Syrian Migrants Declare War on Austria: Fourth Knife Attack in 48 Hours

Vienna has been shaken by a series of knife attacks in the past few days, with the latest incident occurring Monday night. According to reports, a young couple was attacked by two Syrian suspects, one of whom was only 15. This incident marks the fourth knife attack in the city in just 48 hours, all involving suspects of Syrian nationality.

The incident occurred in the 14th district of Vienna, near Hütteldorferstrasse, at around 12:30 am on Monday night. The couple was walking towards a bus stop when they were followed by two young men who began whistling at them. The 19-year-old man turned around and asked the two suspects why they were whistling at them, which led to an altercation.

The suspects kicked and hit the young man before one of them pulled out a knife and threatened to kill him. The couple managed to board a bus and were able to escape, but the victim later discovered a puncture wound in his back. Emergency services were called to the scene, and the victim was taken to a hospital, where he received treatment for his injuries.

The police launched a search for the two suspects, and one of them, a 15-year-old Syrian national, was apprehended with the suspected murder weapon in his possession. The knife was secured, and the search for the second suspect is still ongoing.

This incident comes after a weekend of violence in Vienna, during which three knife attacks and the murder of an Iranian national occurred in the Vienna district of Simmering. All of the suspects involved in these incidents were also of Syrian nationality, with the youngest suspect being only 13 years old.

The recent spate of knife attacks has once again raised concerns about the safety of the city’s residents, particularly as all of the suspects involved in these incidents have been of Syrian nationality. In addition, there are fears that these attacks may be linked to the ongoing conflict in Syria and that individuals who have fled the country are bringing their violent tendencies and hatred of non-Muslims.

Just this past March, Austrian police warned of Islamic attacks on Churches and other places by Syrian Muslim terrorist cells. In 2020, a Muslim who had previously tried to join the Islamic State group went on a rampage in Vienna armed with an automatic rifle and a fake explosive vest, shooting four people dead before police killed him.

The Austrian government has condemned the recent incidents and has promised to take action to improve the safety of its citizens. In a statement, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said that the government is working to increase police presence in the affected areas and to improve security measures in public spaces.

The recent knife attacks in Vienna have caused alarm and raised questions about the safety of the city’s residents. Furthermore, the fact that all of the suspects involved in these incidents have been of Syrian nationality has led to concerns about the impact of the ongoing conflict in Syria on Europe. The government has promised to take action to improve the safety of its citizens, but it remains to be seen how effective these measures will be in preventing further incidents.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • 40 years ago the problems were the pickpocket thieves. I never went back after that vacation. Now, the problem is a culture that will never assimilate, and hate the host population. Much of this is hate crime and resentment coupled with low I.Q. Unfortuantely there is nowhere that isn’t plagued by criminals like these. The leftist trash let them go free, or blame mental illness/diminished capacity. This problem will explode here in the States very shortly, as our porous borders are bringing in more trouble by the millions. If you complain, then you are called a racist.


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