Threat Alert: Caravan Leader Vows 10k+ Illegals Will Storm the Southern Border In Coming Weeks

Irineo Mujica called for the two caravans to meet up and merge in Veracruz on the 18th of November, 2021.

Caravan leader Irineo Mujica, a dual citizen of America and Mexico, threatens the United States can expect a tsunami of tens of thousands of illegal migrants coming over the Southern border in the upcoming days and weeks.

Independent journalist, Oscar El Blue of Border Network News posted a report on Mujica’s plan to move through Sonora through Arizona via his YouTube Channel, where he interviewed Mujica. The caravan leader told El Blue that no one “on our side” was responsible for the migrants. Mujica said he told the migrants that they had not gone on the 12-day journey to be treated like prisoners. Mujica promised to convoke another caravan “in 10 days” in Veracruz, Mexico, that will join with the existing caravan of around 4,000 Haitian migrants. Mujica called for two caravans to meet up and merge in Veracruz on November 18th.

El Blue says the National Guard and The National Institute of Immigration (INM) failed to stop this caravan in Chiapas, Mexico because just a few weeks ago, several illegal migrants died trying to complete the journey. One of the deaths was an 11-year-old from Haiti who drowned while attempting to swim across from Guatemala. 2 other deaths were in Cuba when the National Guard gunned down illegal migrants who were being trafficked via tractor-trailer coyote. Essentially, El Blue explains that neither organization wants to be accused of bombarding the group of illegal migrants or being inhumane when force must be used to control or stop the caravan.

Mujica told El Blue the caravans intended to negotiate with the government and comply.

WATCH via RAIR Foundation USA on Rumble – Irineo Mujica, leader of the caravan, sends a message to the ambassador of the USA to Mexico, Ken Salazar:

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The video El Blue referenced was posted to Twitter on November 8th, with caravan leader Mujica insisting he is organizing yet another caravan with at least 4,000 migrants. The caravan will move through the northern border of Sonora that connects to Arizona, where he will then build a larger caravan of 10,000.

Source: Oscar El Blue – Twitter
October 2021

Last month, Mujica, a dual citizen of both Mexico and the United States and director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras (or People Without Borders), told reporters to expect upwards of 65,000 Haitian migrants to make their way onto American soil no later than October 23rd with or without documentation.

Source: Susana Solís Informa – Twitter

By October 25th, migrants were well on their way to the Southern border, using a QR code to sign up, according to Fox News national correspondent Griff Jenkins. The QR code was posted on a Facebook group page belonging to PUM Pueblos Unidos Migrates, which is labeled as a nonprofit organization on the social media site.


On the organization’s Facebook page, some of the posts have been translated into English. Several of the videos posted on the site include Mujica himself updating and organizing the migrants. One translated post published by Mujica on October 20th, just a few days before the journey began, reads:

The intelligence Mujica references in the above post has been confirmed by DHS officials in an email reported on October 19th that read in part:

DHS recently developed a new analytical effort that combines law enforcement and intelligence resources to enhance our capacity to prepare operationally for the large numbers of migrants that may arrive along the southwestern border.”

However, The National Institute of Immigration (INM) explained that no Haitian migrants had been granted protections via amparos or court writs in a press release. Furthermore, even if they had been granted to the migrants, Amparo’s do not offer free transit. The press release states that only four amparos lawsuits have been considered, with 41 complaints in each jurisdiction – for a total of only 82 migrants having filed. According to the report, these 82 complainants stem from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba. The INM report explains that the current amparos are still “pending,” resulting in all complainants having to remain in Chiapas to receive the final ruling and that the migrants are not allowed free travel while the amparos are under review.

El Blue reported on the state of the migrants at the end of October after their “nightmare of walks,” where he showed young children and adults dehydrated from the journey and living in very poor conditions. El Blue added over 2,000 children in the one camp alone, many sick and without access to medication, noting that he’d hoped to see medical attention from Mapastepec medical workers.

Source: Oscar El Blue – Twitter

What is Pueblo Sin Fronteras?

Pueblo Sin Fronteras means “People Without Borders.” Through the group “National Day Laborer Organizing Network,” Pueblo Sin Fronteras is deeply associated with the shadowy but influential “Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” a “US Marxist-Leninist group, coming out of the Maoist tradition,” through the 501 (c) (3) organization National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which has received millions in donations from labor unions and other nonprofit organizations each year.

According to a 2018 article by the L.A. Times, Radical left activist Bert Corona founded the group “to work with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in solidarity with the ‘caravans.'”

The organization is affiliated with the Chicago-based 501(c)(3) pro-illegal immigration group Centro Sin Fronteras. Together, the organizations have been involved in organizing approximately 1,000 economic migrants from Central America to attempt to cross the U.S. and Mexican borders illegally since 2010.”

What is Centro Sin Fronteras?

According to Influence Watch, this organization advocates against the deportation of illegal aliens in the United States, “a ‘moratorium on all raids,’ comprehensive immigration reform ‘that provides legalization for the 12 million ‘illegal immigrants in the U.S., and a ‘renegotiation of NAFTA and other trade and financial agreements’ to better suit the interests of Mexico.”

Pastor of Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago, Illinois, president and founder of the Centro Sin Fronteras, and left-wing illegal immigration activist Emma Lozano is listed as the executive director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, according to Influence Watch.

Emma Lozano - InfluenceWatch
Emma Lozano Source: Influence Watch

Recent Messages from Mujica

According to independent journalist Ali Bradley, when asked how he was funded, Mujica “emptied his pockets and claimed the migrants help buy him food…”

Source: Ali Bradley – Twitter

El Blue also spoke with Mujica, who sent a similar message to the ambassador of the United States in Mexico, challenging him to “show me the millions that I’m stealing from the people, show me the millions in my account.”

Source: Oscar El Blue – Twitter

Through non-profit radical left organizations, American citizens such as Irineo Mujica are free to perpetuate mass illegal migration.

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Haley Kennington

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and reporter, as well as a contributor for dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. In addition, she served as Research & Archival Editor for DW's "What Is A Woman?" and as Research Director & Story Editor for Amazon's #1 documentary in 2020, "The Plot Against the President".

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  • You know what? At this point it’s like “whatever” for me. They’re coming to a country looking at increasing food (and other items) shortages and an economy that’s about to collapse. They’re going to wish soon that they’d have stayed where they were. So they come here for the “freebies”? Fat lot of good that’s going to do them when there isn’t much to buy. I don’t get why they’d want to come here anyway. Lots more wild edibles where they came from, and easier to grow things in warmer climates. Knock your bad selves out, cause I’m considering moving down there where they came from. Morons. You were better off where you were, and too stupid to realize it.

    • Good points all. As insane as this sounds some Americans will leave their country due to a government that will not save them and a large part of the population not willing to save themselves or their nation. The US already has a severe food and water shortage throw in millions of homeless Americans and you want to come here for the freebies ? They may not last long. Expect a civil war, race war and revolution all rolled into one nasty, long lasting mess with you illegals caught here with no way out.

  • Unbelievable that Ingraham can be this stupid:

    “Overall, Ingraham said things are not better with Joe Biden as president than Donald Trump.”


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