The Left Admires Kyle Jurek

Will Bernie Sanders denounce Kyle Jurek? It is doubtful. Bernie and his allies ARE Kyle Jurek.

This week, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas exposed Bernie Sanders’ paid staffer Kyle Jurek as a self-described “anarcho-communist” who praised communist Cuba, advocated violence against political opponents, endorsed the gulags in the Soviet Union and stated that If Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, cities “will burn.”

Americans of good will need to say it out loud: The left embraces terrorists.

Jurek named his fellow comrades “JustinDerekDanielle and Jessica” as being even “further left than Democratic Socialists” which is frankly very difficult to achieve, as exposed at RAIR Foundation USA.

Marxists have long embraced violence as a means to achieve their glorious revolution, understanding that, in their warped ideology, some collateral damage is worth the liberation of humankind.

Kyle Jurek says glowingly that “reactionaries” in Cuba were rightfully killed. “Do you want to fight against the revolution?” he said. “You’re gonna die for it, mother f**ker!”

This belief is summed up well by John Drew in Trevor Loudon’s film, the Enemies Within (at around the 15 minute mark, free with Amazon Prime). Drew is a former communist who converted to Christianity and now repudiates his youthful ideology. “Back when I was a young communist, I was potentially one of the most dangerous people on the planet,” Drew explained. Drew said he would not have thought twice about “pulling the trigger” on someone that was “getting in the way of the revolution.”

Drew said that “[I]f you were on the wrong side of history, your life was worthless to me.”


Will Bernie Sanders denounce Kyle Jurek? It is doubtful. Bernie and his allies ARE Kyle Jurek.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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