Sweden: Migrant Mafia Terrorizes Business Owners - Police Warn They Can Not Protect Victims (Video)

“If you don’t have a big family that can protect you, you have no chance” of being safe, explains the officer.

There is a terrifying and underreported epidemic of migrant gang violence against businesses owners in Sweden. Swedish news station SVT revealed entrepreneurs are losing their companies and their families and often have to move abroad out of fear of being killed. In addition, the migrant mafia networks are systematically extorting entrepreneurs, and police are warning they are unable to protect victims. The Gothenburg police have been sounding the alarms on the migrant organized crime familes plaguing Sweden, but sadly, their open borders government has ignored their cries for help.

For years, Swedish police chiefs have said they can’t contain the country’s rising tide of mafia crime. They blame the over 40 established migrant crime families on mass immigration which started in 2015 when Sweden welcomed migrants with open arms.

Swedish state news agency, SVT Nyheter, went to great lengths to avoid mentioning the gangs are migrants. They did, however, choose to highlight a migrant business owner who was being terrorized by the gangs of illegals. Thus, the media continuously ignores all of the natives Swedes being targeted.

Gothenburg is a Swedish city that has been riddled with migrant violence, robberies, and unrest.  RAIR Foundation USA had previously highlighted a brave woman in Gothenburg who shared some of the effects that Sweden’s suicidal mass-migration crisis has had on the local lives:

The country’s left-wing Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has consistently refused to admit that migrants are behind the increasing violence. However, as the situation continues to worsen, police officers are breaking their silence. 

As reported at RAIR, record numbers of migrants are being imported into Sweden, yet the taxpayer-funded media and socialist government are deceptively reporting that asylum-immigration is extremely low.

Sweden’s mass-migration policies have dangerous and devastating effects on its society. Instead of Sweden’s socialist government closing the borders and reversing the flow of migration, they have gone to great lengths to hide or ignore the crisis. Sweden goes so far as to prosecute those who speak out about the consequences of their open border policies.

Famous Swedish journalist and acclaimed author Gunnar Sandelin explains that 30% of the population is now foreign-born, and “Sweden will become Europe’s most Muslim-populated country.”

Below is a news report by SVT news on the migrant gang crisis:

Policeman Ulf Boström breaking into tears when discussing the hidden victims suffering from migrant Gangs: “The victims have no chance.”

Swedish entrepreneurs have lost their families, their livelihoods, or been forced to move out of the country for fear being killed.

The reason: They are systematically extorted by criminal networks. Now Gothenburg police officer Ulf Boström sounds the alarm that the problem is gigantic and that the police cannot protect the victims.

“Either you pay, or you resist, and your life is completely ruined,” he says.

Start the clip to see the emotional interview with police officer Ulf Boström-who explains who is affected and the powerlessness he feels in the face of the problem.

Integration policeman Ulf Boström has worked in northeast Gothenburg for 16 years. His telephone rings all the time. Worried mothers of gang members, imams, and business owners being extorted are phoning police on a constant basis.

Police Cannot Protect Victims

The veteran officer meets many people who live under constant threat of death, those who pay the gangs and family-based criminal networks, and those who refuse. He believes that police cannot protect those who report, even if they are placed in a protected living situation.

“It is only temporary, and few who get protection in this way have a full life. Since for so long, we have let this activity spread over all of Sweden; the gangs are in all the bigger cities. They have eyes and ears everywhere.”

SVT News-West, for several years, has met with about ten people around Sweden who refuse to pay. The victims are primarily people with a foreign background. The migrant criminals see that they are easier to approach, according to Boström.

“If you don’t have a big family that can protect you, you are without any chance,” he stated.

In the following clip, SVT’s reporter explains how the migrant criminal networks conduct their blackmail. “Joseph” is a fictitious name.

Tries to make politicians understand

The officer has long fought to make others understand that organized crime is so much more than attention-getting shootings. Ulf Boström’s is engaged in the local Democrat party, and in 2019 made news when he reported 300 Swedish ISIS members for aiding and abetting murder.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Sweden’s own Ayatollah Löfven is in power again and Sweden is fast becoming a muslim country.

    Tourists! Do not visit Sweden, Sweden is lost to islam!

    Same as USA will also soon be.

  • Sweden choosed this and now they have to pay the toll for beeing “progressive”, “tolerant” and “accepting”…..Your image was more important to you than the lives of your children and for that you deserve everything that is comming your way……Distortion is only the beginning

    • This is all going to end in the mass slaughter of innocent hard working people, the west has gone too soft, this is not immigration it’s an invasion, armies are meant to fight invasions by the enemy and these people are the enemy.

      Little by little they are taking away our freedom, mask wearing is a form of control just like the burka, pubs shut because they don’t like alcohol, fines for dropping a cigarette butt, say anything about this and you’re called rascist.

      People better wake up before you are slaves to an evil cult of islam

      • Jim: They won’t wake up, I have been keeping up w/ this for years, apathy and nihilism w/ the people. Canada likewise, the E.U. will end up like So. Africa, recently turned into a third world because the whites did nothing, many killed, burning, looting ongoing no infrastructure.

  • Everyone seems to have forgotten the concepts of protecting the homeland from foreign invaders. Politicians should be held accountable for their role in inviting in and propping up the enemy.

  • An E.U. caliphate has been in the making for sometime. If the E.U. had alpha men they would stand up and force these migrants out and reclaim their country w/ strong leaders who aren’t bought off/bribed. Nothing is done because the E.U. people are condoning this invasion, incl. a caliphate, soon bowing to Islam because it is too late now to “fix anything” since the people are nihilists and unconcerned, and never were taught history.


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