Thierry Baudet Stuns Parliament: Exposes Covid is the Vehicle for the Globalist Plan (Video)

“Corona is the alibi, the pretext, the inducement to realize the new world order that has been prepared and desired for a long time.” – Thierry Baudet

Thierry Baudet, leader of the populist Right party Forum for Democracy in The Netherlands, gave a fiery speech in the Dutch parliament on Thursday to address the controversial coronavirus “vaccines” and globalists’ sinister role in the pandemic response. The leader took aim at the left-wing government for using coronavirus as another vehicle to seize power and control.

mRNA Potential Dangers

From the opening of Baudet’s speech on Friday, he stressed that he would address the entire Dutch populace, not only those already skeptical of the vaccine. He began by citing scientific research, which suggests that the mRNA versions of the COVID vaccine are more likely to produce harmful side effects in those who receive them and result in more fatalities than is usual for vaccines.

“These are shocking numbers that cannot be simply dismissed,” Baudet said of the findings.

Baudet further suggested that the vaccines are not effective against the virus’ newer mutations and that the mRNA vaccine’s unique mechanism of action can harm its recipients’ immune systems. He likewise cited a recent article from the Journal of Infection, which stated that those who have received mRNA vaccines are more susceptible to suffering worse effects from the virus’ delta variant than those who are unvaccinated.

Covid Has Low Case Fatality Rate

Baudet highlighted COVID is only fatal for 0.23% of those it infects, and for those below 70, the death rate falls to 0.05%. He said that in his view, the low risk of dying from the virus means that it is not worthwhile for those under 70 to undertake the risk in taking the vaccines – although he also cited a report in Nature magazine which claimed that the existing vaccines are not effective for those over 70.

Non-Vaccine Covid Treatments Vilified

Baudet noted that the authorities want to close off alternative treatment and testing methods to force people to get one of the experimental vaccines instead. In addition, he pointed out that those who are vaccinated become mildly symptomatic more often and are thus potentially more likely to spread the virus to others than are the unvaccinated. He likewise questioned the government’s decision to use QR codes to record citizens’ vaccination status instead of the yellow vaccination booklets previously used in the country for decades.

“All these things defy reason,” he concluded. “They lack all logic. . . . The goal of the Corona policy is not the protection of public health. . . . It all serves a completely different agenda, an agenda that is indicated with terms like The Great Reset and Build Back Better, an agenda that is rolled out globally and seems to have the whole world in its grip.”

Boosters Offer Unprecendent Vehicle For Control

Baudet stated that indications are that the vaccines will have to be administered to recipients several times a year for the foreseeable future and that such measures will give governments unprecedented control over their citizens’ lives. He also drew parallels between COVID policies globally and trends in other areas of social life that are increasing corporate and governmental powers over individuals, suggesting that the final goal of all these developments is the establishment of a digital identity for everyone in the world, which he noted was proposed as a global target by the United Nations in 2016.

Digital Identity – Total Government Control

He reminded his audience that, in 2016, the UN and the European Union expressed their intention to administer vaccines to everyone in the world regularly. Furthermore, the vaccines would be tracked by creating a digital identity for every person on the planet.

“Undoubtedly, these next steps will be presented to the citizens as useful things,” he predicted. “But those QR codes will never go away. They will become the new normal. So it was all about: the QR society, where good behavior is rewarded by access to social life, and bad behavior is punished with a scanner turning red. They are the ‘new traits’ of the new despotism, as Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw:

‘A despotism in which an immense state has taken the individual into its mighty hands, and which covers society with a network of small, complex, minute, and uniform rules which the most original spirits and the strongest souls are no longer able to get through . . . in the end, it reduces every nation to a herd of timid, diligent animals with the State as their shepherd.”

“Corona is the alibi, the pretext, the inducement to realize the new world order that has been prepared and desired for a long time,” he added.

Squashing Decent

Baudet then suggested that part of the intention of this scheme is to impede the success of populist parties such as his own. “In 2016, it seemed that the populists could very well be winning: the Ukraine referendum, Brexit, the miraculous rise of Donald Trump,” he said. “Globalism – which was defined by massive immigration, the EU, and climate thinking – would be punished by-election victories of people like us. But now, a way has been found to continue in the desired direction after all: to complete globalist socialism, the merger of neoliberal multinational thinking and statist welfare state thinking. Big government and big business are merging, going hand-in-hand, as James Burnham foresaw 60 years ago. . . .The QR society. Total government control. Unlimited possibilities for an omnipotent state.”

Forum for Democracy – Netherland Freedom Party

In closing, Baudet informed his audience that while his party has taken up a new cause, Forum for Democracy is still the same party it was before the pandemic. Its stance on the COVID response is a new way of addressing the same problems. “We still stand for the same values, the same country, the same tradition,” Baudet said at the end of his address. “But the playing field has changed because the adversary has undertaken a new form of attack. We will have to form a front as broad as possible in politics as well as outside of it to fend off this attack for good. . . . That is the mission of Forum for Democracy and my mission.”

The Forum for Democracy currently holds three seats in the Dutch Senate and five in the House of Representatives. They won 86 seats in the 2019 Dutch provincial elections, more than any other party. However, their support has dropped in the polls more recently, following several scandals that struck the party’s leadership last year.

Michael Williams


  • People on the left have already died. They are the cowards of humanity, willingly accepting anything again ANYTHING they are told.
    Thank GOD for right minded people, as they will save humanity. We must stand up together to kill off this globalist theology once and for all. A world wide bounty ( dead or alive) type. Joe biden and his lying friends would be first.

  • Caution & descernment. Never overlook the game of good cop bad cop. Trump is deep state actor. He set up & allowed the jab. He promotes it still. In older speeches trump promised a biometric identity for all and one world currency. Most only hear what they like and overlook the rest. American protests lag behind europe as in trump we trust neuters most to inaction. Biden and thugs is so horrid that most will want trump back. No! Biden and trump both need in the dump.

  • Father praises this man, And those sitting at the table ignoring him, shall be ignored by Father when they cry for their souls as they are whisked away to the pit for 1000 years in an attempt to find where they lost their souls. God forgives, but only those that deserve it.

  • #note Thierry Baudet has been hunted by the press after his 2019 election success. Everything about him was magnified and manipulated by the mainstrream media to demonize him. In the same way as Donald Trump in his term.
    To this day, continuously called out as fascist, racist anti-Semite, Nazi etc. etc. just because he is a threat to the establishment.


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