Tommy Robinson takes on the Danish Press & exposes the coordinated Global effort to Silence You

Tommy Robinson takes on the Danish Press & exposes the coordinated Global effort to Silence You

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 21, 2020
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Tommy Robinson received the prestigious 2019 ‘Sappho Award’ from the Danish Free Press Society in Copenhagen on January 18, 2020. According to the Free Press Society website this is “awarded to a person who has shown uncompromising courage in the struggle for the free word.”

While accepting his prize, Robinson said “Silicon Valley, the alliance of globalists, Islamists and the far-left, are taking away our free speech.” “The British establishment, I believe, they looked and saw the power that we had through Facebook, through social media,” Robinson said. “This level of censorship terrifies me, the control that Silicon Valley now has in controlling how people think.”

As usual, violent BLM and Antifa protesters, many who were masked, were gathered outside of the Danish Parliament building in Copenhagen where Robinson was getting ready to accept his free speech award. The radicals were holding antifa flags, threatening violence and spewing hate at attendees of the event.

Ezra Levant from Rebel Media tried to interview those lodging threats outside of event but was quickly blocked by the Danish police who protected the radicals. As Levant points out, “as usual it is the cops who buckle, because they know the path of least resistance, is to push around free speech activists as supposed to antifa thugs”

After receiving the honor, Tommy sat down with Deadline – one of Denmark’s most popular leftist news programs. Despite their slanderous comments and antagonistic tones towards Robinson, he will seize on any rare opportunity leftist media will give him to challenged their smears towards him.

In September 2019, RAIR Foundation USA covered an interview Deadline did with Peter Andreas Münster, Facebook’s Head of Communications for the Nordic Region, where he admitted to censoring virtually everything positive connected to journalist Tommy Robinson.

Facebook’s latest updated “community standards” seem to preclude even the mention of Tommy Robinson’s name and other “blacklisted conservatives”. Violators of the rule may have their posts summarily taken down, and their accounts suspended.

Facebook went so far as to equate Tommy Robinson with Ratko Mladić, the Bosnian Serb military commander who was convicted of genocide and sentenced to life in prison.

During his interview on Deadline, Robinson addressed his “illegal and unlawful arrest”, ban on social media and assaults on free speech talking place across the free world.

Tommy Robinson details how the leftist tech giants, politicized police, courts, and establishment parties as well as globalist media, work together to prevent anyone from discussing the effects Islam, or open borders and mass migration on British, and western society.

Many thanks to Tonia Groth for the translation

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Rolf Wittwer
The photo with the Neanderthals expresses all the stupidity and awkwardness of this leftist "global movement"...!
VC Bestor
The Danish video you provide illustrates Tommy's point beautifully: presstitutes protecting barbarians who systematically rape children. "Fake news" attacks free speech in order to promote the law of Islam in our midst. The masterminds of this scheme I call our "satanic ruling cabal." Against their evil, Tommy and Trump lead the charge!
Another attempt to smear Tommy and another fail.!! When will they learn and start telling the truth
Its a shame that although tommy is not a far right racist he does attract those types
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