TREASON: 124k+ Afghans Not Known, Vetted or Tested for Covid Before Coming to America

“Our masters tell us that we must save ‘allies’ and ‘translators’—and then in the next breath admit that they’re indiscriminately taking anyone.” – Michael Anton

The State Department literally does not know who the tens of thousands of alleged Afghanistan citizens are that they are pushing into the United States, much less whether they have illnesses such as the coronavirus.

To repeat, not only are the supposed Afghan refugees unvetted for radical ideology or criminal backgrounds, the Biden Administration does not know who they are.

As Michael Anton of the American Mind writes:

Our masters tell us that we must save ‘allies’ and ‘translators’—and then in the next breath admit that they’re indiscriminately taking anyone.

Evacuees Not Tested for Diseases Such as the Coronavirus

Further, the State Department confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that the “pre-departure” coronavirus testing requirement was waived:

…a blanket humanitarian exemption was issued for the requirement of pre-departure COVID testing for all individuals the U.S. government transported by aircraft from Afghanistan.

The “blanket humanitarian exemption” does not apply to Americans who will be confronted by these unknown individuals.

The Biden Administration claims that the Afghans received coronavirus tests after arriving in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., but did not state how many tested positive and further “declined to elaborate on the quarantine procedures.”

Last year, Reuters reported that Afghan men were ignoring the coronavirus pandemic:

Herat, the country’s third largest city and a bustling province in eastern Afghanistan, has reported a high number of coronavirus cases…

The medical and security crisis has worsened in the province as thousands of men continue to ignore social distancing rules and attended a mass religious gathering at the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

It is highly unlikely that the individuals on the planes from Kabul wore masks or were social distancing. Consider, if only one of the evacuees has the coronavirus, shouldn’t ALL of the people from that plane be quarantined? Were they let out into the airport before being tested? What is the procedure?

As an important aside, to illustrate the lack of social distancing among Afghans, the Reuters article featured a photo of men gathered without masks or social distancing to listen to “imam Mawlana Mujiburahman Ansari,” who urges his followers to “punish” women who do not wear Islamic garb.

Afghan men listen to Radical Imam in Guzargah, Herat, Afghanistan April 24, 2020 

How many of the men in the above photo have come to America?

Last year it was reported that the Imam preaching to the men shown in the above photo put out “dozens of billboards and signboards” instructing women to wear the hijab.

Billboard message by Malawvi Ansari: “A man is a coward whose woman disregard Hijab. Women with hijab are the guardians of men’s honor.”

Another observation: How many people did Biden’s “security partner” Taliban get on the planes?

In a vomit-inducing, glowing piece about the Taliban, NBC News gushed:

The Defense Department has said the U.S. military worked with the Taliban to help Americans and Afghan nationals leave. But the level of coordination and assistance went well beyond what Pentagon leaders have said in public, three senior U.S. defense officials said.

Journalist Lara Logan has been highly critical of the Afghanistan exit. On Saturday, she observed on social media that the Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin are giving the Taliban “legitimacy & unprecedented power” as they are “scheduled to meet with the Taliban in Doha this week.” The State Department denies that Blinken is scheduled to meet with the Taliban, but MSN reported that Blinken would “speak with the Taliban” if it “is appropriate.”

This, as Americans continue to be stranded in the country.

Read more of RAIR Foundation USA’s coverage on the Afghanistan Disaster:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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