Thousands of Migrants Unleash Hell on Italy: Clash With Police, Stabbings, Families Robbed, Tourists Attacked (Watch)

By 2050, “twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration.”

On June 2, a violent brawl broke out between thousands of migrants on an Italian beach in Peschiera del Garda. A party organized by migrants from all across Lombardi via social media ended in fights, robberies, vandalism, stabbings, and police intervening with full riot gear.

Police intervention along the shores of Lake Garda (frame from Tik Tok)

The event had been broadcast for days with viral videos on TikTok. The mayors of Peschiera and Castelnuovo had already put the prefecture and law enforcement on notice. But only in the late afternoon, when the party had degenerated into a violent brawl with pipes, bottles, and knives, did police the intervention drive the migrants back towards the train station they arrived from.

It is a custom that has been in vogue for some years now: every summer weekend, groups of hundreds of migrant children or, as the media calls them, “new Italians,” gather to terrorize families on a trip to the Lake. But they had never been as many as this year. There were about two thousand – explains the mayor of Peschiera, Orietta Gaiulli. Almost all of them come from the Lombardy region. Once they got off at the Peschiera train station, “They bought large quantities of alcohol and headed to the meeting place, the free beach,” stated Gaiulli.

“The first year there were 200, the year after that 500 and yesterday 2,000 thousand”. The warning signs that something big was boiling were all there. For days the migrants were active on social media, especially TikTok, making their plans to meet at the Lake. “I had notified the police on May 30. Of course, no one expected such an invasion,” explains Gaiulli.

The first incident that required police intervention was a fight started by the theft of a wallet. “There were families who ran away. Acts of vandalism led to several stabbings. We had nine local police officers on hand. It would have been impossible for them to face them alone.” 

The hell lasted until the evening when the young foreigners invaded the Peschiera station on their way back home. The transport service was interrupted for several hours while the migrants terrorized innocent civilians.

The first week of June marked the opening of the summer season on the Lake. Many residents worry that the violent Migrant attacks will be repeated throughout the summer.

Europe: The Substitution of a Population

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, by 2050, “twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration.” In 2050, a third of Italy’s population will be made up of foreigners, according to a UN report, “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Decline and Aging Populations.”

Italian think-tank Fondazione Fare Futuro predicts that due to mass migration and the different birthrates of Christians and Muslims, half of Italy’s population could be Muslim by the end of the century. In just ten years, the number of migrants in Italy has surged by 419%.

At this point, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that mass migration aims to destroy local and national cultures through dilution. We have enough historical data from the past few decades to know that European and North Americans’ legal systems, cultural norms, and rights are being obliterated.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Vielen Dank to the biggest criminal von der Leyen & Co, so wonderful it is with this muslim shit in every EU country (except clever Orban’s).

  • Throughout history, Muslim hordes have repeatedly trued to invade Europe, but have always failed. This time with the help of delusional Europeans, they may have succeeded.


  • But… But… Cable news has assured me that multiculturalism is our strength and Replacement Theory is a racist lie.

  • This is how diversity works.
    Thanks to all the liberal jerks.

    Once Italy was white and clean.
    Now it’s just black, brown, and mean.

    Keep welcoming your enemies as you do.
    And very soon all of Italy will be through

  • The Kalergi plan implemented by the alumni of Klaus Schwab’s new leader school of the WEF. Macron, Merkel, Jacinda, and Trudeau

  • Putin, Orban, and China, the Middle East etc. have outlawed the “Open Society Foundation” of Soros and others who want to do away with borders and the sovereignty of nations to grab power all for themselves. They will manufacture opportunities and outrage to do so. They can’t help being sociopaths because it is in their genes. In the meantime, PBS uses “Open Society Foundation” as a sponsor.

  • Does Italy have social welfare programs that promulgate basically free everything for “migrants” ? If so are there programs also that assist authentic native born Italians/ of Italian heritage? (Ie. to allow those of Italian heritage to become more numerous without the confines of financial constraints, as these migrants who proliferate under these government social welfare programs/ entitlement programs/ benefit programs and do not have to worry about the costs associated with increasing their family size or raising, educating or even parenting their kids.)
    Does Italian govt differentiate between migrant/ refugee/ immigrant- or does anyone who gets to Italian soil simply be granted access to benefits and rights inherently Italian ?

    I have a friend that moved to Massachusetts, years ago, and told me he had a Muslim family that lived down the street-the man of the house had 5 wives. One was his legal wife to the eyes if the US, the other 4 were all in welfare, section 8 and WIC and food stamps etc. He had 3-5 kids with each wife- but the state was obviously husband and father to them all, as the point he made to me was that the state uses our tax dollars to help them affird to keep prolifeating……hiw does tgat even make sense? i am guessing this is what they do in Italy? Ive been to Italy in the 1990s it was a beautiful place and had a homogenusly beautiful people- but after reading this, I’ll never return. Why on earth would Italian leaders lead their people & country down the path to destruction? And oh the “pope”, I guess he doesn’t mind because he’s safely behind the border if the Vatican fortress walls…….

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  • Zio-Multiculturism. All was well planned by the usual suspects the Zio-Mafia. Their evil purpose the total destruction of Europe Christian and white culture.


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