'Terrorism Hoax': Canadian Police Make Wrongful Arrests, Shut Down Parliament Area After False Bomb Tip (Exclusive)

Police arrested two Sikh rally organizers and told them they had “credible information” that they were connected to a serious bomb threat on the Hill.

On June 11, 2022, RAIR Foundation USA was in Ottawa, Canada, to cover the weekly “We The Fringe” protests on Parliament Hill.

This Saturday was different than other weekends, generally filled with small groups of protesters. This time, Police forced the crowd and tourists to clear the area in front of the Parliament Buildings and its surrounding areas. 

As the afternoon progressed, RAIR’s video coverage showed more and more Police and other kinds of less identifiable armed forces as they poured into the area. Besides one state-controlled CTV Camera man fabricating whatever government propaganda was required, minimal reporting was done on this event.

For Ottawa, this was a highly unusual show of force by the state, notwithstanding the violence perpetrated by Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy protests. On this Saturday, Police refused to give any explanation or information on why Parliament Hill and the surrounding streets were closed.

Around noon, RAIR was informed by an officer that something was found in a washroom that caused the closure. We don’t know if it was a washroom on the Hill or one of the public bathrooms in the area behind the West Block.

Initially, Police and the special Parliamentary security, some of whom you can see in this video at around 7:47, cleared the Hill of all tourists and protestors. However, at this point, they were still allowed on Wellington Street.

Shortly afterward, they cleared all of Wellington and moved everyone a block away down to Sparks St. While there was no information on the threat, at that time, not a great deal of MSM reportage on this event took place, despite the strong police and quasi-military presence on the Hill and surrounding area.

Days later, it was revealed that two organizers of Saturday’s Sikh event were arrested. There the men were the cause of the significant police presence and closures after what turned out to be a false bomb tip. The two men report that they are “still in shock after being wrongfully arrested in connection with a bomb threat, and experience one of the men described as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘harassment.’”

Three Protests

Three different groups were present during Saturday’s Parliament Hil protests. One group came to protest the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s freedom-crushing measures in the name of Covid. The second group was comprised of human rights activists protesting the Iranian government. And lastly, Sikhs held a remembrance rally for the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in India.

Watch RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive video footage of Saturday’s protests:

Freedom Protesters

Meanwhile, despite the closures and mass amount of Police, three protests took place by different groups. One might wonder if any of the three could be connected to the threat which caused such a dramatic response.

One of them is the constant, but especially on Saturdays, Freedom protests. RAIR has extensively covered these Canadian citizens fighting to restore their freedoms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and Canada’s Constitution. They have never been shown to represent any kinetic threat to authorities or anyone else. Yet, despite their peaceful and patriotic protests, mainstream Canadian news endlessly smears them.

For example, the Ottawa Citizen article covered the police lockdown of Parliament and the surrounding area this weekend. In a backhanded attempt, they tried to falsely tie the peaceful Freedom protestors to why the Police had to close down the area. 

Anti-Iranian Regime Protest

RAIR interviewed the spokesman of an anti-Iranian regime group. The group is trying to draw attention to the brutal treatment of Iranian citizens, many imprisoned in Iran’s notorious Evin prison for trivial reasons like leaving Islam.

In January of 2011, a libertarian film society had booked the National Archives Theatre in Canada to show the film, Iranium. The movie detailed Iran’s quest for Nuclear Weapons and their intentions once they were developed.

The Archives received a palpable threat from someone reportedly inside the Iranian Embassy, and the showing was shut down. The government of Iran is not fond of anything critical of the Islamic regime.

Sikhs Hold Protest 

Sikhs held a peaceful rally on Saturday to remember the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in India. Many of the group’s members carried the yellow Khalistan flags of the Sikh independence movement in India. The group received a permit to gather on the Hill, but when members arrived, they were told they were not allowed to be there because of an ongoing threat in the area.

Parminder Singh, another organizer, said they relocated to the lawn in front of the Supreme Court of Canada nearby to hold their event.

A few minutes after the rally got underway, Manveer Singh said police arrested him and told him they had “credible information” that he was connected to a serious bomb threat on the Hill.

Not long after, Parminder Singh was arrested by Ottawa police, who told him that his name was connected to an alleged bomb threat to Parliament.

Both men condemned their treatment, citing its effects on their families and reputations in their community. “It’s deeply hurt my kids, my wife, and also other community members,” stated Parminder Singh.

Parminder Singh and Manveer Singh had said that officers apologized when they were released from custody and explained they were victims of a “terrorism hoax.” But they were not told who targeted them with the tip.

It should be noted that the largest ever terrorist attack in Canada’s history and the largest mass killing event was the downing of Air India Flight 182. Although it was the most expensive trial in Canadian history, it resulted in only one conviction for manslaughter. But a Sikh separatist group that wanted an independent Sikh nation called “Khalistan” was implicated in the bombing.

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