THREAT ALERT: Hizb ut-Tahrir demands France Submit to Sharia the Day after Church Jihad Attack (Video)

Despite the West’s “false and deceptive freedom of speech” they will never be able to stop “the advance of Islam” proclaimed the Hizb ut Tahrir spokesman.

While handfuls of bouquets of flowers still lay mournfully in the chilly autumn drizzle in front of the French embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark for the slain Christians at a church in Nice, fanatical supporters of the Islamic radical organization Hizb ut-Tahrir stood holding the “black flag” of Jihad, lodging threats against France, the West and our Freedoms.

The radical islamic “political party with cells in more than 40 nations”, bellowed their hate against French President Macron and France’s display of Muhammed cartoons. Despite the West’s “false and deceptive freedom of speech” they will never be able to stop “the advance of Islam” proclaimed the Hizb ut Tahrir spokesman.

In a press release about the event, Hizb ut-Tahrir slammed the “aggressive anti-Muslim policies led by France, with the arrogant President Macron.” They reminded their followers where their loyalties must remain, “We call on all Muslims to stand firm on their unconditional loyalty to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.”  

Hizb ut Tahrir’s demonstration was held only one day after France was subjected to their third islamic terror attack this autumn. An attack that cost three Christians their lives. The terrorist, was a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant who had illegally arrived last month in France. The migrant entered Europe via Italy and made his way to France. This same Tunisian migrant barbarically cut off the head of one of the victims while yelling “Allahu Akbar” in a church in Nice.

Hizb ut-Tahrir organized a protest in Denmark in front of the French embassy not to show “sympathy for the victims nor for the terror-plagued France” but to affirm their commitment to Islam, their Prophet and condemn France for its resistance to Islamic rules on freedom of speech and blasphemy.

In between ritual Islamic chanting at the event, the speaker shouted about an arrogant French president and excoriated Western values that he felt were being forced on Muslims. He demanded of his fellow Muslims to NOT integrate into our Western societies

 ‘We are here today to show a clear Islamic position. We will always – ALWAYS – choose the side of the Prophet in this case (freedom of speech), and any other case”, he shouted aggressively from his pulpit to the hundreds of mainly young men who periodically chanted throughout his speech: “TAKBIR! Allahu Akhbar TAKBIR! Allahu Akhbar… “

Watch the following threatening demonstration in front of the French embassy in Copenhagen:

As a Danish citizen, I question where are the Danish lawmakers and politicians who also witness these types of public Islamic outrages? Denmark was quick to arrest Rasmus Paludan, head of the Danish Stram Kurs party, for the crime of “racism” based on his remarks criticizing Islam. Yet, they remain silent about Hizb ut Tahrir? Why are they not doing more to protect freedom of speech, our lives, our culture and our values?

Hizb-ut-Tahrir (“Party of Liberation”) is a pan-Islamist, fundamentalist, radical political organization whose stated aim is the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate. They openly state that their sole purpose is to proselytize Islam and to implement (force) Sharia onto the world – with terror and violence if need be. The radical pro-Sharia terror group is banned in several countries including Germany, China, Russia, Turkey, and many countries in the Middle East. Why isn’t this organization banned in Denmark? America? Australia? Or other nations that lay claim to values of classical liberalism, equal protection for all, and freedom of speech.

Video translated by the author of this article: Tania Groth

Hizb Ut Tahirir spokesperson

Yet again we are experiencing an attack on our [unintelligible].

Again we experience an attack on our convictions.

Yet again we are witnessing an attack on our Islam.

Yet again we are witnessing mockery and insults.

But our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)…


Yet again the leader of France together with the rest of Western leaders would have us surrender 
Mohammedto their false and deceptive freedom of speech so that he can be a target of their attacks.

But thanks to Allah, may their wishes and expectations perish.

We will never… never ever… right down to the fingernails… Allah [blah blah Islamic chanting]

Our lives, our property, our fathers, our mothers, our siblings, our wives and our children… 
May they all be sacrificed in the name of Allah.


We are not gathered here today to protect Mohammed — may peace be upon him.

We are not here to protect him. Allah [unintelligible, possibly Arabic]…

Allah has taken up the task of protecting him.

Allah says [unintelligible Arabic].

Verily, verily we are adequate protectors for you and Mohammed against those who insult you… 
[unintelligible]… and he is verily the best protector.

We are here to tell the country of France, and whoever fights against Islam:
your mockery, your insults, your attacks, and your fight against Islam will never 
stop the advance of Islam.

Islam will continue, and the torch of Islam, and its light, will soon reach all 
corners of the world.

[Islamic chanting]

Last but not least, I am here to emphasize that these systematic insults of Muslims are part 
of a desperate politics where Western governments try to force Muslims to accept their 
culture and their false values, while you [unintelligible], while you [unintelligible] a 
crisis that is in the process of free fall, and you are in the process of losing your own 
people because of this crisis.

We are here today to show a clear Islamic viewpoint. 

and we will always… ALWAYS… take the side of the prophet in this case [re freedom of speech]

Tania Groth

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  • Thanks to the bloody F Left/ Socialists/ Multicultural/ Globalists/ progressives/ greens/ Commies/ big Tech that support ‘them’. They have been used to destroy our Culture from within. THEY MUST BE REPATRIATED… NOW!!!!!!


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