Swedish Police using 'Security Escorts' to protect them in a Dangerous No-Go-Zone (Video)

These special new security escorts sound early familiar to Sweden’s solution to the migrant rape crisis, volunteer safety escorts.

A new police station in migrant enriched Rinkeby, a no-go-zone in northern Stockholm is finally complete and will open this September. Swedish police and staff at the new station will receive “security escorts” to and from the building to maintain their safety.

Construction of the new police station had been riddled with delays, due to attacks, and fears of violence. Finally, after many years of construction, 200 police officers and 80 office employees will be working in the new station that replaces one that had been closed in 2014 after continuous attacks by migrant gangs.  The attacks had been directed at the station, the officers, and police vehicles.

This Stockholm suburb know locally as ‘Little Mogadishu’ due to it’s primarily Somali population, is often referred to as a “no-go zone” and a “war zone” according to media, politicians and law enforcement.. This area garnished international attention when the crew of an Australian TV station from the popular show, 60 Minutes, was violently attacked by young migrants, who demanded that no outsider could film in the area.

Construction Delayed

The construction of the police station had encountered many problems over the years. At first it was too difficult to find a company who wanted to carry out the construction because the area was too dangerous for their workers. Then the workplace was subjected to attacks and as Nyhetsbyrån Järva reported , the entire construction project was delayed. 

Employees will have security escorts

After the new staff expressed concerns for their safety, it was announced that special patrols will escort employees to and from the police station when they stop working during late evening shifts and after night shifts. Cameras have also been set up around the station to monitor threats.

Jörgen Ohlsson, the station’s project manager, reports that the special patrols will also accompany the workers to the local subways for their protection.

These special new security escorts sound early familiar to Sweden’s solution to the migrant rape crisis, volunteer safety escorts.

Bulletproof station

The building will be protected by armox plates, bulletproof steel that is used in armored military vehicles, among other things. The building’s windows also have a higher security class than is usual for police, according to the Swedish newspaper, Expressen.

The building of the new station has not been fast, but I’m very happy with the new premises. I did not want to reduce security. If you can get it bulletproof immediately, it is easier than replacing all the windows because they can not throw stones, says Frida Nordlöf, the acting local police area manager in Rinkeby.

Migrants Threats Towards Swedish Police

As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, threats of violence against police and their families in Sweden have been on the rise and becoming more extreme and more normalized. Top government officials and Swedish media exacerbate this dangerous phenomenon by siding with criminals and silencing anyone speaking out against the policies that caused this situation.

The intimidation tactics are not just restricted to times when the officers are on duty but are now occurring in their personal time when they’re not in uniform and going about their every day lives

Watch the following Swedish news report translated for RAIR:

A new police station will be opened in Rinkeby, northern Stockholm, in the fall.

“Special patrols” will accompany the police officers to protect them while they are leaving 
their workplaces in the evening and at nighttime.

The new police station in Rinkeby, northern Stockholm, is ready. 200 police officers and 80 
office workers will begin work in September.

Several officers are concerned about  how they will be able to return home alone at night.

We’ve been working on moving here for a couple of years.

There is a concern about what it will look like and whether we’ll be pursued.

There is a background of threat and violence lying in wait behind us — targeting the staff and 
by damaging our vehicles.

It’s well-known that we have a “little bit of challenges” in our area. The old police station 
was shut down in 2014. The construction process on the new building
has taken a long time, because there weren’t any companies willing to build it,
because of threats against the construction workers.

The police stated even then that it was insecure to work in the area, which was very messy back 
then. I should mention that the most of our officers venture into criminal networks and environments 
on daily basis, and face extremely violent persons.

If they don’t have an available car to take home and the patrol is alone… besides staying
for debriefing, it’d be improper to go home via the Rinkeby metro station alone at midnight.

On our co-workers’ part, it has been the most frequently asked question.

Because we want to stay safe at work. On the other hand, police are subjected to threats and 
violence at all the police stations in Sweden.

Therefore, officers are always cautious in regard to how they leave their workplace.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Due to the speed of the translation and not being able to take my eyes off of that gouged is female cop I had to watch the video 3 times.
    She is just stunning!

  • What did swedish people think was going to happen when you bring in millions of savages who will never assimilate and act more like parasites with hate.

  • I was in Stockholm last fall and asked our tour guide about the influx of Muslim refugees and asylum seekers. He admitted there was a problem but people are waking up. It doesn’t appear so.


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