Sweden Ignores Global Coronavirus Lockdown: Wise or Fatal Decision? (Exclusive Video)

Sweden Ignores Global Coronavirus Lockdown: Wise or Fatal Decision? (Exclusive Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On April 9, 2020
  • Chinese Coronavirus, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Social Distancing, Stockholm, Sweden

Today, RAIR Foundation USA’s Swedish correspondents, Ullis News and Kronans Martell drove through Stockholm and recorded this exclusive video showing Swedes living freely during this worldwide Chinese coronavirus lockdown.

As reported last week by RAIR, Sweden has not imposed any lockdowns or quarantines, compared to most of the world’s choice to social distance and shut down nearly all commerce.

In this following footage you can see the busy cafes serving patrons and public transportation filled with riders who are not practicing social distancing measures or wearing masks.

Are countries across the world right to shut down the world’s economy and stop all production for fear of the coronavirus or will Sweden’s choice to treat this virus no differently than a flu prove to be less detrimental on the overall society?

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Peter van der Stam
As far as I can see, Sweden is making the right decision. It is just a "flu" like the Swine and Bird flu in the past. Only difference is: it has been genetically modified and spreads a lot faster. 250.000 people die in the USA every year because medical mis-adventure and prescription drugs. SO! Why should we destroy our economies? Just because the WHO and media say so? Just plain stupid p....., listening to computer models which can't tell us anything worthwhile. Peter
    Michael Brooks
    Peter, the models coming out of places like Imperial College London did have a vast effect on governments policy here in the U.K. like Sweden, we were following a mitigation strategy. It was not the total number of deaths that were forecast which persuaded the U.K. government to change its mind, but the complete overwhelming of the health service in that basically anything other than a suppression policy would swamp our health service. Different countries have different demographics, which also effect transmission rates. If a country is sparsely populated compared to total land mass then spread seems to be slower ( no less devasting though ). People in Sweden can see the news, and I would suggest that a possibility of the success in Sweden has been because older generation who are more susceptible are being sensible and self isolating, whilst younger generation are just getting on with it and treating it like a form of flu. In my opinion, it is far to early to judge any countries strategies, we shall not know what has been successful or not until we reach the end of the year. However, I think Sweden will have some problems as this virus progresses with public opinion if less people are dying in neighboring Nordic countries. Also, there may come a tipping point, where life is valued above the other priorities of the people.

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