'Taharrush' Spreads to Italy: Mobs of Migrants Surround and Sexually Assualt Teenage Girls on Train

The horrific “game” first came to light in 2013 during the uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square where local women and foreign journalists were assaulted by groups of Islamic men attending the protests against the Egyptian president.

Earlier this month, the town of Peschiera del Garda in northern Italy experienced the dangerous realities of the left-wing government’s open border policies. An estimated 1,500 male migrants, most North African, terrorized the vacation town. Girls were sexually assaulted and harassed by mobs of the illegal male migrants. Others ran wild through the village, destroying shop windows, attacking and robbing tourists, harassing pedestrians, terrorizing motorists, and assaulting Police. 

The town’s hell lasted until the evening when the young foreigners invaded the Peschiera station on their way home. The transport service was interrupted for several hours while the migrants terrorized innocent civilians.

Hordes of migrants who boarded the trains sexually harassed and attacked young girls trying to get home after visiting the “Gardaland” amusement park in Peschiera. The following Italian news report from Milano Pavia TV describes what happened to one group of six teenage girls returning to their homes in Milan:

It seems the Arabic sexual assault ‘Taharrush’ game which sees women surrounded by groups of men in crowds and sexually assaulted has spread to Italy.

The horrific game first came to light in 2013 during the uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square where local women and foreign journalists were assaulted by groups of Islamic men attending the protests against the Egyptian president.


Surrounded, harassed, and groped on the train back to Milan.

It happened on Thursday, June 2, when a number of 16-year-old girls traveling back home from a trip to Gardaland were attacked by several all-male gangs also on that train to Milan.

It was the mother of one of those girls who reported the fact on social media.

She wrote: “Today my 16-year-old daughter went on a trip to Gardaland, with her own girlfriends”. After getting on the train back to Milan, they were surrounded, groped, and assaulted by some individuals. They could not get off the train because they were all crammed. They managed to get off the train only at the station of Desenzano del Garda.

They were upset and in tears. We parents went to pick them up.” As we can see from the video, they were really crammed on that train. That’s because in order to celebrate Republic Day, thousands of teenagers, mostly coming from the Milan area, had decided to meet on the beach of Castelnuovo del Garda, bordering Peschiera.

They had arranged a party, probably via social media. During the party, a big brawl broke out. A huge number of teenage boys were involved in it.

The fight began because of a wallet-snatching, according to witness reports. Intervention by law enforcement was necessary to calm down the situation. The officers, in their anti-riot gear, had to get out their truncheons because the situation was escalating.

Many of those teenage gangs were returning home to Milan on the same train as the 16-year-old girls returning from Gardaland. So some of them took advantage of the crowd and the commotion in the train cars and assaulted the girls.

“Is it acceptable that such things still happen?” continues the girl’s mother on social media. What are they waiting for before taking serious measures?

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


    • I’ve noticed how the western world has been going to crap since the democrats stole the election and installed the low iq dementia case in office.

  • This is unacceptable behaviour anywhere. Uncivilised migrants who violate citizens of the host country should be jailed awaiting the next ship to their home country, and returned in irons. Harsh penalties for serious (rape, murder, violent assault) violations. Time to restore order!

    • Well, if you’re gonna dream, dream big! The reason order will never be restored is because the evil puppeteers running the planet seek chaos, misery and destruction. Certainly starting with the utter decimation of Western and Christian civilisation. Once completed, they will then- and only then- rid themselves of the sub-human locusts.

  • Penectomy must be mandatory to all these Thaharrus and rapist men!
    This new law should be effective immediately.

    “What are they waiting for before taking serious measures?” Asks the girl’s mother.

    Yes, they are not going to do anything, just inviting more of these rapists into EU!


  • That is exactly their plan. Let the hoards in to do their dirty work and when they’ve made everyone’s life miserable, they too will be destroyed.

  • Isn’t diversity wonderful? These migrants commit the sex crime white men won’t. The people responsible for flooding the West with migrants should be properly recognized and thanked.

  • Well. it’s like prison. The “new meat” inmate will have to make an
    “arraingement” with the stronger, tougher, inmate, for “protection” from
    the weaker inmates that will abuse him. He will have to engage in vile acts
    for his “protection,” but what choice does he have.
    These women could have gone down fighting, but not everyone is ready to die.

  • The Jihadi Suicide Bombers ain’t got nuthin’ on the West’s own DIEversity Death Cult.

  • Why does a government do that to their country? They are killing their heritage and creating a living 3rd world hell hole.


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