Terror Attack in Spain: 'Refugees' Ambush and Beat VOX's Rubén Pulido outside his Home (Watch)

Pulido was not only attacked because he was a member of VOX, but also because of his critical commentary on Islam and illegal “refugees”.

Rubén Pulido, Spain’s conservative VOX Party’s Communication Secretary in Andalusia, was ambushed and beaten in a targeted attack by two illegal migrants of “Maghreb origin” outside of his home. The radicals chased down Pulido, attacked him and repeatedly beat him in the head, leaving the immigration expert bruised and unconscious. Spain’s left-wing leadership and media continue to ignore the attack, as well as the dangerous consequences of illegal migration.

On the night of the attempted assassination, Pulido exited his home on foot and noticed he was being followed by two men who appear to have been waiting outside for him. The jihadis lodged insults and threats echoing those he received over the past few months on social media and text message:

they were the same insults, the same threats that… showed up on social media, including some I received in SMS [text message]. They were, in effect, the same insults, the same words which were directed to me… so with total certainty it was persons who knew perfectly well who I was…

Escalating Threats

Last year, Pulido investigated a terror-tied mosque in the city of Seville which is tied a large number Islamic terrorists. Pulido appeared on television on several occasions to discuss one of the mosque’s radicalized members, Zouhair el Bouhdidi. Following these television appearances, Pulido was subjected to a clear and immediate uptick of threats of violence.

This specific jihadi discussed on television was the son of the Mosque’s Imam, Abderrahim Bouhdidi. Bouhdidi, himself, was the focus of much of Pulido’s investigation. Zouhair made international news when he was arrested for planning a large scale jihad attack in Seville during Christian Holy Week.

Leading up to the attack, the severity of the threats increased prompting Pulido to register a complaint with police. Many of the threats were over social media. One day before his near assassination, however, Pulido received a terrifying death threat by text message. Pulido described this message to RAIR Foundation USA as a “text message which was poorly written in Spanish” stating that, “they knew where I lived and that they would come after me to kill me.”

Twitter threat reported to police
Police complaint

Despite the escalation in threats, Pulido still “never thought that they would come to the point of attacking me.” Pulido proclaimed in a tweet, “you will not shut me up, without fear of anything or anyone!” The police have still been unable to identify the attackers. The VOX Party is calling for the terrorists to be arrested and expelled from Spanish soil.

Pulido was interviewed by José Javier Esparza about the attack on Spanish news programs, El Gato al Agua. One of the few political new shows on television willing to give the VOX leader a voice:

Persecuted For Criticism of Islamic Terrorism and Mass-Migration

Pulido is the spokesperson for the VOX Party on everything related to illegal immigration and is a long time geopolitical analyst. Pulido specializes in Islam, illegal immigration, migratory movements and is very critical on contemporary policies of mass immigration. Pulido has been an outspoken critic of Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s “illegal and clandestine immigration” policies. He shines a spotlight on the devastating and dangerous effects of the thousands of undocumented illegals invading the country’s coasts – especially the Canary Islands, Andalucía, and the eastern coast of Spain.

Pulido was not only attacked because he was a member of VOX, but also because of his critical commentary on Islam and illegal “refugees”. As evidenced by the recent decapitations and murders in France, speaking out against these matters can be a life threatening action.

Rubén Pulido and VOX Party Leader Santiago Abascal 

Left-Wing Stands With His Attackers

Spain’s socialist government and left-wing parties have not denounced the attempted assassination of Pulido or offered him any special protection. The violent attack has only been condemned by the center-right parties.

VOX members from all over Spain questioned what the public response would have been if a prominent left-wing politician would have been subjected to a life threatening attack. The VOX Party is the “Make Spain Great Again Party” who defends traditional Spanish values, borders, and has a Trump-like message. VOX leaders and supporters have been repeatedly targeted, harassed and attacked by the radicalized left-wing and illegal migrants.

Head of the VOX delegation in the European Parliament, MEP Jorge Buxadé, condemned the attack and questioned why the media has remained silenced once again. Furthermore, he believes the government and media response would have been different if he was not associated with the conservative VOX Party.

Watch Jorge Buxadé’s speech below:

Jorge Buxadé’s speech and details of the attack were featured in a segment on La España Viva, “a program that transmits the VOX message as it is, without filters or manipulations by the media left”:

The silence from the political ruling class is not only dangerously irresponsible but could be deadly for citizens and members of the conservative VOX Party. Spain’s left-wing leadership not only ignores the violence, but it continues to allow illegal and often threatening migrants to flood across their borders.

The Spanish Canary Islands alone have seen a 700% rise in illegal migrant arrivals in 2020. As of the end of September, 6,081 illegal migrants disembarked. Even the left-wing European Union officials are calling the influx ‘unsustainable’.” As reported previously at RAIR, by 2050, “twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration.”

The rise in migrants continues to bring both extremely dangerous and often sickly people with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws. Spain’s only hope is the law and order policies of the Spanish VOX Party.

Will America Learn From Spain?

As previously reported at RAIR, the Democratic President candidate Joe Biden has vowed to flood America with 700% more “refugees” from terrorist hot spots around the world through the corrupt U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. This controversial program was the brainchild of then Senator Joe Biden.

540 Elected Officials from all 50 U.S. states are urging President Trump to welcome more ‘refugees’ from third world countries – mostly Islamic – into our towns and cities. Meanwhile, President Trump has lowered the cap for refugee admissions each year of his presidency, dropping them to a record low of 15,000 for 2021.

Within hours, America will make a choice to preserve its classical nature, system of law and freedom for all, or it will choose the Islamic and socialist values that are currently sinking much of Europe into an ungovernable and burgeoning totalitarian nightmare.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the three video translations:

Transcript One:

TV Host:

It’s 11:12 pm, one hour earlier in the Canary Islands, and we are going with the matter that we were talking about before, Rubén Pulido, Secretary of communication for VOX, who suffered a savage attack yesterday by two young Maghrebians [unintelligible], of course,

Rubén is a close friend, and I want to know how he is. Rubén Pulido, good evening.

Rubén Pulido:

Good evening, Jose Javier.

TV Host:

First of all, how are you?

Rubén Pulido

Well, I am processing a little of what happened to me.

Nobody could have expected something like this to happen.

And a little pain and dizziness, but, well, thanks to God, it’s all superficial, some contusions, a little hematoma, but nothing to worry about, aside from the tremendous scare that I had yesterday.


Do the police know anything — I imagine that it was reported, of course as to whom it could have been?

Rubén Pulido:

Yesterday, when I was with the police, I was telling them that I have been receiving threats for months through social media, and it is true that until a month ago, I had not been reporting them because of the tone they were taking, but I have been talking with them about the type of threats I have been receiving, the last one, which I reported, and, in principle, they don’t know to whom it points.

And they say, as for the area where I live, within a few kilometers, there have been other attacks Of this nature, but they tell me that this attack, they knew who I was, and they were waiting for me in order carry out the attack, because I left the house, and they began to follow me for a few meters, and then, OK, the police are now investigating.

They are trying through shop cameras nearby and bank cameras to see if they can succeed in finding the whereabouts of the attackers.

As the facts would show, they evidently knew who you were, and they were after you.


In addition, they shouted some things pretty clearly during the beating, right?

Rubén Pulido:

Yes…they were the same insults, the same threats that… showed up on social media, including some I received in SMS. They were, in effect, the same insults, the same words which were directed to me… so with total certainty it was persons who knew perfectly well who I was, and they came because someone had entrusted the attack to them, because without more, then it would be some group which for some reason picked me out.


Are you going to ask for protection? Because after the threats ending with the attack, this doesn’t look good.

Rubén Pulido:

Well, it is something they have recommended. At the moment, neither [unintelligible] something like that. Now I am processing everything, and, well, to know which is the most adequate, leaving me to consult with my lawyer, and if there is the possibility, I tell you right now, what is happening is I am processing what happened to me, and I am aware of the magnitude for me. It is something that doesn’t have greater importance because, thanks be to God, nothing serious happened to me, but if it had been completely different, I am trying to process a little of what happened to me.


You spend a lot of time reporting not on immigration, but rather the chaos produced by illegal immigration.

Rubén Pulido:

unintelligible] Yesterday or this morning, whatever it was, the president of the Canary Islands, if I am not mistaken… told the government, or president of the government, Minister Marlaska, to please come and see what is happening there, because the arrival of the launches in recent weeks has been huge, and it is literally impossible to manage all this, and the government is going back on its word.


And right now, how is the situation in Andalucía?

Rubén Pulido:

Well, the situation is not as worrisome as in the Canaries, because the Canaries are facing numbers now the same as the years… since those years of the crisis of the canoes in the year 2006, but neither is it better because, in practice, 50% of the total illegal immigration, which is more than this 50%, is entering via the Andalucían coast, and there is a high migrant pressure in the eastern zone, And, as we have said, in the Canary archipelago.

But Andalucía is dealing with more than 50% of this migrant pressure, so in zones like Almeria, in zones like Granada, it is quite complicated. The state security forces [unintelligible] the current situation.

I talk to them, I have a close relationship with them, because as you know, I analyze this situation, and they tell me that they cannot deal with all these landings that are arriving, that the modus operandi is now being managed by the mafias to test the Spanish coasts, and they cannot cope with more than the three or four landings that they succeed in intercepting, because, in reality, almost twice as many are accessing the Andalucían coasts than those officially intercepted.

So we are facing an environment that we never knew before, the reality, the real magnitude of all the landings that have occurred in the past weeks.


Rubén, I imagine all the Andalucían parties of the political spectrum have expressed their solidarity with you.

Rubén Pulido:

Well, I have received messages from friends from the Partido Popular (People’s Party), from friends of the Citizens Party. Still missing is any message from friends of the Socialist party, also Adelante Andalucía, the coalition of Podemos party.

Let’s say [unintelligible], and from them I have still not received any kind of message.

I don’t know if they are aware of the incident, and they are ignoring it,

or at best, if for political reasons, they have not been able to do it.


Rubén Pulido, get better. Quickly. I’m sure you’ll recover fast because you are very big; for sure you will recover, recover quickly— big and young, a phenomenon.

We are very sorry, and we send you a very strong embrace.

Rubén Pulido:

It’s nothing. Thank you very much. Thank you for your call. I embrace you.

Transcript Two:

I want to use a tone of seriousness in the face of this incident. Here we have newspaper people and press organs from all over Spain, and this is to denounce that the cooperation among the media nevertheless, has not occurred concerning a fellow journalist, Ruben Pulido, who is also the press chief for VOX, in the Andalusia parliamentary group, who was assaulted this weekend by two Moroccans at the door of his house, which was reported promptly.

We hope that they will be arrested and expelled from Spanish soil.

Ruben Pulido was attacked not because he was a member of VOX, but for following his function as journalist and reporting the seriousness of illegal and clandestine immigration that is devastating our coasts, especially the Canary Islands, Andalusia, and the eastern coast of Spain.

The news media that do not report the seriousness of what is happening with illegal and clandestine immigration in Spain has also not had the courage to support Ruben Pulido.

I really encourage all the news media to get in contact with Ruben and give him, if only a tiny space, in your news media between public and private ownership, because he is a journalist attacked in Spain for exercising his freedom of press, and who is not receiving support from leaders in Spain, just because he dedicated part of his time to defending liberty and defending Spain in his work for the VOX parliamentary group.

Transcript Three:

Reporting on the massive arrival of immigrants and the consequences thereof can be costly.

That has been the case with Rubén Pulido, the VOX press officer in Andalucía and expert in 
migrant politics, who was attacked by two persons of Maghrebian origin, who left him unconscious. 
The victim, to be sure,had already received threats, but never thought that they would come to 
the point of attacking him.

The case has been reported to the national police.

We hope that they will be immediately arrested and expelled from the country.

Ruben Pulido was attacked, not because he was a member of Vox, but for performing his 
function as journalist and reporting on the seriousness of illegal and clandestine immigration, 
which is… devastating our coasts, especially the Canary Islands, Andalucía, and the eastern 
coast of Spain.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Excellent article that makes very clear the terrible situation in Spain and that the social-communist government, the worst government in 80 years, tries to hide.
    Most of these illegal immigrants enter through Spain at the call of the subsidies that illegal immigrants continue to receive at the expense of the effort and work of the Spanish.
    You will never see them work!
    Yesterday was the Islamist terrorist attacks in Vienna. When are we going to have them in Spain? It’s just a matter of time.


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