Sweden's Leading Grocery Retailer Publishes Recipe with Mealworms

The unelected self-anointed global elitists at the World Economic Forum have fought for years for westerners to eat bugs.

Sweden’s leading grocery retailer, ICA, has received much criticism after publishing an “environmentally friendly” recipe on its website. The recipe that has come under fire is called “Insect salad with chili and garlic and roasted vegetables.” The protein they suggest? One and three-quarter cups of fresh mealworms.

According to the suppliers ‘ association for daily goods, globalist-controlled ICA accounts for approximately half of Sweden’s grocery trade. But many customers are now upset by the company’s craze for turning insects into human food, reports the Swedish media site, Samyntt.

At the time of writing, the recipe on ICA’s website, which was first published in 2017, has 140 comments, almost all of which are negative reviews written in recent days. Many report that the chain has sold out to globalists and their supranational organizations, such as Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. They slammed the grocery chain for supporting the New World Order and Agenda 2030. Even more dissatisfied customers can be found on various social media platforms.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, the unelected self-anointed global elitists at the WEF have fought for years for westerners to eat bugs:

New EU decision allows insect additives.

The attention to ICA’s bug agenda is connected to an EU Commission decision enacted on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. The commission has approved food additives made from powdered crickets to appear in foods such as pizza, pasta, and cereals across the European Union.

Before freezing the crickets, it is checked that they first “dispose of their intestinal contents.”

Also, maggot-like larvae of lesser mealworms will become the fourth insect that can be sold as food for people in the European Union. Eight more applications await approval.

Hundreds of state-funded primary schools across the Netherlands are already offering young impressionable students an assortment of worms and insects to eat. Also, in the UK, primary school children in Wales are now being given mealworms and crickets on their lunch plates. Among other things, “spaghetti with beetle Bolognese” is offered, a particularly “delicious” mixture of insects and plant proteins.

Critics highlight that insects in food are harmful to humans and believe that when insects become widely accepted as a food additive by authorities and politicians, their consumption will be normalized across the board and unavoidable for consumers.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Chinese people are accustomed to eating insects and probably marine life that looks like insects. In the east end of our downtown core, called “China Town”, there are very typical Chinese stores with Chinese lettering on the windows, and no other language. Out of curiosity one day, I walked into a Chinese “grocery store” to look around. It wasn’t what I expected, given the all-you-can-eat buffets we find in Chinese restaurants in western countries. On the contrary, the store was filled to bursting with huge see-through plastic bags crammed with what looked like insects. Bags hung from the ceiling on cords; they were crammed onto the shelves. It was a bit stomach-turning to say the least. And I always remember my grandmother’s warning not to eat in Chinese restaurants because they use cats from the alleyway to make their chow mein. This may well be true, given scenes of the Wuhan wet market revealed in 2020 when we were lied to that a virus had escaped from a wet market. The Chinese also eat live animals, if they can get away with it, also as illustrated in videos online after 2020. Whatever their culture, their cooking looks more like Klingon cuisine than food I recognize, and I won’t be adopting any of it any time soon.

    • I had been struggling, mightily, to stay on my diet, but it has been difficult. Temptation abounds; in fact, just before reading your post, I was seriously considering raiding the kitchen, for some munchies. But now, suddenly, my hunger is gone. Thanks to you, it is entirely possible, that I may never eat again.

      PS. I’m putting your comment on the fridge.

  • Satan’s Children, the Foreign Nazis that RULE the country, will of course keep eating Sirloin Steaks
    and Roast Duck!
    Bugs and worms are only for their Human Slaves!

  • Using bugs as a protein source is fantastic, bug flours make amazing goods, and you cannot tell it’s a bug flour you are using. There are plenty of ways to prepare the little guys to taste good and they are easier and a much more sustainable way to produce a god protein source for humans! They mature really fast, take a ton less resources (food and water and energy) and processing is easy too. On the plus side, they don’t feel pain the way we, or our mammalian counterparts do. For people it could be more ethical. However, a lot of the Western world would refuse to give up what they want even if it meant a better future for the world.


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