The Only Person Known to Have Broken a Window on January 6th is a Violent BLM Protestor (Videos)

“I broke it. My bad, my apologies…No one got that on camera.”

The only person publicly known to have broken a window at the Capitol building on January 6th was a Black Lives Matter supporter who said that “armed revolution is the only way to bring about change effectively.” Conversely, the only shot fired in the Capitol building was the one that killed an unarmed Trump supporter.

Court documents reveal that Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan admitted to breaking a window on January 6, 2021. RAIR’s Amy Mek was the first to expose Sullivan’s radical background in the wake of the events at the Capitol.

I broke it. My bad, my apologies,” he said. “Well they already broke a window, so, you know, I didn’t know I hit it that hard. No one got that on camera,” he continued.

In another instance, Trump supporters thwarted a suspicious individual attempting to break windows. One can hear protestors yelling “No Antifa” in the background (around 2:10 minute mark):

Has there been documentation of Trump supporters breaking windows at the Capitol? It is ironic that that the only known instance of a window being broken at the Capitol was by a BLM protestor, and the only shot fired is the one that murdered Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

As reported on January 8th at RAIR, John Sullivan was referred to as a “civil rights activist” by a local Utah affiliate despite his violent history. He also was paid for his footage of the murder of Ashli Babbitt, and further scored interviews along with his comrade Jade Sacker with CNN, ABC and MSNBC.


But while the BLM activist portrayed himself as a citizen journalist, he is clearly heard encouraging Trump supporters to “burn this sh*t down.” He also proclaims “it’s our house motherf*ckers!”

Court documents also reveal that Sullivan intended to incite Trump supporters. He was quoted as saying:

I brought my megaphone to instigate shit. I was like, guys we’re going inside, we’re f*cking shit up. … I’m gonna make these Trump supporters f– all this shit up…. But i mean you’ll see. I have it all, I have everything, everything on camera, everything I just told you, and I mean everything. Trust me when I say my footage is worth like a million of dollars, millions of dollars. I’m holding on to that sh*t.”

A few weeks before January 6th, Sullivan tweeted that “armed revolution is the only way to bring about change effectively.”

John Sullivan Tweet

It is becoming clearer by the day that Trump supporters being held in isolation are victims of political persecution. Video documentation from January 6th is being withheld from the public because it is damning to the leftist “insurrection” narrative.

See RAIR’s coverage of the events that took place on January 6, 2021:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Renee, this headline is stupid and discrediting of RAIR, which I was not familiar with until now. There are prominent videos showing other people breaking windows. Was it your intent to make this organization, RAIR, look ridiculous?


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