Sweden: Muslims Demonstrate Against Macron, Warn Leaders to Enforce Sharia or 'We Will Do It'

The organizer of the demonstration is a terror-tied imam and a former terrorist convicted of trying to join ISIS.

Following the recent string of Islamic terror attacks and beheadings in France this fall, as a show of force, dozens of Muslim men rolled out their prayer mats outside outside the French embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. The sharia-adherent followers were protesting against French President, Emmanuel Macron’s long overdue defense of freedom of expression and criticism of islamic motivated killings and terrorism in France.

The demonstration, a declaration of supremacy and dominance of sharia over European and secular law, was organized by a controversial Imam and his mosque. The protesting muslims threatened Sweden, bashed Macron and demanded that if Police do not enforce blasphemy laws, they will!

The demonstration comes after France’s third islamic terror attack over a few short weeks, this October. A Greek Orthodox priest was shot at a church in Lyon, France. In Nice, France, a Muslim refugee from Tunisia shouting “Allahu Akbar” stormed in the Basilica of Notre Dame and killed three Christians – two of the victims were reportedly decapitated. Also, an 18-year-old Islamic migrant from Chechnya beheaded French teacher Samuel Paty after he had shown his students a cartoon featuring the Islamic prophet Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo. This was part of a class Paty was holding on freedom of expression.

The organizer of the event in Sweden is terror-tied Imam Muhsin Asinger, a representative of the Islamic Kurdish Cultural Center, IKKC. The Imam became well known last year after protesting against the arrest of five Islamic extremists by Swedish police. The Imam organized the rally with convicted terrorist, Amer al-Hasani, who tried to join ISIS.

During the Friday’s demonstration, Imam Asinger spoke in Swedish and spoke in a more threatening tone in Arabic, according to Swedish politician Björn Söder:

Asinger stated in Swedish that critics of Islam ‘try to extinguish the light of Allah’ but that Islam will always win. He further stated that French President Emmanuel Macron is a racist when he claims that criticism of Islam is freedom of speech.

In Arabic, Asinger had a different rhetoric. There he spoke of Allah ‘destroying their unity’ and “putting fear into their hearts.”

Swedish news group, Samhällsnytt interviewed Imam Asinger who said that freedom of expression has its limits and that Islam will win. Interestingly, the terror-tied Imam tried to hide his identity and presented himself as “Mohsen Kafi”. 

Asinger claimed that he spoke to the Swedish police and made it clear that if the authorities will not stop those who burn Qur’an’s in Sweden, his followers will act: “if you do not stop them we will do it”. The Imam was unaware that the Swedish prosecutor had recently determined that burning a Qur’an is legal and not considered a blasphemy “hate crime” as he had claimed. The Prosecutor had launched an investigation into Politician Rasmus Paludan, after his party Stram Kurs burned a copy of the book in August. Following the burning, Muslims violently rioted, attacked police and citizens, set fires, and lodged death threats against non-muslims.

The Imam stressed that there are no such thing as Muslim extremists but all are followers of the same faith. Asinger made it clear that despite what what Macron tries to convince people,

Macron confuses people with talk about political Islam. There is no difference between Islam and political Islam. They want to divide Muslims. “He is extreme”! Rubbish. We are all Muslims. No difference.

During their demonstration, Muslims held signs stating, “let our prophet be” and “insulting is not freedom of speech”. They also distributed leaflets demanding Muslims receive the same special protection against criticism that they claim Jews are believed to already have. The leaflet endorses sharia blasphemy laws, demands the criminalization of criticism of Islam, and all religions in general:

Mocking religion should be forbidden as it is already too mock  Jews. To mock Islam and its prophet is against freedom of speech that we have in Sweden. There should be limits and people should stay within those limits. That’s why we appeal that it should be a crime to mock other religions in the entire world.

What measures will Swedish authorities and the government take to ensure that Islamist supremacists can not longer intimidate and threaten Swedes. As previously reported: “Instead of using its limited resources to protect its citizens from the violent onslaught against them, Sweden is waging war on its citizens for daring to speak out against the same violent onslaught from which the state is failing to protect them.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

“Insulting is not freedom of speech” “Let our prophet be”. O God, deal with Islam’s enemies!

O God, destroy their unity! Oh God, strike terror in their hearts!

My brother, as you know, they attack Islam.

They attack Islam’s holiness. We must stop them according to the law.

Macron and his friends are a small group. They and the extreme right are at war and talk about Islam.

The least we can do is show that we stand opposed.

Even Macron said that European countries don’t agree with him

Merkel said that this is not freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech ends when you cross another’s boundaries.

He crossed over Islam’s boundary. This is unacceptable.

What is the difference between Islam and political Islam?

According to us, dear brother… when people come to me in the mosque or send emails,

I explain for them. Macron confuses people with talk about political Islam.

There is no difference between Islam and political Islam.

They want to divide Muslims. “He is extreme”! Rubbish. We are all Muslims. No difference.

What do you say to all those who say that you don’t approve of Sweden, Sweden’s freedom of speech, and Koran burning? So don’t come here. Go back to your own country?

—They are just extremists, that is a small group.

I work with Swedes. [Unintelligible] they all support us.

They are with us. The majority are with us.

Sweden doesn’t belong to extremists. Sweden for all. We have rights and duties.

If tell us to go home, first, they must stop supporting our leaders.

Stop giving them weapons. Then we go home. We follow the laws.

But if the laws are against Islam, never! Strike! Throw it out.

The prosecutor has determined that Koran burning is legal.

I haven’t heard anything about that. I am in contact with police.

We talked about Koran burnings.

We said, “If you don’t stop them, we will do it.”

And they said they will stop them. There will be a law.

One time they burned (a Koran), and I called the police, and the police looked for them.

There will be a law, God willing. They can say what they want.

We will never accept this. This is about our holy texts.

What would happen if they do the same against Jews?

One doesn’t dare talk about Jews. We Muslims want the same.

Though others, such as Christians, believe in criticism of religion.

Christians and others don’t care.

We want the same thing as Jews. Just as people cannot talk about Jews, the same will
be for Muslims.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Dr. Bill Warner coined the term “Political Islam” in 2006. He discovered that around 51% of the doctrine of Islam (based on the Koran, the Hadith or examples of Mohammed, and his biography which all form Sharia law) was devoted to the non-muslim or Kafir and how they were seen and treated.

    One of his examples is that when Muslims commandeer and pray in the streets, the prayer is a religious action but taking over the streets is a public action and a political statement, thus “Political Islam.” For more information about Political Islam:


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