Terrifying: WaPo Channels Nazi Propaganda to Slander Republicans

Terrifying: WaPo Channels Nazi Propaganda to Slander Republicans

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On December 20, 2020
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A Washington Post cartoon in the Sunday Opinion section portraying Republicans as “rats” is strikingly similar to a 1939 Nazi propaganda illustration portraying Jews as rats.

Ann Telnaes, the Washington Post’s self-proclaimed “Nasty Woman Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist,” produced a cartoon eerily similar to the one published in 1939 in the wake of the Anschluss, or the German annexation of Austria in 1938 by the Marxist publication “Das Kleine Blatt”.

The cartoon seeks to intimidate Republicans for following the process bestowed to Americans by the founding fathers to ensure fair elections. Telnaes and her allies seek to dehumanize those who dare to thwart the very evident and well-planned voter fraud that has occurred during the 2020 elections.

Steve Milloy of Junk Science highlighted the images side by side in a Tweet, but it has not stopped leftists from praising the cartoon. “A picture that’s truly worth a thousand words,” gushed Lawrence Tribe, Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard.

“Ann Telnes does it again,” praised leftist podcaster Amy Siskind. “They are attempting to sink the ‘Ship of State,” lamented actor Tim Matheson. Journalist Dave Keating wrongly and embarrassingly observed that the “rats” cartoon is an illustration of a “shockingly long list of the Republicans in high office who collaborated in the attempted coup in America.”

Salon author Amanda Marcotte sneered: “Honestly, this is an insult to rats.” “Art Director” Chris Rukan at Washington Post Opinions experimented with his alliteration skills, gleefully tweeting that “really RATcheted up the RAT RATio in this RAT-tacular RAT-ravaganza.”

Americans should support those very few people who stand up to the bullying left. They are not “rats,” they are the actual resistance.

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Theresa McGregor
I just read The House on Endless Waters, a book about the treatment of Jews in Holland during Nazi occupation. As I read it, I noted that what happened then was eerily similar to what is happening now: no religious liberty, limited mobility, then lockdown, neighbors calling police on neighbors and on and on, one small restriction after another until the Jews were sent off to be killed. There were collaborators, but in the end, they and their relatives suffered the same fate. All these journalists think they are safe. Their day will come.

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