The Truth about Fidel Castro's 'Literacy Program' and Bernie Sanders' Marxist Army: The Democratic Socialists of America

It is no surprise Democratic Presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders gushed over Cuba’s communist indoctrination program euphemistically referred to as the Cuban “literacy” program on 60 Minutes this week.

“When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it? ” -Bernie Sanders, February 23, 2020, CBS News’ 60 Minutes

It is no surprise Democratic Presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders gushed over Cuba’s communist indoctrination program euphemistically referred to as the Cuban “literacy” program on 60 Minutes this week.

Bernie Sanders would not dare throw Fidel Castro under the bus lest he lose the support of his personal boots-on-the-ground army and America’s largest Marxist organization: the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), who formally endorsed Sanders while also declaring themselves “in solidarity with the Cuban socialist struggle” during their biennial conference in August 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

DSA Convention Crowd via Twitter

This author is going to repeat that.

The Democratic Socialists of America formally endorsed Bernie Sanders while also declaring themselves “in solidarity with the Cuban socialist struggle”.

Watch a compilation of chilling statements made during the DSA conference and read about their other radical resolutions at the article posted at RAIR Foundation USA:

The Truth about Fidel Castro’s ‘Literacy’ Program

It is astonishing to this author to see the repeated breathless articles praising Fidel Castro’s propaganda mechanism that sought to indoctrinate the population of Cuba by, as always, exploiting the malleable youth.

According to a CIA intelligence report from August 1, 1962:

“Before the revolution, Cuba enjoyed a relatively high literacy rate – for all his faults, Batista had been a notable founder of rural schools. With great fanfare, however, the regime undertook to eradicate illiteracy in Cuba and named 1961 the ‘Year of Alphabetization.’ The universities and secondary schools were closed; the students and others were turned into ‘literacy brigades’ and sent forth to alphabetize the illiterate. The operation served three political purposes: (a) To organize, indoctrinate – and inspire – the literacy brigadiers; (b) to gratify the alphabetized and make them accessible to regime propaganda; and (c) to make a propaganda impact throughout illiteracy-ridden Latin America. Some illiterates proved recalcitrant, but in general the operation was successful in achieving these purposes.” – Intelligence Report: NIE 85-62: The Situation and Prospects in Cuba, August 1, 1962

As time has gone on, it appears that the truth about Fidel’s “literacy” program has been progressively scrubbed. Howard Zinn would be proud.

Here is a screenshot from the report:

Democratic Socialists of America Has Long Supported Bernie Sanders

Communism expert Trevor Loudon wrote recently at the Epoch Times that DSA “funded and manned his [Sanders’] election campaigns. They’ve propagandized for him and supported him for well over 30 years now. Sanders would be nothing without the DSA.”

DSA National Director Maria Svart affirmed her Marxist organization’s long-standing support for Bernie Sanders while addressing European communist and socialist groups in the Parliament in Brussels in April 2019. “We [DSA] did help Bernie raise money to run for the Senate…” she said. Leaving no doubt that the support by the DSA comes at a price, Svart continued:

“…after the election -after we’ve won, we will have an organized base of socialists in the United States to support Sanders and push Sanders…

Read the article posted at RAIR Foundation USA.

Resolution #62

As previously mentioned, as one of their many resolutions (which included support for Antifa, open borders, abolishing police and prisons to name a few), the Democratic Presidential Frontrunner’s biggest support group DSA resolved to “formally” declare themselves to be in ” solidarity with the Cuban socialist struggle.”

The resolution is below in it’s entirety. One of the goals of the resolution is for the DSA to gain “full membership” with the National Network on Cuba.

Understand that you are reading communist propaganda. The resolution itself is rife with misinformation intended to inspire the socialist base. The Democratic Socialists of America and Bernie Sanders are ideological allies.

Here is the resolution:

Title & Author “Cuba Solidarity” by Tom W. of West Suburbs IL DSA. 
Author’s Cost Estimate $120 annually in membership dues, plus a recommended $400 budget to subsidize expenses for DSA delegates selected to attend NNOC Convention. If accepted as member organization, the DSA is required to send one or more delegates to represent our organization at the the NNOC national convention (two-day conference held annually), plus at an annual teleconference.
Resolve  Be it resolved, the DSA formally declares itself in solidarity with the Cuban socialist struggle. The DSA unequivocally condemns the economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States and its allies, the American military presence in Guantanamo Bay, and any sanctions and actions that would undermine the self-determination of the Cuban people.   

Be it further resolved, the DSA will move to join the National Network on Cuba (NNOC), an American progressive organization dedicated to opposing acts of imperialist aggression against the Republic of Cuba.  

Be it finally resolved, within thirty days after passing, the DSA will submit its application for full membership to the National Network on Cuba (NNOC), and will take active measures to pursue full membership status.
  Background Information  Whereas, the American blockade of Cuba has violently impeded economic development in Cuba for decades, limiting the flow of people and materials to the island, costing the Cuban economy $130 billion.  

Whereas, in 2017, the Trump administration reversed the ‘people-to-people’ travel policy and forbids American tourists from frequenting Cuban government-owned hotels, stores, and other entities, as part of a larger strategy to undermine travel and trade with Cuba.  

Whereas, the Trump administration has ceased waiving Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, allowing American citizens and companies to file lawsuits against companies operating in Cuba in an attempt to stifle economic growth.  

Whereas, the Trump administration has announced new punitive measures to be taken against the Cuban people with the declared purpose of destabilizing the country in such a way that will “end the glamorization of socialism and communism.”  

Whereas, the National Network on Cuba (NNOC) is a United States progressive organization dedicated to combating aggression against Cuba. It’s mission is to educate the public, build relationships between Cuba and the international community, and oppose hostile American policy against the island.  

Whereas, in the era of Trump and Bolton, the DSA must affirm its commitment to international, anti-imperialist socialism and defend Cuban sovereignty.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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