Sweden: Muslim Pedophile Released Early From Prison Rapes Another Child With Fellow Islamic 'Refugee'

Two Muslim “refugees” are charged with, among other things, child rape in connection with the disappearance of Naemi, a 13-year-old Swedish girl, last year, reports Swedish news site Samnytt. The prosecutor wants both men to be deported after serving their sentences.

In October last year, 13-year-old Naemi from Kil in Värmland disappeared from school on a Thursday afternoon. The young girl took the train to Gothenburg to meet a man she had been speaking to on the Internet.

The 23-year-old is at Gothenburg’s central station when he goes to meet the girl. 
Photo: The police

The child was talking to a 23-year-old migrant from Azerbaijan who was previously convicted of several brutal sexual offenses against children. Police arrested Latif Süleymanov shortly after the young girl disappeared. He was initially suspected of contacting the child to meet for sexual purposes.

The 13-year-old girl was still missing when Süleymanov was arrested. Police and volunteers from Missing Persons participated in an intensive search for the Naemi.

Two perpetrators

On the evening of October 11, the police announced that Naemi had been found safe.

It turns out that another man, a 25-year-old Iraqi, Ibrahim Fahmwai, was involved in her disappearance and that she was with him after 23-year-old Süleymanov was arrested.

The two men, Fahmwai and Süleymanov, are friends and have both been convicted of several crimes in Sweden.

Pedophile Rapist released early from prison and not deported

Latif Süleymanov came to Sweden from Azerbaijan with his mother and brother in September 2008, when he was nine years old.

The mother sought a residence permit in Sweden because of her fragile health, which the Migration agency rejected. The decision was appealed to the migration court, which in 2010 granted the family a residence permit due to “extremely painful circumstances.”

Latif’s father also got a residence permit in Sweden three years later. The following year, the mother dies.

Süleymanov is well known to the police as he has been convicted of crimes several times, including sexual offenses against children.

He was sentenced as late as autumn 2020 to three years in prison for rape against children after he drugged and raped a 14-year-old girl with whom he got in touch via the Internet. On May 20, 2022, he was paroled, even though he had one year left on his prison sentence.

Süleymanov has previously also been convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

Quota refugee from Iraq

Twenty-five-year-old Ibrahim Fahmwai, a Palestinian from Iraq, came to Sweden in April 2015 with his sister as part of the so-called quota refugees.

The Palestinians fled Iraq to Syria in 2010, escaping the Iraqi government’s hunt for Al-Qaeda sympathizers. But, as “foreign Arabs,” they were regarded as suspicious and were not welcome in Syria. So Fahmwai and his sister were sent back to Iraq. The sister and brother then came to Sweden through United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) care.

The prosecutor wants to deport

The trial against Latif Süleymanov and Ibrahim Fahmwai began in the Gothenburg District Court on Tuesday and will end on Friday. Süleymanov is charged with two counts of child rape, while Fahmwai is charged with one count of child rape and child sexual abuse.

Both men deny wrongdoing. However, one man’s sperm has been found in the girl’s panties.

The prosecutor wants both men deported after serving their sentences and banned from returning to Sweden.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


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  • Good news!
    These stupid Swedes are paying for their Cowardice and Stupidity!
    They will be a MINORITY in their own country in TWO YEARS!
    Good riddance to bad garbage!

  • Spend lots of time in Swdish prison then send them ‘home’ without their balls as they will continue to prey on children. And why the heck do Swedish families allow kids to talk to people on social media? It is the fault of the parents to allow this situation to happen!

  • The Swedish men cower in their homes while their children are raped. If Americans don’t muster up some courage they’ll be worthy of the same fate.

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    What the h3ll good will that do? The multiple child rapist should be executed IMMEDIATELY. There is no rehabilitation with these 12th century pedophile worshipping heathens.

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