Terrifying! "Swedish" Rapper Calls for a Race War Against Whites

Nigerian-born rap artist who immigrated to Sweden calls for the murder of white people!

Nigerian-born rap artist Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, who goes by JCBUZ, has published a horrific rant in a closed Instagram group where he spews racism and calls to murder white people. The rapper only allows his Instagram account to be open to black people.

Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable immigrated from Nigeria in 2008. He now lives in Lund and has Swedish citizenship.

JCBUZ also has two YouTube accounts with almost 280,000 subscribers where he shares his own controversial rap music & reviews music.

The article below was posted in Samhällsnytt, many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation.

Rap artist from Lund calls for death for whites: “Shoot them”
by Simon Kristoffersson

A YouTube profile and rap artist well known among young people has started a closed account on social media in which he invites only black people. In several video postings, he calls for murder of white people in Sweden. Samhallsnytt has (gotten into) the account and can now reveal how an immigrant Nigerian propagates racism to hundreds of young people. “If some white guy or white girl tries to talk shit about you-shoot them.”

The well-known YouTube profile is “JCBUZ”, who has 280,000 subscribers on his two YouTube accounts, in which he reviews current hip hop records in Sweden and shares his own gangster-inspired rap music. JCBUZ, who is really named Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, is 22 years old and registered (residence) in Lund. According to the tax police, he immigrated from Nigeria in 2008 and now has Swedish citizenship.

On a newly registered and locked Instagram account under the name “barasvarta” (black only)  several video clips with JCBUZ have been uploaded. In the presentation text for the account, which has 465 followers up to now, followers can read: “Black Power in Sweden” and “Only for Blacks”.

Samhallsnytt  has gained access into the account, where it is clear that only blacks should get access to the content. Below is a photo update from his account where he states that he does not allow any white people to join the group.

On Tuesday several video clips were uploaded on the account where the rap artist propagated murder against white people in Sweden.
JCBUZ Instagram account

“My brothers and sisters, my black brothers and sisters, I have an important message for you. I only want to say to you, my black brothers and sisters out there: You are special and nobody is like you. Continue the war.

“We will take over — we will be number one — one beautiful day we will become number one. We will take over those whites here. Just like these whites took us as slaves, we will take them as slaves and treat them even worse.

But right now we’re just fighting among ourselves. We’re going to be smarter, we’re going to be faster, we’re going to be the best at everything. We’ll take their bitches and we’ll take their money. To be perfectly honest, we will be the best race ever. This is only the beginning; it is starting small but believe me, we will grow and grow bigger. We will be the strongest group in Sweden — no one will dare mess with us. Just wait, a beautiful day.

“The whites try to mess with us — then you know what will come (gun sign with fingers). We will show them how we do it. We are warriors, do you understand? We are African warriors — They are not on our level. This is just the beginning. Black power. Black power.
“If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk s*** about you – shoot them! If they talk s*** about your family – shoot them!”

See Below more excerpts from the article below. To read the full article click here.

JCBUZ says in a post that he has created “our group” for blacks to stick together in the fight. He believes that blacks “must take over”.

“Up to now whites have seen us as their slaves. Even if they don’t say it straight out, it is what they think. I swear everything — that is why I created our group— so we can get ourselves together.”

“Therefore, we must take over.”

In several posts, the artist expresses his hatred against whites. In one post with a noose is “ White People”, and then, “We blacks are the best.”

Several posts call for hatred toward people with a white skin color. One person writes, “They think they are better than us, but it was we who build everything up here.”

“If a white boy messes (with me) I would shoot him.”
In one post, a picture is shown with text that says one cannot be racist if he isn’t white. Followers are then asked if they agree.
One person named “Abdi” states that he will squeeze the trigger if a white boy talks bad to him.

Shows video clip where a white boy is hit
The account also shows a video clip where a white boy is wrestled down by a black boy in a gym. Over the video post is the phrase “black power” and there follows several jubilant comments where he is happy that the white boy is knocked down.

No response from gangster rapper
Samhällsnytt has sought out JCBUZ Conable without results, both by telephone and email for a comment.

Update: Conable has responded to Samhällsnytt’s article via his Instagram account with the following comment:

(Laughing emojis)

It is not clear whether anyone has reported the artist for hate towards an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp].

Update 2: Conable has taken note of our article and now writes that he wants to “eliminate the snitch” (“informer” — editorial note) in an update in his closed Instagram group.

Image at bottom in black:
“We have a snitch among us. He or she must be eliminated.”


Vlad Tepes

"Objects in history may be closer than they appear" – Eeyore for Vlad

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