Sweden: Left-Wing Media Doxxes White 'Racist' 'Nazi' Actors Who Starred in Town's Migrant-Free Ad (Watch Exclusive Interview)

Sweden’s left-wing media and politicians are labeling the ad racist, xenophobic, and “Nazi” because everyone is indigenous Swedish.
Tania Groth Translation

Staffanstorp, the way the rest of Sweden should also be.

Staffanstorp, Sweden is located between the cities of Lund and Malmö, and has a just over 15,000 residents. Led by the bold and rare Conservative leadership of Mayor Christian Sonesson, Staffanstorp produced an advertising video aimed at attracting new Swedish non-migrant residents to its town. This video created a leftist uproar – as the video is too “white” to be acceptable in the new multicultural Sweden. One of the country’s largest MSM publications, Expressen (“The Express“), viciously doxxed the video’s Swedish actors.

The video ad which is classified as an “information film” by Staffanstorp, targets the surging number of traditional Swedes fleeing their towns as they are fed up with the stunning amount of crime and insecurity in Malmo and other leftist-run municipalities within the country. Those Swedes want to move to a safe city where neighbors look after each other, the police are effective, unemployment rates are low, and child poverty and rising social welfare expenditures are held in check.

Staffanstorp, unlike Malmö – it’s dangerously enriched neighbor, has not been destroyed by illegal third-world migrants. Staffanstorp enjoys low crime rates, cultural cohesiveness, and public spaces that have not yet been ruined or made dangerous.

Despite the commercial’s depiction of thugs and criminals by using white Swedish actors, Sweden’s left-wing media and politicians are labeling the ad as racist, xenophobic, and “Nazi” because everyone is indigenous Swedish. According to the left-wing, when your town is populated by white people, you are inherently “racist”.

RAIR Foundation spoke with independent Swedish Journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist about how Expressen deployed the standard Leftist tactic of intimidating individuals they disagree with- the newspaper doxxed the actors used in the commercial, potentially exposing them to a wide variety of harm from far left wing extremists.

For years, Swedish citizens have been vilified, demonized, ostracized. hunted down & arrested by the government for speaking out against illegal migration and the effects on their communities.

Expressen has a long history of doxxing private citizens. In 2014 CBN News highlighted an Expressen “journalist”, confronting a Swede at his home.

The man, a professor, made what he thought were anonymous negative comments on a website about immigrant problems in Sweden. The man ended losing his job and having his life turned upside down.

Swedish citizens are fed up with Politicians imposting dangerous migration on their communities and the left-wing media calling them “racists” and “fascists” for wanting to preserve their heritage and safety. RAIR Foundation recently reported on a brave 50 year-old woman who shared the effects that Sweden’s suicidal mass-migration crisis has had on her life.

Christian Sonesson, the mayor of Staffanstorp, denounced the typical left-wing racist accusations and made it clear, “We do not register ethnicity, we do not think about what skin color people have when we advertise

“What is strange is that a family looking for security can irk opinion journalists to a degree when they pay more attention to the film than real, tragic events that happen”, Sonesson told the news outlet Nyheter Idag.

According to the leader of the Sweden’s Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson,

“Last year, 306 shootings occurred and 45 people were shot dead. According to the police, the number of people killed has doubled since 2014. During the same period, the number of people who have been subjected to sexual abuse has tripled according to BRÅ [the Swedish Crime Prevention Council]

From the beginning of 2019 to the end of July, 2019 alone, there were 120 bombings in Sweden, according to police statistics.

Christian Sonesson is part of Sweden’s Moderate Party. During the 2018 election campaign, Sonesson significantly increased his party’s share of the vote with a populist, anti-illegal migrant campaign, and initiatives to ban halal meat, end pork-free school meals, ban gender-segregated bathing at the local swimming pools, headscarves for little girls, turn away returning Isis fighters (even though none ever left it) and the Muslim call to prayer – despite his municipality having no mosques. 


Transcript: Many thanks to Tonia Groth.

Many of us wake up in a town we once called our hometown. But the growing insecurity and feelings of alienation have caused many to feel lost and despairing in their town. 

To dream about a better strive for a better existence…is nothing but a sign of health. It is the will to develop and to make things better for one self and ones loved ones. 

There are townships where safety, care for the elderly, schools and business really works. Where the people who live there are proud of their communities, and where they help each other…
not because they have to…but as a natural thing.

In our township we take care of each other…for real. Young as well as old…workers as well as independent business owners….because we know…that you always go further with a smile and a helping hand. Empathy and caring is the key that builds genuine and long-term relationships.

When you and your family want to be near nature….To have a personal and functioning business-life…

When you want to feel like one of the team, even though you are unknown to the team…

There is one township for you and we welcome you with all of our heart.  Staffanstorp, the way the rest of Sweden also should be.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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