Thousands of Patriots Fight Back Against Coronavirus Tyranny and Nursing Home Deaths in Ireland (Video)

Thousands of Patriots Fight Back Against Coronavirus Tyranny and Nursing Home Deaths in Ireland (Video)

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On August 23, 2020
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There is a freedom movement across the globe rising up against Chinese coronavirus tyranny imposed by leftist radical government officials, enabled by their co-conspirators in the media. One large rally in Ireland over the weekend is the latest illustration of the trend, as thousands of citizens came together to protest lockdown policies, with a focus on the horrific nursing home deaths that have taken place in the country.

As usual, the media is slandering the citizens who came together and diminishing the numbers of the crowd.

One of the speakers, a General Practitioner Dr. Marcus De Brun (see video below), passionately spoke about his anger at how the elderly have become sacrificial lambs to the coronavirus tyranny, when they are the very people who built Ireland. “I am an angry man. And that’s why I am standing here today because I am angry,” he said.

Speaking of the Irish government response to the coronavirus, Dr De Brun echoed the pattern that has been repeated across the West:

“When the virus arrived in Ireland and the nursing homes closed their doors and said ‘We’ll try to protect the people,’ Minister [for Health Simon] Harris said ‘No, open your doors, you’re wrong….”

But although the nursing homes attempted to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and oxygen, “there was none available,” Dr. De Brun said. The hospitals held the supplies to prepare for a “surge” as nursing homes were left to fend for themselves. Hospitals often shifted their own patients to nursing homes without even testing them for the virus. The result, as it has been all over the world, has been disastrous for the must vulnerable among us.

RAIR Foundation USA has discussed the victimization of the elderly in numerous articles:

It is almost as if the plan was to sacrifice the elderly all along.


Also watch Dr. Dolores Cahill, who chairs the Irish Freedom Party and has been persecuted for giving her own educated opinions about the coronavirus.

Watch the video that the Irish left has used to persecute Dr. Cahill.

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