, leaving her with permanent brain damage. As a result, she is trapped in her own body, unable to express herself or move her limbs. After months of rehabilitation, Luna has made little progress. She can wave her hand a little. She managed to say one word: “Mom.” There are also setbacks, such as increased anxiety and panic attacks. 

A few days ago, Luna could leave the hospital for a short visit to celebrate Christmas with her family. But, at home, Luna needs round-the-clock assistance and supervision. “She’s completely helpless,” explains the family.

Luna is an artistic little girl, she loves to sing and dance, explained her devasted Aunt Emma.

Luna was failed by the School and State

The Ethiopian teen had been a terror nearly from the moment he arrived in Sweden. The boy had been in and out of neighboring schools. He had a history of documented sexual assaults, viewing graphic strangulation pornography on school computers, assaulting girls in school, and a woman near an underpass where Luna’s body would later be found. 

In 2019, three sexual offenses against girls in school were reported. He had touched their breasts and buttocks and called one of them a ”whore”. The school contacted the parents but did not report any concerns to Social Services.

During the trial, it was revealed that Abushi Shamse had used the school’s computers to search for ”violent and pornographic films and materials that contained strangulation” – and that the school knew about it. But the school took no action. Instead, they only told Shamse to stop searching for such material if he wanted to continue using the school’s computers.

Psychologists and a social services team from the municipality had met with the migrant. But when his parents declined to participate in the investigation, social services said they “could find no reason to investigate against the parents’ wishes.”

In June 2021, he assaulted a woman at a subway near the site where Luna was found. The crime was investigated as an attempted abuse, and a sexual motive – was suspected. Still, since Abushi Shamse was not of legal age, the investigation was sent to the Social Service. The school received no information at all.

Society could have prevented this, says Luna’s aunt. She says she does not direct her anger at the 15-year-old; she cannot even think about him.

Instead, her anger is directed against the adults in the schools and the social services — the same ones who knew the boy’s problems and past record but did nothing to protect the children. She said there were “signals” that authorities could have acted upon.

She believes there are still people to save. So why did no one sound the alarm button? This is our role as adults: to be the eyes of the children around us and to protect those we are meant to protect. 

Day of the Attempted Murder

It was around 3:20 when Luna left camp at school on July 7 last summer. Earlier that day, the 15-year-old had been circulating in the schoolyard without anything to do. For most who knew the boy, he was 13 years old. But the boy’s family, and even people employed at the school, knew that his age was incorrect. 

The boy’s behavior at school also stood out, including documented incidents of a sexual nature towards girls. But on the day of the attempted murder of Luna, he was seen as an idle boy on summer vacation, hanging around aimlessly at school. 

A student had had his electric scooter stolen, and the migrant offered to help search. Shamse found it quickly, and there are reports that he himself took it and therefore had an easy time finding the scooter.

Around 3:30 p.m., a witness heard a scream from the forest. Shortly after 4 p.m., the boy was seen in the schoolyard again.

It wasn’t until 5:28 that a call was made to emergency services. The migrant had been trying to stop people on the road and asking them to join him in the forest. An apparent ruse to try and make it appear as if he had stumbled across the girl he had raped and nearly murdered. A woman finally followed the boy into the forest and brought her daughter, who was the same age as Luna. The woman called emergency services immediately.

The police patrol on site noticed the 15-year-old’s behavior was odd. Police interrogated the boy that evening at his home. Even then, he told police he was 15, not 13. He also gave a story about how he found the girl in the woods when he went to pee, even though Luna was 30 meters off the road in hard-to-reach terrain. 

At the end of the interrogation, the boy asks a question:

“When will you get the answer?”

“How do you mean? asked the police.

“About her. Who has done it?”

The following evening, the boy confessed to his parents, and the father called the police. When the investigation by the Forensic Agency confirmed that he was over 13, the investigation became a preliminary investigation. 

In questioning, the boy expressed surprise that Luna had survived. He has admitted parts of what he did, but in the interrogation, the story changed over time, and he had difficulty explaining why it happened.


On October 19, the Skellefteå district court ruled that the migrant was guilty of attempted murder and aggravated rape. On November 30, the results of the forensic psychiatric investigation showed that the 15-year-old suffered from a serious mental disorder both when he assaulted Luna and now. The investigation also concluded that the risk of relapse of a crime of similar nature is high. However, the boy’s parents are fighting for him to escape compulsory care and be allowed to come home.

On December 14, Shamse was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge examination by the Skellefteå district court. The court ruled that the migrant intended to kill Luna. The penalty value for an adult was equivalent to life imprisonment.

Luna Must Not Be Hidden

Luna’s mother will document her daughter’s life on her own social media, like  Instagram, in the same way she did before the horrific attack. Those who wish can follow Luna’s progress and daily life. 

The family knows that Luna has always liked to be seen and has a strong will to speak out.

“We don’t know if Luna will ever be able to give direct consent to anything,” Emma said.

But the family has decided on one thing: Luna must not be hidden.

They show a photo of Luna sitting in her wheelchair, wearing a navy blue dress with tulle and sparkling eyes. Then, in a circle on the floor, the gathered children of the family sit on a pile of paper and help open birthday presents.

The whole family was present at the hospital when she turned ten—cousins, grandparents, little sisters, aunts, and uncles. There was a cake with birthday candles and colorful cupcakes that Luna’s mother had baked. But Luna couldn’t eat any of it; she can swallow drinks and cream but gets most of her nutrition through a PEG tube in her stomach.

Of all the feelings of hatred, anger, hopelessness, and most profound sorrow Luna’s family has gone through and still struggles with, one feeling rises above the others. Like when Emma in the dream floats above Luna’s body in the forest.

The only thing that remains is the love for Luna, says Emma.

Women have been sacrificed on the alter of mass-illegal immigration

This brutal atrocity would never have happened had it not been for mass immigration from the third world. Furthermore, the state and her school allowed a violent migrant sexual predator to remain in school around defenseless young Swedish children.

Sadly, Luna’s case is not an isolated incident. Swedish females are being sacrificed at the altar of mass illegal third-world immigration. Recently, RAIR Foundation USA reported on a woman brutally gang-raped in a park by five teenage Muslim migrants.

Last year, Swedish journalist and acclaimed author Gunnar Sandelin delivered a shocking speech on 3rd world immigration and its detrimental effects on Scandinavia. The renowned journalist was one of the first mainstream figures in Sweden to be ostracized, fired, and banned from his profession for exposing official government figures on migration. But by no means the only one.

Open Borders Sweden

There are no negative consequences for migrants trying to make their way to Sweden. Despite two-thirds of Swedes voting for more restrictive immigration policies, once illegals penetrate the borders, they are handed food, clothing, money, and provided shelter. As reported previously by RAIR, Swedish European Union (EU) Commissioner Ylva Johansson forces member states to accept all migrant applications despite the country’s overwhelmed and financially depleted social systems,

“Rejections are illegal. Not everyone has the right to asylum, but everyone has the right to be treated in line with our values. When people apply for asylum in the EU, they appeal to European values. And we must honour that appeal”

As detailed by Sandelin, Sweden’s mass-migration policies have dangerous and devastating effects on its society. Yet, instead of its left-wing leaders closing the borders and reversing the flow of migration, they have gone to great lengths to hide or ignore the crisis and prosecute those who speak out about its real consequences for the safety of Swedes.

Sweden is being swept by a strong wave of murder, violent assault, rape, gang rape and sexual assault, in addition to the ever-present terror threat. Instead of using its limited resources to protect its citizens from the violent onslaught against them, Sweden is waging war on its citizens for daring to speak out against the same violent onslaught from which the state is failing to protect them.

As previously reported at RAIR, the Swedish government funds a radical online “hate” monitoring group, “Näthatsgranskaren.” Tomas Åberg, a disgraced ex-police officer, heads the group. The group mass-reports Swedes who write critically about migration or Islam online to police officers, who have raided speech offenders’ homes, roughed them up, placed them under arrest, and collected their DNA.

Demographic Impact From Migration

There are shocking demographic impacts from migration that are affecting European countries’ national and cultural identities.

According to Gatestone, “within a generation, Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, will have a population in which the majority of people are of foreign background.” In 2008 researcher Kyosti Tarvainen predicted Muslims would be the majority in the next several decades. Gunnar Sandelin explains that 30% of the population is now foreign-born, and “Sweden will become Europe’s most Muslim-populated country,”

People of foreign origin have increased by almost 1.5 million. People of Swedish origin decreased by almost 25,000. “Foreign-origin” people are those who are born abroad and both of whose parents are of foreign-origin.

Everywhere across the West, except in countries that refuse to take in illegal third-world immigrants, such as Poland or Hungary, females continue to be sacrificed by their open borders leaders. Sadly, Globalists’ multicultural experiment in Sweden has resulted in Swedes no longer being safe in their own country.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • “Swedish European Union (EU) Commissioner Ylva Johansson forces member states to accept all migrant applications despite the country’s overwhelmed and financially depleted social systems,

    “Rejections are illegal. Not everyone has the right to asylum, but everyone has the right to be treated in line with our values. When people apply for asylum in the EU, they appeal to European values. And we must honour that appeal” ”


    • Sweden needs to deport the Muslims that are causing trouble, such as this punk. Send his family with him. Off with them! How has the country
      decided it can’t deny “immigrants” the right to remain. Ship them back to
      their hell hole countries- they will never adapt Swedish customs and laws.

  • Sweden comes tops in all ratings on “safety” parameters. Are the statistics wrong? I think once peaceful nation has been ruined in the last 10 years. They are facing the typical “Stockholm Syndrome”.

  • “Somewhat evasive’: Karine Jean-Pierre accused of hiding behind obscure law to avoid tough questions
    Karine Jean-Pierre has sparked backlash from reporters for frequent use of Hatch Act”


    • That was the ONLY picture available for the article. If you read our content, you will know that we never shy away from anything about Islam.

      • Good for you, Amy. Thank you for this article and others I am just now coming across.
        islam is a cult, and what it teaches muslim children (boys, of course) is the same perversions that “mohammed” built his cult upon – the very ones he practiced himself, of course. It was very useful in attracting the scum, the brigands, rapists, thieves and murderers to mohammed’s banner, to swell the ranks of his army. It continues to do so even today, over 1400 years later.
        mohammed refused to allow any changes to his make-believe “religion”, so it has not improved in all that time. Any who would attempt to change it are considered apostates, and deemed even worse than infidels. islam and all those who would remain muslim should be sequestered on an island (Madagascar, perhaps?) and made to remain there, permanently.

    • Where does it say he is Muslim? The VAST majority of Ethiopians are CHRISTIAN, with a few Jewish and a few Muslim scattered throughout the country.

  • First, dox ever swinging dick who knew about this boy. Second, give this sub-primate a 1/2 way home boat ride.
    I hate that I have become so angry as to want to bury these swine up to their neck and turn wild horses loose. But. one look at that little girl knowing what her life will be angers me beyond words.

    • We need to pray for Luna and her family. Such a lovely young lady has had her life cut short by a Muslim vicious sex addict teenager. He also needs prayer that he might see how crude, cruel and nasty his “religion” really is.

    • I totally agree as does 90% of the real world. It is mostly the politicians in every country the do not agree.

      • Eye for an eye. He should have his spinal cord severed between C-5 and C-6, making him a quadraplegic, with the same physical limitations of this little girl. He should be allowed normal mentation so that he can fully experience his limitations, so that he can lust after females for the rest of his life with no ability to ever touch or otherwise harm them. His parents can either care for him or let him wallow in his own filth.
        Or, he could be left intact, and placed in an adult prison for the next twenty or more years, and be able to experience first-hand everything that poor child suffered at HIS hands, day and night, in the showers and his cell.

    • That’s the real question everyone should be asking. And is it actually your Government that is making these decisions given the amount of Globalist influence on all G20 countries.

  • “No other word for this…

    Orbán is a traitor !”


  • This black plague continues to take innocent victims around the world. So sad a little “human” girl must suffer due to the mental retardation of her countries leaders and the criminal behavior by a low IQ simian.
    These low IQ bonobo’s belong in their own 3rd world sxit hole countries, not civilized countries.

  • Had this been my child, Abushi Shamse Kamal would not have lived long enough to ever see the inside of a court room. I would have exterminated him the day I learned his name. Scum like this have zero right to exist in society.

    • This is heartbreaking and I am very sad for this innocent little girl . I am hoping and praying she will recover not only physically but mentally. Swish and European girls are in target. I will always fight for those little girls and everyone must stand up against rape please. Any evil person who tries to rape girls must pay the price

  • The Valhalla is weeping viking tears.

    He is only doing what his faithful muslin leaders taught him to do. They view western women, white ones in particular, as whores. It doesn’t even count as infidelity if you rape one.

  • The Committee of 300 regard almost everyone as useless threats to absolute control and view such incidents as meaningless unless people are actually moved to react in ways hindering the eugenic agenda.

  • “Vice President Kamala Harris is facing criticism for griping that the media has not highlighted the “strength of my leadership.” ”


  • And we have hundreds if not thousands of basturds like this crossing our border every day. But senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden and his vile crooked crew assure us that our border is secure.

  • Something has to be done or we are going to pay an horrendous price, Muslims will eventually out breed us without a shot being fired, They’ll take over because of all the do gooders them are the ones that need to be muzzled

  • one look at his pic and i can tell you he needs to be put out of his misery. he is no good. absolutely. can anyone else see the demon?

  • “Sports play-by-play announcer Gary Hahn has been suspended indefinitely after providing an update on the Sun Bowl in El Paso stating:

    “Amongst the illegal aliens in El Paso…”

    Hahn is an employee of Learfield Communications, which suspended him for the comments. He has been the voice of N.C. State football and men’s basketball since 1991.”


  • Such a terrible sentence for Luna. It happened because so many adults did
    nothing about that teenaged sex fiend. I’m all for castrating him and removing
    his penis.

  • The Islamization of Europe is well on its way. Feckless politicians more worried about what woke newspapers will write about them then the damage they are doing to their constituents and their society are turning a blind eye.

    Two hundred and fifty years ago America was facing a similar dilemma. We stood up to the world’s most powerful military and in eight years won the right to self-determination. How much longer will the people of Sweden let their useless politicians offer them up to the god of convenience before they revolt?

    (If your ‘religion’ requires you to hate and kill everyone who is not of your ‘religion’, then you need a new religion…)
    The koran is certainly unworthy of its alleged “Divine” Authorship!
    Islam was dreamt-up by an insane conman to inflate his ego and fill his treasure chest.
    There are just three basic truths that people must learn about Islam
    (Truth #1.) Everything that Muslims claim concerning Islam is a LIE!
    (A.) There is no “Revealed Truth”!
    (B.) The Moon-god “Allah” was originally the Head ‘god’ of the pagan Meccan, Quraysh Arab tribal pantheon of about 360 idols, and worshiped for a thousand years before Mohammad was born. Each Arab Tribe had its own assorted pagan deities that they worshiped.
    (C.) Islam has no legitimate proof of any pre-history that they claim.
    (a.) However, there is plenty of proof refuting those lies.
    (D.) There are no predictions in the Old or New Testament concerning Islam.
    (E.) Why would an all-knowing “god” not get everything RIGHT the first time?
    (F.) Nearly everything written in the Koran for the first 13 years during Mohammad’s peaceful Meccan period was abrogated (overturned) after he started his Medinan period as a Barbarian Warlord.
    (G.) Islam has been practicing Jihad, fighting against the entire world for 1400 years.

    (Truth #2.) Much of the Koran was plagiarized from other sources then rewritten.
    (A.) Mohammad was an illiterate and originally, he was a Moon-god ‘worshiping’ heathen, who then used a mashup of his pagan tribal beliefs, plagiarized oral accounts from some of the Apocryphal books, including some of the false teachings of heretical ‘christian’ and ‘jewish’ sects, as well as oral accounts of actual Jewish, Christian, Gnostic, and Zoroastrian beliefs and writings to flesh out his koran. He also plagiarized some of the faulty ‘science’ from other cultures, such as Ancient Greek “medicine” plagiarizing Doctor Galen’s (circa 150 AD) absurd description of how babies are formed in the womb. (The bones are formed first, then the bones are then ‘clothed’ with flesh…) among many other absurdities!

    (Truth #3.) They all despise, murder, and make war on all non-Mozlems and other Mozlem sects too!
    Anyone of any other Muslim Sect are considered to be hypocrites and apostates or ‘murtadeen’ (not really ‘Muslim’) Islam has around 73 different sects remaining in existence, and all of the different sects despise and murder each other and they all make war upon one another because: “They do not believe as we do”. They each have their own versions of Shariah Law. There were many more Mozlem Sects in the past, but Islam brought the “Peace of Islam” to all those ‘missing’ Sects!
    Members of one Islamic group do not usually recognize members of other groups as valid or true fellow Moslems, and open conflict between sects has been a normal course of practice throughout Islam’s history.
    Islam has been AT WAR WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD ever since Mohammad invaded Medina. Moslems have been at war with themselves, ever since they broke up into different sects, shortly after its founder Mohammad died. It has been: Barelvi Sunni vs. Deobandi Sunni vs. Wahabi Sunni vs. Sufi Sunni vs. Shia vs. Twelver Shia vs. Zaydi Shia vs. Ismaili Shia vs. Alawi vs. Ibadi vs. Druze… and on ad nauseam!

    The Definition of Islamophobia:
    (A.) When a non-Muslim knows more about Islam than we are “supposed” to know.
    (B.) When a Muslim finally learns the awful Truth about Islam.
    There are 109 verses straight from the koran, demanding ALL muslims to steal from, hate, murder, and commit terror against all people who will not submit to a Dhimmi status, or convert to Islam.
    Isn’t it natural to fear something that threatens to kill you, or enslave you, and turn your wife and daughters into sex slaves… and destroy and subvert your country?
    I am sick of Islam being shoved down the throats of the freedom loving people. Those of us who openly oppose Islam are labeled as Islamophobic.

    • Why would an all-knowing “god” not get everything RIGHT the first time?

      Good question.
      To be answered by those who believe the entire universe was created in six days, that dinosaurs (and unicorns) just missed being on the ark, that god absolutely adores the smell of burning flesh, and that it’s perfectly ok to sell your daughter into slavery.

      Your honour, I rest my case.

  • I hold Swedish officials accountable for this crime, fully. They must be arrested, charged, and quite possibly hanged.

  • How many? How many native and host citizens of abuse, torture, rape, and murder by out of control mass immigration and mass amnesty seekers will be ENOUGH! A line will be drawn and it may be at the cost of compassion for those who sincerely want to immigrate to better their lives. Evil WILL BE STOPPED! And the cure will be worse than the disease because citizens have experienced ENOUGH!

    • The video is only 44 minutes long by Dr. Bill Warner – why we are afraid a 1,400 secret.

      This should open many eyes wide!

    • The video is only 44 minutes long by Dr. Bill Warner – why we are afraid a 1,400 year secret. This should open many eyes wide!

  • My apologies to RAIRFOUNDATION. You did indeed publish my comment on islam and the sexual perversions it encourages. Thank you.

  • Those low life migrants try to compensate their low IQ with ‘macho’ behaviour. That, in combination with their faith of hate is an explosive mix.
    These migrants regard our civilisation as being weak. Since they come from countries with a harsch system.
    They need to be treated accordingly.
    If not they will go on until boiling point. Then they will experience the power of those they regard as weak.
    For me, if it were my daughter, the perpetrator would be subject to Hannibal Lecter’s treatment. It would take long for him to die, days if not weeks.
    Then after they can put me in jail. Might then even get some collegues of that useless inbred piece of crap that are also incarcerated.

  • This is ridiculous. Europe is weak, and the wealth made us invite such a kind of people, tolerate the crime, not to be called racist.
    Rape is a trauma for the whole life, there, as we can see, also physical.
    I hate the fact, that mainstream media doesn’t even allow to say the nationality od the rapists/murderers. Because it would be racist.
    I hate the way people see it, and women pain and humiliation is worth less that showing how tolerant you are. I hope people will wake up before it’s too late.

  • migrants are animals that are not needed in their country, and they go to a prosperous, cultured European country to receive benefits and not recognize the cultural values of the country that feeds and educates them. you should put pressure on the government as a whole and speak out against migrants and migration policy. and also to show migrants who is the boss in the house.

  • Das alles ist unerträglich! Es geschieht überall in der westlichen Welt. Ein Fall ist grausamer als der andere. Schweden hat seine Politik jetzt umgestellt. Deutschland hat das leider noch nicht getan, das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Insofern muß gefragt werden, wann kommen „gewisse Leute“ vor Gericht. Die Leute, die ‚das Experiment‘ gestartet haben und natürlich die ausführenden Politiker und die anhängenden NGO‘s.. Bei derartigen Verbrechen dürfen sich Politiker nicht hinter einer zumeist nicht strafbewehrten Immunität verstecken dürfen.


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