Trans Lunacy: Male Athlete Identifying as a Woman Steals 8th Running Title, Compares His Detractors to 'Hitler'

“Valentina” Petrillo won his 8th women’s track title in Italy. Sure, Petrillo is actually a man named Fabrizio, but don’t you dare be a “Nazi” and question this lunacy.

A 50-year-old trans-identified male runner has seized his eighth championship title in a women’s category after smashing the competition at the Italian Indoor Masters Championship in Ancona.

On March 12, Valentina Petrillo, born Fabrizio, competed in the 200m race for women aged 50 to 54. Marco Alciator, a statistician, was present at the championship to monitor Petrillo’s performance and provided a report to the Italian Feminist Post on what he witnessed.

Alciator recorded a difference in “physicality [was] immediately noticeable” and that the female competitors could not hold their own against Petrillo, who effortlessly dominated the competition.

But Petrillo’s prowess in women’s athletic competitions is hardly praiseworthy, says Alciator, who notes that if Petrillo had been competing in the equivalent men’s race, he wouldn’t have even broken the top 10.

“Were it not for the fact that Petrillo is still unbelievably entitled to compete in the women’s category, he would have finished 14th place in the M50 category.”

Following Petrillo’s victory, the female athlete who came in second place expressed disappointment in the results. If not for Petrillo, Cristina Sanulli would have come in first place and set a women’s indoor running record.

“We do not feel equal precisely because [Petrillo’s] physical structure is male,” Sanulli told Alciator. “So we are not running at par. Although the [personal] path Valentina has taken is respectable… athletically speaking, it is not, and because of this, we feel very discriminated against.”

At the end of the race, a spectator could be heard shouting, “Brava, Cristina!” a cheer that received applause from other athletes. This show of support for Sanulli enraged Petrillo, Alciator says, who then shouted several times in response: “Dedicated to all those who want to hurt me!”

Leading up to the latest race, a women’s rights advocacy group called RadFem Italia contacted government officials to ensure that Petrillo would not be granted access to the women’s locker rooms. In response, Petrillo was provided with a designated changing room reserved especially for him at the Italian Master’s Championships in Ancona.

On March 16, Petrillo again lashed out in a Facebook post wherein he equated criticism of his presence in women’s sports to Nazism, telling detractors they were “on the same level as Hitler” and comparing sex-based sports categories to a 1936 ban on Jewish athletes.

Upset at being denied the use of the women’s locker room, Petrillo wrote, “In Ancona, you made me have a terrible time, it is not fair… you’ve relegated me to a ‘dedicated’ locker room,” a situation which he claimed was similar to the segregation of those called appestati, or sufferers of a plague.

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


    • What Nazi? The real, historical Nazis fought tooth and nail to the bitter end against the Khazarian Satanist Kabal pushing all this social rot.

  • What this insanity going to teach female children? I shudder to think just how mindf***ed the next generation will be.

  • How appropriately named, “Fabrizio,” like “Fabreze”.

    Let’s clear the air here: HE is a MAN, has always been a man, will always be a man.

    Proving once again the superiority of males in yet another arena.

    There IS no “trans” and there are ONLY two genders.

    Question: why, with “gender-affirming surgery” are there ONLY two options?

  • If Olympic officials ban athletes for chemically enhancing to improve their athletic performance, why should an athlete be allowed to chemically alter his/her body to be able to improve his/her results vs. demonstrably naturally weaker competitors? Conceptually, it is the same, meanwhile physically endangering the naturally weaker competitor.

  • Transgenders = Someone who cannot accept who they are, but demands that we accept who they pretend to be….

  • As long as women show up to compete against these false females, then my sympathy for there plight diminishes.

    Women who have to compete against a male should line up and when the gun goes off should just stand there and let the female impersonator run alone.

    • I agree- the only way to stop this nonsense is for the women competitors to not compete against a man dressed as a woman. I know this is difficult since these ladies have been training a long time for these events but I think its the only way it will stop. Have a transgender competition for the transgender people- see how that goes. Personally I believe this is an attack against women who are the pillars of society.

  • The women should boycott ALL races with trans women by just walking off the starting blocks at the start of the race, join hands, and finish in a tie for second place.

  • You can put lipstick, dress, panties or a bra on a man that claims he’s a woman but he’s still a man….

  • Real women could shut down trans involvement in sports overnight if they took a stand. We’re still waiting.

  • That nose… those lips… I recognize this phenotype. No wonder he can’t help but mention the man who burned the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft.


  • The Third World War can’t come quick enough for me!
    Hope this planet UPGRADES to Dinosaurs after the Nuclear Holocaust!

  • Actually right now with the way things are headed, the only thing that will save this world from Total destruction of civilization in History of the world, and the worst starvation into total slavery under the demonic WHO and WEF , would be the return of Adolf Hitler. That is the truth.


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