Threat Alert: Left-Wing Activists Create 'Lists'; Demand Punishment for Trump Allies

“Expect a brutal tyranny in America if these unhinged leftists take control of the federal government.”

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A dangerous trend of high profile individuals calling to punish Trump Administration officials and allies is rapidly rising. Some are demanding that anyone associated with the president are banished from future employment, and others are ominously calling for “justice” for unnamed crimes. RAIR Foundation USA has compiled an alarming array of tweets from prominent leftists, “Never Trumpers” and former Obama staff bent on revenge.

From senators to mainstream “journalists,” the rabid left are salivating over the potential power that will be handed to them should Joe Biden win the yet-to-be decided 2020 election. Part of the intimidation effort includes compiling “lists” for public shaming reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and tactics used in nazi Germany.

See the featured image for a screenshot taken from a CNN propaganda report of “GOP Senators who Haven’t Congratulated Biden” with the sub-title: “Trump’s Defiance Fueled by Enablers Like Barr, McConnell, Fox”.

Some of the non-specific demands for “accountability” include the desire for a so-called “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”. Others are calling for lists of those who have supported President Trump to be made public should they dare seek employment in the future. Surely, any corporation or university who hires a former Trump administration official will hear from the rage mob, unless Americans start pushing back against this unacceptable behavior.

See a small sample of tweets from high-profile leftists:

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts (6.4M Twitter Followers):

Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN Jake Tapper (2.9M Twitter Followers):

Face of and Former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (1.1M Twitter Followers):

Trey Graham, Retired NPR Producer (16.4K Twitter Followers):

Lincoln Project Founder Steve Schmidt (1.2M Twitter Followers):

Lincoln Project, PAC formed by Self-Described Republicans (1.2M Twitter Followers):

Evan McMullin, Former Presidential Candidate; Outspoken Never Trumper (501.8K Twitter Followers):

On November 5th, Ferguson activist and podcaster Sarah Kendzior (595.7K Twitter Followers) tweeted: “The Trump crime cult has lived above the law and they need to be brought to justice. Certain members of it — Kushner, Miller, etc — have been treated as untouchable. A Biden admin needs to show that no one is above the law.”

She continued:

Brandon Friedman, Former Obama Administration Official, Journalist (54.2K Twitter Followers):

Socialist US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DSA Member (10.1M Twitter Followers):

Hari Sevugan, Senior Spokesman for Obama Presidential Campaign (14.5K Twitter Followers):

Michael Simon, Obama Data Analytics Worker, 2008 Campaign (7.5K Twitter Followers):

Jennifer Rubin, MSNBC Contributor, Washington Post Opinion (526.1K Twitter Followers):

Jennifer Rubin on MSNBC:

Back in January, RAIR Foundation USA reported on Kyle Jurek, the self-described “anarcho-communist” who was a Cuba-loving paid staffer of then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Jurek was exposed by Project Veritas for his violent comments about gulags and burning down cities should Bernie not get the Democratic nomination. The media never called out Bernie Sanders and Sanders did not even fire the outspoken staffer.

The truth is that many on the left have tyrannical tendencies and sympathize with Kyle Jurek. Make sure these people do not get power.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • For four years they’ve done everything possible by lying, cheating, disrespecting, misleading, silencing, offending, abusing authority, insulting Americans in order to disrupt a legitimately elected president. Now they want us to be quiet, accept their bullsh*t and fall in line . F*ck them and their kumbaya rhetoric, f*ck their lies, f*ck their hypocrisy, f*ck their incompetence and corruption.


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