'The Bioweapon is the Shot': Diana West Warns about the Dark and Evil Nature of the Covid 'Vaccine' Program (Exclusive)

“There are all kinds of things in the vaccine toolbox to kill or control you.”

“I think it’s hard to overstate the evil of this vaccine program,” claims Diana West in an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA. “We are governed by people of dark criminality.” 

West, a widely syndicated columnist, former CNN contributor, best-selling author, and Yale graduate, believes that the covid-19 vaccine campaign was just one cog in a giant wheel, accelerating us towards a total loss of our freedoms as we have known them to date. “I don’t think there’s been a time in history when there have been so many dark forces pressing in on our existence, even at a microscopic level. It has been a huge education for me. I’ve been forced to learn so much about biology. Now I’m trying to proselytize the fact that the vaccine is going to kill you. It’s one thing to have an enemy try to kill you; it’s another to have people standing next to you who won’t even notice it or raise the issue and ask if there’s a problem.” 

While data has shown a huge leap in excess deaths across Europe in 2022, West refers to Edward Dowd, a BlackRock whistleblower who published an analysis on deaths in the U.S. for the latter part of 2021. Dowd discovered that in the millennial cohort, those aged 25 to 45, there were 68,000 more deaths than expected. For the boomers, those over 65, that figure was 300,000. “This was a Vietnam War event for the millennial generation over those ten months,” says West. “And for the boomers, this was a WW11-sized event.” 

West acknowledges that these deaths may not all be due to vaccination – it could be suicide, drug overdose, or bad medical care – but what we are seeing is death on a major scale, like a major war. “And people just won’t acknowledge it,” she says. “The thing that makes me despair is how hard it is to get our fellow men to question it. For the most part, in terms of political discourse and major media coverage in the public square, there’s silence. But I know a lot of people who have learned the hard way, meaning they were harmed by the shot.” 

For those who question not only the experimental vaccines but the whole covid-19 story, West sees several lines of explanation. Some still see it as the story of a pandemic that originated in a lab in Wuhan, “but that’s not as important as what our governors were doing, our local authorities and public health, as far as destroying our lives. Wuhan wasn’t doing that; we were doing that from the inside,” notes West. Then there are those who don’t focus on covid but who nonetheless understand it as something extremely dangerous. “The bioweapon IS the shot. And the fact that it is still being promoted for our children is overwhelmingly dark.” 

West also suggests that the whole covid play has been a ploy to destroy the nation-state. “It’s a way to eliminate independent thinkers, those who don’t want to take the shot, and they are therefore excluded from the military and law enforcement. It will ensure you have a compliant and vaxxed force.” 

Scientists with La Quinta Columna, a Spanish research group, have been focusing on the presence of graphene in the vaccine concoctions. “They see the vaccination as a means to create circuitry in the body, as a way to hook up the body to the internet to be activated by 5G systems,” explains West. “There are all kinds of things in the vaccine toolbox to kill or control you.” 

For a moment in our recent history, there was hope. According to West, when President Trump came into office, he intended to set up a vaccine safety commission headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the tireless vaccine skeptic. “His desire was to open up the American records at the N.I.H. on vaccine performance. But this freaked out the administration, the pharma people; Bill Gates got involved to put a kibosh on any such vaccine safety commission,” she says. “It would have been the lynchpin in defeating what I believe was a pandemic.” 

This anecdote shows Trump’s willingness to go against the grain and the pharma establishment and do something for the public interest. But the initiative got stifled. “I believe that one of the greatest disappointments for Trump supporters is his cheerleading for this covid vaccine program. It makes you wonder what kind of hold they have over him.” 

Trump’s capitulation, alongside that of leaders of nearly every country in the western world who all fell in line with the covid vaccine tyranny, is revealing. As is the death of the President of Haiti, very shortly after he declared there would be no covid vaccine program in his country, alongside so many other African leaders. Biden’s response to President Jovenel Moïse’s death was proclaiming that a boatload of vaccinations was on its way. 

“There is just so much manipulation and fraud,” asserts West. “The lies we’ve been told would fill all the libraries in the world. If something makes it to the mainstream, it cannot actually be true, but they want you to believe it for a certain reason. It’s the same thing with this covid injection program. So much of this betrayal is at the hands of our government. I have bought many, many lies along the way – whether it’s about the CIA, the FBI, whether it’s 9/11, or the manipulation of our patriotism. So much of this depended on manipulating us through the media, through our fears and our best hopes for peace and plenty. The callousness and cruelty of people who achieve power is continually shocking to me.” 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • Sad that only a few brave doctors and biologists had the cajones to come out early and warn people. Now, that the heat is off so to speak, everyone is suddenly brave. Ha. I guess they no longer fear the consequences. They should. Not from their employers but from their patients/customers.

      • That is the question. A UK Doctor, fully establishment is now doing media against the vaxx. Why is it still on YouTube? Why are these more and more central people to the system coming out now? Is it because they know people are not taking it anymore and the time has come to shirk responsibility for what they did? Check this guy out:

        Why now and what now?

        • The now what is Big Pharma is working to get livestock on mRNA vaccines. Guess if you won’t take the shot they will get us to eat it. This is all WEF stuff leading to a one world government.

  • You are 100% over the TARGET !!! Death, Depopulation, Disease & permanently damaged Children! I personally know of 12 DEAD (ages 44-80) within hours/days of Covid POISON INJECTICIDE !!! Also know of 8 Heart Attacks of young men (ages 19-24 years) 8 miscarriages = 8 DEAD babies (ages 4 months-8 months!!!) 5 people with “Sudden Advanced CANCER” (2 died already!) …people with blood clots, major strokes, “ bleeding issues” and 4 babies born of jabbed moms who are severely disabled!!!! HELL is waiting for these DEMON$$$$

  • Yeah, and Fauci, Ghebreyesus and Schwab and the rest of those GENOCIDE CRIMINALS; Gates, Soros, Biden, Daszak, von der Leyen, Macron, Marin, Zelensky, Ardern, Merkel, Scholz, all Big Pharma CEOs, all doctors and nurses, all corrupt leaders, corrupt FBI and CIA, they are still walking free.

    • It is truly unbelievable. Testimony to the fall of our justice system.
      I do not understand how a guy like Soros can be so treasonous and still live his life of wealth here. Maybe if things do get hot, somehow he will get to room temperature. Same with the others.

  • It’s a war on Europeans that they have to exterminate based on the Babylonian Talmud everyone is afraid to talk about.

    It directly says “Amalek” (Whites/Christianity) must be exterminated for their messiah to come but no one wants to face the truth out of fear. I have dozens of quotes and documents confirming this but people tune it all out and cry “racism” so idk what else to do but pray Jesus opens everyone’s eyes and removes the kabbalist spell that’s over most people.

  • Thank you, Ms. West, for the excellent summary of what appears to be behind the evil of these last 2 1/2 years. It has really been educational too learn that most of our medical experts bought into the fraud. I have had two doctors pressure me for the vax. When I mentioned the various studies and VAERS, it did not slow them even one iota. I no longer hold our medical system in high regard as I did before the fraud pandemic. I have moved on to find reasonable, thinking MDs. Actually, it is quite shocking. I believe it is closely related to the establishment’s goal of taking out Trump and his supporters. Some nations understand, one is Russia. Another is China. One or two nordic countries and a few in Asia. This group has actually lowered the status of the US. We are now a ful fledged 3rd world nation. Don’t believe? Check our justice system; check our education system; check our election system. There is little doubt anymore. The upcoming two elections are critically important to America resembling even a smidgen of what the Founders had in mind.

    • DO NOT CLAIM TO KNOW ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE A DEVIL! It’s obvious you are mentally impaired , THIS IS THE DEVIL and LUCIFERIAN WORSHIPERS ( i.e. The Devil for the slower people )
      YOU DONT LIVE WHERE YOUY THINK YOU LIVE, YOU (Depending on what you believe and what DEVIL LEAD ROMAN CATHOLIC PEDOS and DEVIL worshippers in control)
      EVERYONE ALIGNED WITH FREEMASONRY must go That’s one of the easiest of DEVIL WORSHIPPING non Christian LIARS led by multiple GODS have aligned with the ABSOLUTE FARCE that ourBLOOD THIRSTY EVIL WHORE OF BABYLON which was prophecied in the BIBLE has PERPETRATED some of the MOST EVIL AND VILE death, Murder and MAYHEM and you guys voted for all of them. THIS IS GOOD VERSUS EVIL numbnuts WAKE THE fk up or just go back to sleep THERE IS NO REPUB. / Democrats teams they are one but you;ve been too selfish to even remotely realize but I assure you GOD has sent many messengers. TRUMP this President that WHO GIVES a damn when they all have mmuredered their enemies and ordered unconsciounable treasonous acts against the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and it’s CITIZENS.

  • Woke Ideology Is Corrupting Medicine

    The post–George Floyd racial reckoning has hit the field of medicine like an earthquake. Medical education, medical research, and standards of competence have been upended by two related hypotheses: that systemic racism is responsible both for racial disparities in the demographics of the medical profession and for racial disparities in health outcomes. Questioning those hypotheses is professionally suicidal. Vast sums of public and private research funding are being redirected from basic science to political projects aimed at dismantling white supremacy. The result will be declining quality of medical care and a curtailment of scientific progress.

    City Journal

  • This is one of the most darkly fascinating interviews I have heard in a long while. And even though, I have been down quite a few rabit holes in these past 2 years, this conversation gave me quite a few more AHA moments and revealed even more of the interconnectedness of all things evil.

    To mention but one example. I always knew that Merkel (evil incarnate imo) did not mean well when she opened the borders and lured the hordes of faux refugees in, describing mostly grown up bearded, single men as “unaccompanied children” – shall I count thee the numbers of pack rapes in Germany, France, Greece, Austria, etc – and I feared that the “replacement of people” would be “via the womb of your women” as one Arab/muslim leader promised, but the information by Vlad made the “Grand Remplacement” even more sinister: if, as Vlad reports, the illegal migrants are not forcefully quacksinated as we are, the Evil Doers have obviously no intention to wait for the demogaphic devolution, they want us dead NOW !.

    And I want to thank Diana West (I am a fan and her books are on my shelves here in OZ) especially for the information re Pres. Trump’s “attitude towards the Quacksination and the Genociders’ probable method of blackmail.

  • Remember this people:

    The Vaccine was not made for Covid……Covid was made for the Vaccine

    Once you realize that everything else will make perfect sense

  • Basically I warn people since the beginning that within those jabs contained is a Technology called “Neural Lace”.
    This Technology is part of a greater Weapon against Humanity and was developed by Elon Musk Klaus Schwab DARPA and the Harvard Wyss Foundation.
    It is self assembling Graphene Oxide / Dioxide Nanoparticles that form a Mesh around your Brain.
    They record your Brainwaves similar to an EEG amplify them (To and Fro) and then transmit them to “Neural Link” which is the next step of this weapon.
    Neural Link amplifies the signals (to and fro) and connects them to the STARLINK Network of Elon Musk.
    STARLINK is the backbone of this weapon.
    It not only is designed to control the Human via AI and trace them anywhere in realtime but also to control the Boston Dynamic (now Tesla) robotic Autonomous War Drones.
    Starlink also transmits signals onto the Schumann Resonance the Frequency of our Brain.
    And if that sounds like the “Matrix” then because it is.
    But it is rolled out right here right now and the technology is real.

  • And places like rairfoundation do their part to support the darkness and evil of this world by censoring comments that include any truthful information ABOUT this evil and darkness.

    The spiritual burden they carry may be heavier than that which our enemies carry. And because their censorship harms families, women, children, the united states, in fact an entire RACE has been harmed by their egregious actions, their debt may be unpayable.

    Good luck. You’re going to need it.

  • A ridiculously unselective ‘weapon’. Sure gonna take our cue from some moke who’s flunked her way down to ‘journalism’.

  • Dr. Carrie Madej says that she was Invited to a Business Luncheon a few years ago where she was told about and invited into a coming profound change to our government that will not fail.

  • I’ve been saying the vaccine was a bioweapon for almost 3 years now this is the first time I’ve heard of anybody publicly saying that, covered with a lie from day one the bio weapon was the vaccine the whole time, the powers to be leaked that covered with a bioweapon created in Wuhan I knew that was b******* and nobody believed me

  • “Elon Musk took to Twitter late Friday evening to share his personal experience with the second COVID booster shot, explaining he ran into “major side effects.” ”


  • “The callousness and cruelty of people who achieve power is continually shocking to me.”

    Wake up. There are high-IQ, high-functioning psychopaths running the world now. Some of them get sexual gratification in causing others to suffer and die, but all of them have contempt for the “normies” who are burdened with a conscience, and the capacity for remorse.

  • “Die Welt, a mainstream media outlet in Germany, revealed that numerous subjects who suffered adverse events, including deaths, during Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot trials were removed from the trial data”




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