Threat Alert: Canada Launches All-Out War on Doctors and Lawyers Who Oppose State Narratives (Interview)

Retired Ottawa litigator and lawyer Ari Kulidjian confirms that Canada’s regulatory bodies, such as the colleges that oversee medical professionals and lawyers across Canada, have been captured by the far left.

In Canada, it’s been clear for a while now what you can and cannot say publicly. Expressing dissent with Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government is a risky proposition, likely to land you in hot water, if not in jail. 

But now there’s one man with a social media following of 15 million people worldwide refusing to back down. So as the Canadian College of Psychologists pursues Jordan Peterson, a conservative-leaning, straight-talking academic, doctors, and media personality, threatening to suspend his license to practice as a clinical psychologist unless he undergoes media re-training, he’s just saying “No.” 

Dr. Peterson is accused, by those who have filed complaints against him with the College of Psychologists, of retweeting criticism of Justin Trudeau and his colleagues, an Ottawa City councilor, and Jacinda Ahern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. He is accused of doing so “disrespectfully,” in a “horrific” manner that spread “misinformation”; that was “threatening” and “harassing”; that was “embarrassing to the profession,” he wrote in the National Post. As he explains in his own words in his recent op-ed, he is also accused of being sexist, transphobic, incapable of the requisite body positivity related to morbid obesity, and a climate change denialist. None of this had any bearing or link to his clinical psychology practice, given that he stopped seeing patients in 2017. Nonetheless, the College of Psychologists of Ontario is threatening to withdraw Dr. Peterson’s license. 

In an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation, retired Ontario litigator and lawyer Ari Kulidjian confirms that regulatory bodies, such as the colleges that oversee medical professionals and lawyers across Canada, have been captured by the far left. “The Law Society is a captured organization,” he says. “I mean industry capture. I mean, special interests and particular corporate interests rule the day. Frankly, from what I can tell, it’s no different than the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario). If the Law Society is made up of a bunch of benchers that are all from large firms, and they’re all doing corporate or other work for the colleges, the pharmaceuticals, the government itself. And then you’re having those individuals sit and judge those standing up and opposing and voicing their concerns about things; you’re not going to get a fair hearing. There’s no rule of law left at the Law Society. And that, I can say, is consistent with my own experience, personally, with the Law Society.”

In 2013 when Kulidjian was preparing to give up practicing law after nearly 20 years to go into business, he discovered that the Ontario government was perpetuating a $60-million fraud that indirectly impacted his client. While Kulidjian was successful on his client’s behalf, the Law Society brought a dozen or so proceedings against him. He was successful in defeating all the serious allegations. 

Several years after he had stopped practicing, the Law Society went after him once again, this time on charges of masquerading as a lawyer entitled to practice law. He had been visiting a friend, incarcerated for a driving infraction. “It took almost a year for that to go to hearing. And I was confident I would beat them on these trumped-up charges,” recalls Kulidjian. But a week before the hearing, the Law Society let him know that the main witness, a correctional officer from the jail, had changed her testimony. “And they had, you know, they had completely changed the story. I think they recognized that they were going to lose,” he says. “They had her change her story. And ultimately, that was enough to get a conviction against me. So what should have been a slam dunk, dismissal on appeal, didn’t happen. It made it clear to me that these people will do anything to get their conviction, including suborning a witness, which is what she did.”

More recently, around the time Kulidjian spoke out at an all-candidates meeting for Ottawa District School Board Trustees to ask some basic questions about masking children to Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth he has had grapefruit-sized rocks thrown through the windows of his house two nights in succession. Dr. Kaplan-Myrth was the star of a viral video in which she was filmed alone, in her office, on a zoom call, fully masked. Kulidjian made the police aware and, during a visit, was warned by them not to escalate any behavior. They refused to address the incident, citing a different file number.

 Kulidjian has become aware of the Law Society withdrawing the license to practice of a lawyer based in Cornwall, Ontario, who was representing a woman, pro-bono, accused of public mischief for breaking a lockdown order and singing Oh Canada at a public freedom rally. He had, for some time, come to suspect that there was foul play with the covid story. Things did not add up for this lawyer. So, he posted articles to his website questioning the pharmaceutical industry and the lack of liability for the covid vaccine manufacturers. Once it became known that he was representing this freedom rally client, other Cornwall-based lawyers filed a complaint against him. They doxed him; they released his address; his car was stolen; his house was broken into; he was physically assaulted in his office and ended up in the hospital. 

Another complaint was filed against him for speaking at a freedom rally, this time by someone in British Columbia who did not know the Cornwall lawyer. A little digging revealed that the complainant used to work in the Privy Council and for the RCMP in Ottawa. “It has to be coordinated,” asserts Kulidjian. “There’s no way by accident somebody you don’t know makes a complaint about you from British Columbia. This just doesn’t make sense.” 

Subsequently, the lawyer ended up before a panel at the Law Society. The chair of this panel was a partner at McCarthy’s, a national law firm representing Moderna, Pfizer, and the CPSO. 

Does it come as any surprise that the lawyer’s license to practice has been suspended? 

“The conflicts are screaming out, and nobody’s saying anything about it,” says Kulidjian. “There was a recent appointment of a senior CPSO lawyer to the Superior Court. That’s exactly what you would expect in an environment like this, where they’re not looking for the truth. They’re looking to railroad their agenda. You know, willingly or not. That’s what’s happening.”

However, these captured regulatory bodies, among them the College of Psychologists, may have met their match in Jordan Peterson. “In any case: I’m not complying. I’m not submitting to re-education. I am not admitting that my viewpoints — many of which have, by the way, been entirely justified by the facts that have emerged since the complaints were levied — were either wrong or unprofessional,” he writes in the National Post. “I’m going to say what I have to say, and let the chips fall where they will. I have done nothing to compromise those in my care; quite the contrary — I have served all my clients and the millions of people I am communicating with to the best of my ability and in good faith, and that’s that.

“And to the College of Psychologists, I issue this challenge: I am absolutely willing to make every single word of this legal battle fully public so that the issue of my professional competence and my right to say what I have to say and stand by my words can be fought in full daylight.” 

Let the games begin. 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • The rabbit hole down which we slide has now closed in. Sanity and truth are lost making freedom just an illusion. Progressivism has dissolved the glue that bound us and nothing good comes our way. An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. Peterson is trying to correct it but the people are now canted because they took freedom for granted. “You have your life, comrade, what more do you want?”. You will miss freedom as we go back to the future. We will discover too late that it would have been easier to maintain it than to recreate it. I miss it already.

  • “Grotesque’ new Batman story features the Joker becoming pregnant and giving birth to a ‘handsome’ baby
    One critic of this new plot asked, ‘Who else is sick of this lunacy?’ ”





  • I can’t remember the woman’s name now, but Peterson has been a huge supporter of a bisexual left-wing fast-talking hyper female academic who supports “man-boy” “love”, etc., etc. He’s done big in-depth interviews with her where he made it clear that he agrees with pretty much everything she says and believes.
    He’s NOT right-wing, and his new “God” and “Jesus” line is counterfeit.

    • From the beginning of Peterson’s “rise” to fame, I have been suspicious. While some of his musings, such as opposition to the gender pronoun silliness, are well grounded, there are other “controversial” topics that he either won’t touch, or supports the official narrative. I see him as controlled opposition, just as I see everyone with a meteoric rise.
      As for “right-wing”, the old left/right political paradigms are dead and buried. All political parties in a position to form a government have been infiltrated and now controlled by globalists. Those that haven’t been, like AfD and France’s infiltrated but not controlled National Rally are labelled “extremist”. I put Peterson fully in the globalist camp.

  • The imposters pretending to be legit politicians, whom Jordan has upset with a dose of the truth are not worthy of our respect in any way whatsoever. Until TurdBoy and Hardern start behaving like they actually give a shit about their respective countries, and stop rimming Mr Scwabbs smelly ring, we will give these tossers zero respect. Period.


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