Trouble in Globalist Paradise: Mutiny Erupts Within the World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab has been at the helm of the World Economic Forum (WEF) for more than half a century. Nevertheless, there is strong criticism of his position within his own ranks.

A group of current and former WEF employees have contacted the British newspaper The Guardian to voice their gripes. They write that 84-year-old Schwab acts on his own and surrounds himself with “good-for-nothings” who are incapable of running the organization he founded in the early 1970s.


He is in no way accountable to people inside and outside the organization, says the group, which wishes to remain anonymous. “We are hesitant to come forward as Klaus is very well connected and can make life very difficult for us even after we leave the WEF.”

The group of WEF employees says they have posted a critical piece on LinkedIn, but that has been removed at the request of the World Economic Forum, something the organization denies.

‘Viper’s Nest’

The piece reads, among other things, that the WEF is nothing without Klaus and that the board of directors is a “viper’s nest.” The employees expect the board members to be at each other’s throats as soon as Klaus leaves.

Former British Prime Minister, socialist Tony Blair, has been tipped as a possible successor to Schwab.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



  • I dont doubt klaus has worn out his welcome but with whom. Its clear the WEF has blown the operation by coming out too fast and too strong with herr klause giving away the game plan in his book. Their reset is to have him retire, fake a reset and put a “friendly” face on the WEF with Blair. Its a psyop. These elitest rats will continue to nibble at the wires that power our freedom.

  • We can only hope these knobs eat themselves alive when their Dr. Evil drops. It would be poetic justice – karma !.

    • Surely, old Klaus will have his brainwaves patterned onto one of Elon Musk’s brain chips inserted into a nice little AI robo machine to keep him going as the WEF boss for all time.

  • The mere fact that WEF leadership can not get along tells you all you need to know about they would rule as globalists. Their whole idea of diversity and inclusion is a farce. Human nature is what it is and there will always be strife regardless of what group is in control. Ultimately, it comes down to dictatorship in order to get things done. Let’s hope the reports we are hearing about people around the world pushing back on the WEF agenda is true. This idea will never work but a lot of damage and lives lost can occur in the meantime.

  • What about Trudeau? Canada is still going along with the whole WEF litany with hardly a burp even though its infrastructures have basically collapsed following WEF and UN edicts. They should put him in charge if they want success. I mean this helpfully.

  • As anyone could see on videos, the 84 years old career criminal Schwab is sick and dying.

    Which is all that the world wishes him.

    CIA asset, good for nothing Blair would replace him?

    Blair is a nobody but has this kind of evil face that Bond films vilains have, so he could easily take Klaus place.

    But the real ‘mutiny’ happened outside of the WEF:

    Pillars of the WEF such as Blackrock CEO Larry Fink or Marc bennioff have joined a Rotschild WEF type syndicate called the ‘council for inclusive capitalism’ and they signed an agreement with the Vatican’s jesuit Bergoglio.

    WEF sidelined by a competing group?


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