Threat Alert: Australia is Allowing Muslim Preacher Wissam 'Abu Ousayd' Haddad to Build an Islamic Army

The “respected” Islamic scholar has threatened non-Muslims, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, Hindus, critics of Islam, former Muslims, Western leaders, and the very nations themselves.

Australian preacher Wissam “Abu Ousayd” Haddad is a central figure in Australia’s Muslim (Salafi) and Islamic terrorist community. The English-speaking Muslim scholar has also amassed many devoted jihadis on his dangerous social media channels. Despite his violent rhetoric and ties to Islamic terrorists, Haddad continues to operate in Australia with impunity.

Al Madina Dawah Centre – Hatred of Non-Muslims

Haddad operates out of Al-Madina Dawah Centre, located in a Bankstown building above several shops. The Islamic religious center openly boasts of its hatred of non-Muslims on its website’s “About Us” section (two hours after the publication of this article on December 27 at 5 pm PT, the Al-Madina Dawah Centre deleted its About Us section). A contempt which they admit comes from Islamic religious doctrine and holy text, “Prophet” Muhammad, and Allah:

Our ultimate goal is the Pleasure of Allah the Exalted.

Our aim is to bring the people into the true worship of Allah.

Our provisions are the Quran and Sunnah, and there can be no other understanding of this Deen, The Quran or the Sunnah accept with the understanding of the Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them all) our way is their way.

Our methodology is the Millah of Ibrahim (Peace be upon Him) purification Tawhid and rejection of Shirk and its people.

Our enmity is towards all those who oppose Allah, His Messenger Muhammed ﷺ and the way of all the Prophets, our hate is towards all those who reject Allah and his Messenger and all those who oppress the believing men and believing woman.

Our allegiance is to Allah, His Messenger, the Deen of Al-Islam and all the pious believers.

Our stance towards the innovators is that they are a corruption and evil from within, they have twisted the Sunnah, given a false picture of Islam and have created a false image of what Islam is or is not.

The Centre appears to have a mobile information van called The Madinah Van (The Dawah Van). As the counter-terrorism group, UTT explains, “the Koran speaks of Dawah – the Call to Islam.  “We do not punish until We send a messenger.” (Koran 17:15).  Tafsir Ibn Kathir, which legally defines every verse in the Quran, states this verse means Muslims cannot punish non-Muslims until they “give a warning” to them by inviting them to Islam. This is Dawah.

Wissam “Abu Ousayd” Haddad’s Background

For years, Hadad, a proud supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS), has been issuing calls to action to Islamic believers who feel it incumbent upon themselves to heed violent Qur’anic directives and become instruments of Allah’s wrath. Moreover, the authoritative Islamic scholar has expressed hatred and threats towards non-Muslims, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, Hindus, critics of Islam, former Muslims, Western leaders, and the very nations themselves. Meanwhile, he has supported violent extremist activity, raised donations for terrorists, and brainwashed thousands of soliders for Allah to despise non-Muslims.

Islamic bookstore breeding Muslim terrorists

In 2012 Haddad opened Australia’s most controversial shop, the Al Risalah bookstore and prayer center, which hosted radical preachers and terrorists who encouraged Australians to become foreign fighters. The bookstore was a hub for disseminating Islamic terrorist materials and a meeting place for jihadis. Many individuals who operated and preached there later joined Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State (ISIS) and/or were involved in terror activity inside Australia.

According to AIJAC, by 2013, it had become a hub for extremist preachers recruiting young Australian Muslims to illegally travel to Syria to fight for or to join Islamic terrorist groups. One of the preachers who lectured at Al-Risalah was Abu Sulayman (Mostafa Mahamad Farag), one of Australia’s highest-ranking Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. Among Haddad’s friends was ISIS terrorist Khaled Sharrouf – infamous for posting photos of his children holding severed heads – who frequently visited Al-Risalah before he traveled to Syria, where he was alleged to have been killed fighting for ISIS. Haddad defended his terrorist friend and told the media, ‘I don’t see what the big concern is getting children to hold up severed heads.’

Haddad’s bookstore was forced to close after media reports about its terrorist activity sparked public outrage. The Australian authorities raided Al-Risalah in September 2013, and a month later, the centre was forced to close.

Fire-bombing attack

In 2013, “Haddad was allegedly involved in a fire-bombing attack on a juice bar in Bankstown right next to the Al-Risalah centre. Haddad is suspected of being behind a two-week campaign of threats and intimidation against the owner of the juice bar, Ali Issawi after the latter was alleged online to be a supporter of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. According to newspaper accounts, Haddad openly threatened Assad supporters, saying people should “crush them down with our feet,” and demanded Issawi donate money to Syria. Reports suggest that Haddad influenced the individuals who later attacked Issawi’s shop.”

A spokesperson for German based Islamic terrorist organization

In 2014, Haddad became the spokesperson of the Australian branch of the German-based Millatu Ibrahim (“Religion of Abraham”) organization – which had been outlawed by Berlin two years earlier. As a result, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) canceled the passports of leading Millatu Ibrahim members in Australia, and the bank accounts the group used to channel funds to Syria and Egypt, supposedly for humanitarian aid, were shut down.

Haddad told the media that more Australians should go to Syria to join jihadist groups there: “Even if it’s a thousand [Australians going to Syria to fight and give aid to Islamist groups], I think it should be double that.” He begged to go to Syria himself to join ISIS and challenged the Australian Prime Minister at the time, Tony Abbott, to revoke his citizenship to enable the trip.

Avoids prison after police raid

In January 2015, the police raided Haddad’s home in Leppington in western Sydney, uncovering weapons, a machete hidden under his bed, ISIS DVDs (including sermons by the former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi), and an ISIS flag, along with dozens of newspaper clippings about counter-terrorism operations and arrests in Australia. Nevertheless, he escaped prison despite having been caught illegally possessing three weapons (two tasers and a can of capsicum spray) hidden in his house.

Haddad narrowly avoided a prison sentence after a counter-terrorism raid on his home, which uncovered weapons and Islamic state paraphernalia. Instead, he received a 12-month good behavior bond for possessing two tasers and a can of capsicum spray.

Fundraising for Islamic Terrorists

In 2016, the Australian TV series, A Current Affair highlighted Wissam Haddad’s terrorist activities in a show called “Donations for Terrorists.” They exposed how the “scholar” was using a pop-up mosque to raise funds for terrorists in Australian jails. Haddad, a former associate of Islamic State fighters Mohamed Elomar and Khaled Sharrouf, was setting up mosques in community centers to raise money for those held in Goulburn’s SuperMax. In addition, Haddad used his social media to attract like-minded donors to his “Brothers Behind Bars” crusade. However, there was suspicion that the unaccounted money would fund terrorist groups instead.

Merry Christmas is ‘Hated by Allah’

Over the years, many of his sermons have drawn outrage. For example, on December 16, 2022, Australian Islamic scholar Haddad lectured his followers that saying “Merry Christmas” is “more severe and hated by Allah” than congratulating someone for drinking alcohol, committing murder, committing adultery, or gambling. He added that this is an act of disbelief that sparks Allah’s anger.

Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch reports, “this is because a murderer kills the body, but someone who commits shirk, associating partners with Allah in worship, is supposedly killing the soul.”

The one hour and fifteen-minute sermon was posted to the radical YouTube account of the Al Madina Dawah Centre. Watch the following short segment posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

Source: Al Madina Dawah Centre Facebook

Death to Homosexuals & those who Insult Muhammad – Boycott India

On June 10, 2022 sermon by Haddad was posted on the Islamic centers’ YouTube channel slamming Muslims who supported homosexuality and threatening those who are Gay. He stated that Muslims who claim homosexuality is permitted in Islam are “sick people,” and apostates should go to Hell. In addition, he said that Muslims should not hide from the fact that homosexuality is punishable by death according to Islamic law.

Haddad only regurgitated what he had learned from his Prophet and Islamic text. A hadith depicts Muhammad specifying the punishment for homosexual activity: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Lot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.’” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4462)

In addition, commenting on the controversy sparked by an official from India’s ruling BJP party who “insulted” Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic scholar called on his audience to boycott Indian products because the “worshippers of cows” are making fun of Muhammad.

Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. So are those who desecrate the Quran or commit other acts of blasphemy. This tradition began with Muhammad, as recorded in the Hadith and by his biographers. There is also a Quranic basis for it, explains the Religion of Peace news site.

Death to Israel

Haddad discussed his hate of Isreal and support of Palestine during a sermon; They Are The Enemy, So Be Aware Of Them,” on May 20, 2021. He told Muslims they must pray for Allah to destroy the nation of Israel because of what the “Israeli Jews” are doing to the Palestinian people. He accused Arab leaders of preventing mujahideen from fighting in Jerusalem and Palestine.

Haddad praised the youth of Palestine, calling them “warriors,” “heroes,” and mujahideen for fighting against the Zionists and their illegal state:

They are fighting for their land. They are fighting for their home. They are fighting to make the word of Allah, glory to Allah, the highest, and the word of the disbeliever the lowest. What is happening in Palestine is not something old. Every year, year after year, the Zionists, the Zionist regime, the oppressive, illegal state of Israel, it kills our brothers and sisters.

In addition, Haddad asked his viewers to pray that the armies of the “tyrannical” Arab rulers rise up and fight against their own leaders. Moreover, he asked Allah to grant the Muslims victory so they could live under shari’a law.

Boycott France, Demands Death for those who Insult the Prophet

In November 2020, there was controversy surrounding the relations between Muslims and France following the re-publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad by Charlie Hebdo magazine, reported MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute). Once again, the cartoons sparked a wave of violent outrage among Muslims, leading to deadly terror attacks in France and calls to boycott the country. Hadad declared in an audio lecture titled “The Ultimate Response on The Insults of Our Prophet” that Muslims must not remain silent in the face of insults to the prophet by France, singling out President Emmanuel Macron. He writes that when Muslims see evil, they must oppose it with action [“the hand”], speech [“the tongue”], or in their hearts. However, he concedes that Muslims in the West are unable to take action and must therefore focus on speaking out against such offenses or boycotting French products. At the same time, he stresses that according to Islamic law, the only appropriate punishment for insulting the prophet is death, and that, while he isn’t calling for anyone to do anything “crazy,” he wouldn’t lose sleep if anyone were to do such a thing.

Haddad’s 28-minute lecture begins with a short insert from a French ISIS song, “Blood for Blood.” This is followed by a Quranic verse vowing punishment for those who offend Allah or the prophet Muhammad, shown against the backdrop of an image of President Macron. The lecture is accompanied by footage of current events related to its content. For instance, when Hadad discusses the need to respond with outrage to the Muhammad cartoons, the footage displayed is of flag-burning and heated protests.

The Qur’an explicitly says that Allah will punish people by the hands of the believers: “Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people, and remove the fury in the believers’ hearts.” (9:14-15) Also, Qur’an 33:57 says, “Indeed, those who abuse Allah and His Messenger – Allah has cursed them in this world and the Hereafter and prepared for them a humiliating punishment.”

‘Rebuild the Caliphate so Islam will dominate.’

Yet Haddad continues to preach his ideology in mosques and online. According to MEMRI, he has recently “expanded his online presence, sharing content on platforms such as Telegram, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube, in addition to his website,” including promoting content by the pro-ISIS British preacher Anjem Choudury.

A central idea in Haddad’s teaching is to urge Muslims to re-establish the Islamic empire (Caliphate) to subdue all humanity to Islam. In a video recently posted (Feb. 25) on his social media account, Haddad called on all Muslims to rebuild the Caliphate so that Islam would “dominate,” explaining that Islam “will dominate all other ways of life, even if the disbelievers they hate it, [and] even if the mushrikeen [polytheists] detest it.” Haddad says in the video, “We aim to establish Allah’s religion in its entirety in every soul and upon every inch of this earth.”

What are the chances Haddad and his followers will become loyal, stable, productive members of secular Australian society? How many more Islamic terrorists will Haddad breed before authorities take action?

For authorities to take action, they would have to admit that many of Haddad’s sermons come directly from Islam’s holy books and prophet. Moreover, to condemn Haddad would mean to criticize Islam, a supremacist ideology in which the role of non-believers is subordinate to the position of Muslims. Westerner Islamic appeasers have gone to great lengths to hide the fact that according to Islam, those who resist Islamic rule are to be fought until they are either killed or thoroughly humiliated and forced to acknowledge their inferior status by converting to Islam or by paying a poll-tax and otherwise accepting the subjugation of their own religion.

Failure to understand that Haddad is acting from authentic Islamic doctrine is suicide for western nations. By the time non-Muslims dare to have an honest conversation about Islam, it might be too late.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



    • What would the Australian government say (or do) if Christians began assembling an army? Would it stand by and smile? Think on it, eh?

  • Nice work Leftists. You brought these barbarians in by the millions so don’t be surprised when they glide their knives across your throats.

    • I got a feeling that it won’t just Leftists throats that they will be slitting it will be
      any who does not convert to Islam like you & me.

  • “Michelle Obama says she ‘couldn’t stand’ Barack for 10 years”


  • Downunder has gone DHIMWIT!

    What’s a “Dhimwit” you say?
    Glad you asked!…
    But first, you need to know what a “Dhimmi” is:

    From TheReligionofPeace . com
    Dhim·mi (dîm-mî or zîm-mî) – An Islamic term that refers to a subjugated non-Moslem person living in a Moslem society.
    Second-class status is confirmed by the Shariah Law legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Moslem rulers. Dhimmis pay the annual Jizyah tax, it is ‘Protection Money’ of 30% or more — the money, or tribute, that conquered non-Muslims pay to their Islamic overlords “with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued” to safeguard their existence, as indicated in koran 9:29
    Dhimmi are restricted in everything that they do, or would like to do!

    Dhimwit (dïm-wît) – A non-Moslem member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility.
    A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.
    See also: Useful Idiots

    • Actually, those who treat dhimmi badly are going against the teachings in the Quran and the Hadiths
      “Whoever persecuted a dhimmi or usurp his right or took work from him beyond his capacity, or took something from him with evil intentions. I shall be a complainant against him on the day of Resurrection” and “Whoever hurts a dhimmi, … I shall ask for his right on the Day of Resurrection”

      ‘Their property is like our property and their blood is like our blood’

      The problem is that extremists and hardline Muslims warp the teachings and make them into something that fits what they want. They are the danger more than the actual religion itself.


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